Received Invite and Ordered Oneplus 2

  1. saju n a
    Gingerbread Sep 18, 2015

  2. asjaswanth
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2015

  3. neelabh75
    Lollipop Sep 18, 2015

  4. asp7
    Froyo Sep 18, 2015

    asp7 , Sep 18, 2015 :
    How's the phone running. Is it overheating and not giving as great of a battery life as it should give as some people are saying or the opposite. Just wanted to know before buying...

  5. rubysatyan
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2015

    rubysatyan , Sep 18, 2015 :
    Received any shareable invite after the purchase?
    Please share if possible! Thanks :)

  6. Akhil701
    Donut Sep 18, 2015

  7. abhinareda
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2015

  8. abhay70912
    Froyo Sep 19, 2015

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  9. Sarav_mano
    Gingerbread Sep 20, 2015

  10. Sarav_mano
    Gingerbread Sep 20, 2015

  11. Sarav_mano
    Gingerbread Sep 20, 2015

  12. rajsharanraj
    Froyo Sep 21, 2015

    rajsharanraj , Sep 21, 2015 :
    Congratz bro!!! What did you do to receive the invite so quickly.. help us with your views

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  13. PM42
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 23, 2015

    PM42 , Sep 23, 2015 :
    So past 2 days i been begging literally for invites, participated in the invitecarnival followed etc whatever they said i did, BUT end result no invites,
    All i got from the above activities were offerings from sellers at various rates, which i got them reported, in process got myself punished, then unpunished, and long story to short, i almost gave up as i was disgusted with this process.

    About to give up, i made a last attempt and i saw this thread post from
    mandal.kaustav asking to give away a india invite.
    i replied ( like i did to many others asking for an invite)

    He gave a code to be entered in amazon.in and i purchased my first OnePlusTwo along with 2 covers front and back.

    *i keep my phone in a pocket with keys :confused: so the purchase of front and back covers were a MUST * :p
    A lame excuse to do birthday shopping.:p
    long story short , im happy and this is the post where it all happened.
    review and performance of the OP2 will be posted here later.
    incidentally 28th September is the last expected delivery date which happens to be my birthday :D:).
    rock on people, stay cool. keep the faith and the energy going...
    to all those who helped me be here, THANK YOu
    to all those who didnt, :p

  14. Suresh Kumar Maindoliya
    Gingerbread Sep 23, 2015

    Suresh Kumar Maindoliya , Sep 23, 2015 :

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    Froyo Sep 23, 2015

    NEEMISH , Sep 23, 2015 :
    congrats on your phone

  16. miltonsimons
    Gingerbread Sep 23, 2015

    miltonsimons , Sep 23, 2015 :
    your story seems so much like mine :)

    i've been on this forum for a loooonnnggg time seeking invite...none yet :(

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  17. miltonsimons
    Gingerbread Sep 23, 2015

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  18. PM42
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 23, 2015

    PM42 , Sep 23, 2015 :
    Im sorry, but for me , i was on the forums for two days only.
    Its not the time that matters, its the quality of your interactions,
    Keep the hope up, im sure there are many invites available.

  19. PM42
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 23, 2015

  20. miltonsimons
    Gingerbread Sep 23, 2015

    miltonsimons , Sep 23, 2015 :
    Bro if u check...i joined this forum on sunday....I've interacted with so many people...I've moved from Cupcake to Froyo in just 3 days :p still no luck...waiting for an angel to donate an invite:(