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  1. ClemensKlabischnig Cupcake Aug 27, 2018

    ClemensKlabischnig, Aug 27, 2018 :
    As only some know, theres an option to switsch in between normal and deep clear when closing recent used apps.


    As I recently noticed that there is this option somewhere hidden in the advanced settings, I figured there are plenty software features id like to have, and im sure the majority here will like them as well.
    1. could we get a button nexto the lock-symbol for deep clearing a single programm? Or just add one next to the other already existing clear button to close all tabs at once.
    2. (only when using gestures) when opening the manager, you can swipe up as far as you want, the manager will only open as soon as your finger rests for half a second. Suggestion: As soon as the swipe motion goes over the middle of the screen, it will end all tasks or deepclear them. (or both, depending wether you swipe it to the left or right top quarter of the screen.

    Why the last thing? I find myselfe opening social apps to check notification, closing them, and then closing them in the app manager. This Process could be optimized.
    Also, please make the time you have to rest your finger on the screen after you swiped up configurable. Im used to 80ms on my keyboard in order to get umlaute ( äüö). This swipe feature is way more comfortable than the virtual home keyset, but the fact that it is the slowest thing on the entire mobile already made me look for 3rd party programms to fix this. Obviously with no results.

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