Received My OP2. Thanks to {@Pranjal.Cmod and @pravpandey}

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    hushensavani , Aug 21, 2015 :
    Once upon a weekend... I was very low.. tensed.. a bit frustrated out of long wait of invites. On the Sunday night, I got a call from @Pranjal.Cmod saying hey bro, my friend @pravpandey got the invite.. want it??? ;)

    I was like.. OMG.. hell yeah!!! That was amazing night, and it has a story with some twists. Before that, let me share some flashback.

    Two months back, my phone (Xiaomi Redmi 1s) started counting its last breaths. It used to dump me at the time when I needed to use my phone the most. So, I decided to buy a new phone. After a nice research, I zeroed down to buy the OnePlus One from Amazon. It was available w/o invites and costed around 19k INR. Well, I just fell in love with OPO. The design, the specs and the style icon etc.

    Before purchasing OPO, I took advice from some friends who had OPO. They all suggested that its a great phone, but if you can wait a month or so, the next version called OnePlus 2 is coming. So, I started researching on OnePlus 2. Came across some articles on Spec Leaks and all the #hype. This one just got me! It was cool. I decided that I will wait for OnePlus 2. That's it!

    So, I started finding out how I can get a OnePlus 2. Posted question on Quora like mad asking "How can I get invite before 27th Jul, 2015?". It was naive of me.. lol! Some good guy suggested me that this is not how it works. They will share the invite details after launch. And he asked me to join Oneplus forums and asked me to be an active member of forum saying that I may have the fair chance if I am an active member. At that time, I was not able to get what he was trying to say and it did not make sense to me thinking if there is a different invite system, then how would the forum participation helps?? I was damn wrong though!

    Anyways, I signed up on the forums and tried to be active member by answering "nice..", "cool..", "great.." sort of answers (phrases) on each of the new forum posts without even reading it fully. I crossed cupcake level in no time. That was naive again. I was feeling that I was not doing something useful to me or the others in forums. So, I stopped posting in forums. Instead, I just started reading what other posts.

    Suddenly, it started a huge interest on me about the forums. Many people were new too. Many old good people too. Then there I came across @Pranjal.Cmod frequently in many posts. Also, lately I had read his intro post. I found him mind-alike. He is a very friendly and generous person. Moving forwards, the forum started becoming interesting to me. So many new stuffs I read every day, meet new people @camohan @SoniaB @Abby etc and the most interesting thing was... the #hype was started. So, for me, the forums had become the coolest place on earth. I started participating interestingly. Tech Stuffs, Off Topic, Sarcasm, Alphabet Games, Profile Pic Games, Regional Talk and the #hype. It was awesome. I was used to be on forums like 4 to 6 hours daily and all day on weekends. Liked to see people's problems getting resolved and also helped many people on resolving their problems. It's really a cool place to be.. really!

    The launch dates were coming sooner and sooner. And the urge for getting an OP2 was increasing exponentially. All the #hype, leaks, speculations etc. Just so unforgettable. The sooner we were reaching the launch date, the higher the expectation started building up, that how the phone would be and all. And finally, the day was about to come and just few hours before the launch the OP2 images were leaked. Damn! That was bad! I hated that beta tester guy who leaked images in pre-mature #hype stage. When I first time looked at the phone, it was all square (in leaked images). I was expecting a beautiful curved one like OPO. Camera placement was also bit awkward. It was bit disappointing. But, I didn't took for it. In few hours, the launch started. I enjoyed it actually with my Google Cardboard. In no time, the forum flooded with all pros/cons of OP2. Hmm.. the NFC bullshit as well.. Meh, never used it, nor will sooner. I wouldn't be using it if its there now.

    Well, after the launch, it was mixed feeling about OP2. A bit unexpected. But then I studied the phone very carefully on each of the things it offers. And, I found that it is the most perfect phone ever!!!

    Soon, reservation list started. I registered on the very day. While Oneplus do their work, I kept my self busy with all the knowledge and fun floating on the forums with the buddies.

    But the wait was killer. It took a great deal of me to hold the urges for getting this phone while dealing with my old dying phone. But, somehow I was getting a feeling that I might get the invite soon once they start rolling it out. But the invites were very slow and I was on the last tier - the reservation list.

    Being an early member and a good friend, I had asked @Pranjal.Cmod if he got an invite. He said he didn't get the invite yet, but if he gets one, he will pass on to me. Well, that was so generous of him!!

    So, the days were passing... wait was getting painful... and one weekend I was so low on thinking whether I will get the invite or not? :(

    And finally the next day (Sunday), I got the call from @Pranjal.Cmod saying that his mate @pravpandey got the invite being an early supporter and he is willing to share. You want the invite? I was like.. Oh my god, Yes Pranjal... right away please!! And after a while I got the invite code on WhatsApp from Pranjal via Praveen. And my heart was beating like insanely fast!!!

    So, here comes the twist. There were few hours left to use the invite. So, I had to claim it right away. I logged into Oneplus to claim the invite as soon as I got the code from Pranjal. And here comes the Error while claiming the invite!!! I could not claim the invite :-(.

    I talked with Pranjal, we did some try. But not affirmative. So, guessed it was the end. And again I went sad. But Pranjal said, don't worry. You will get the invite sooner, may be in weeks or month. And we ended up there. That was it for that moment. And I ended up with no invites to buy the phone.

    But, again there comes Pranjal to rescue. He calls me again in some half hour by making some human decisions to solve the error problem the other way around. And order placed!!! Yes, that was the awesome moment, man!!!!

    So, finally OnePlus 2 was ordered on 16th Aug with the great help from @pravpandey for his invite and @Pranjal.Cmod for being an angel at the right time! And here's the guy I received today(21st Aug) finally,



    I had been in touch with Praveen while phone was in shipment. Praveen is very cool, helping and generous man. The forum is full of nice people around. It would be an understatement if I would say that "Faith in Forum Restored". I would rather like to say that "Faith in Forum Strengthened!!!". :)

    The phone is really cool. I will share my experience after 48 hours. Again, Thank you so much @pravpandey and @Pranjal.Cmod . May god serve you with great karma. :)

    EDIT: My OnePlus 2 Experience posted after 48 hrs of usage.
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    Dhong , Aug 21, 2015 :
    Another Indian invite

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    mithry , Aug 21, 2015 :
    congratulations on your excellent purchase.
    i'm glad the system OnePlus actually works, i'm new here and you gave me strength to join the community.

    thank you and congrats again :)

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    anishkhandelwal , Aug 21, 2015 :
    Congratulations :)

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    alfonso.lopez08 , Aug 21, 2015 :
    Nice bro, congrats! That story deserve to be told, it gave me #hope and #hype :)

    Enjoy your phone and if you find some issue, do not hesitate to make another thread about it!
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    alexis.bosman , Aug 21, 2015 :
    Congrats! Interesting story man :rolleyes: Enjoy the beast (yes it's just perfect as you said, I also have a OP2)

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    tod_da_mawshrem , Aug 21, 2015 :
    have you had any heating/fingerprint issues so far? a lot of people said that they have

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