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  1. Spazz
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

    Spazz , Aug 1, 2014 :
    Dear all,

    I was getting tired of all the 'me, me, me, me!' posts. Many members only seem to care for themselves. I thought we might give this a try. I posted this in another thread and was kindly requested to build my own thread, well here it is.

    Inspired by this story about balloons, I would like forum members to suggest another forum member who they think deserves an invite. Suggesting yourself is out of the question here! Please also describe why you think this particular member deserves an invite. Suggesting members who have already been suggested is encouraged; they are more likely to be the most deserving.

    For instance: I think Sidhar deserves an invite by now. He's been supportive, helping, his posts (over 400 by now) are all positive and over 1 out of 3 of his posts are liked by others. His avatar... well, we can't all be perfect ;).

    Hope this works! Spread altruism, not egoism!

    1. Please have some form of conversation with the person you are about to send an invitation: maybe he doesn't need it after all.
    2. If you were recommended and have received an invite: please send me a PM so I can get you off the list.
    3. I have been advertising this thread all over the invites part of the forum (some may call this spamming). Please note that I am not on this list and am trying to do this for the community.
    4. We are now scanning recommended members' recent activity! We really think invites should go to the members who are contributing!
      • Suggested members who are found to already have an invite or are mostly not contributing to the forum will be crossed of the list. Quality before quantity!
    Summary of suggestions, a star indicating that this recommendation was seconded by either @Sidhar, @novamaxx or myself after scanning recent activity and postings (max score ***).
    'sadly' I'll be on vacation for about 2 weeks, @novamaxx has been as kind to offer to keep an eye on things. So that's why:
    List has been temporarily moved >>>here<<<! Please refer to this list of you have an invite to share: the members on it have been evaluated. The more stars behind their name, the better their contribution, the more they deserve an invite (IMHO).

    Read the 2nd post or the entire thread to see why these people were suggested.
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  2. Spazz
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

    Spazz , Aug 1, 2014 :
    Here are all the recommendations I found in this thread

    Note to self: This is complete up to post #181, will collect more names later.
    If I missed something, please PM me.
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  3. mysticalorb
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

  4. sandy_tiku
    Honeycomb Aug 1, 2014

  5. peos
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 1, 2014

    peos , Aug 1, 2014 :
    she lost her invite due to server problems...support and admins aren't helping...
    she deserves a 2nd chance

  6. Barvel
    Honeycomb Aug 1, 2014

    Barvel , Aug 1, 2014 :
    Sidhar sounds nice indeed. And who says his avatar is not real?

  7. Paul Masvidal
    Eclair Aug 1, 2014

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  8. snorrski
    Honeycomb Aug 1, 2014

    snorrski , Aug 1, 2014 :
    What do you mean? I love his avatar!

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  9. Markouuh
    Honeycomb Aug 1, 2014

    Markouuh , Aug 1, 2014 :
    I don't actually need an invite, but I thought that this gif might be funny :D

  10. Deactivated User
    Aug 1, 2014

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  11. flibbage0
    Froyo Aug 1, 2014

  12. DRCH
    Marshmallow Aug 1, 2014

  13. cjak1985
    Honeycomb Aug 1, 2014

  14. Milad
    Lollipop Aug 1, 2014

    Milad , Aug 1, 2014 :
    Yup you answered your own quetion. I think he deserves it.

  15. renoman
    Honeycomb Aug 1, 2014

  16. Sidhar
    Jelly Bean Aug 1, 2014

    Sidhar , Aug 1, 2014 :
    I will edit it, I didn't know you had PayPal issues.
    My apologies.

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  17. Dexter Morgan
    Community Veteran Aug 1, 2014

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  18. matty2104
    Honeycomb Aug 1, 2014

  19. Sidhar
    Jelly Bean Aug 1, 2014

  20. mysticalorb
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

    mysticalorb , Aug 1, 2014 :
    Its all good, its alright :)