Recover data from One with no screen

  1. Zrk
    Froyo Apr 16, 2016

    Zrk , Apr 16, 2016 :
    My phone fell off my pocket when i was crossing a road, when i noticed it wasnt on my pockets i went back my steps and saw my phone on the middle of the road but sadly some car passed and my phone got smashed. Now i have my oneplus one with the screen broken on 100000 pieces. The LCD connector/wire at the top right is broken, i only have half screen left , the rest fell off.

    Im not going to repair it. But i have some important pictures that i want to recover.

    By now, the phone is turned on, the notification led is flashing, windows 10 recognizes it like "One", Volume UP/Down button is broken, not the button itself, i mean the wires inside, i know it because ive opened the device to take a look. It had a 4 pin code to unlock.

    Debugg Mode is OFF, Official Stock Rom (the version is the first one, lets call it "vanilla" i bought the phone on the first days and i never updated)

    I used some "handsome" software found in google to recover the data, many of them do not find the phone, others ask for debug mode on.

    ADB devices command from SDKPlatforms Tools do not detect any device.

    What can i do? Help me please

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  2. KarelOne
    Jelly Bean Apr 16, 2016

    KarelOne , Apr 16, 2016 :
    And that's why you always enable ADB.
    Edit: HDMI + Mouse via OTG USB would probably be your best bet.

  3. Tokolozi
    Marshmallow Apr 16, 2016

    Tokolozi , Apr 16, 2016 :
    no hdmi out via mhl on the OPO I beleive.

  4. KarelOne
    Jelly Bean Apr 17, 2016

    KarelOne , Apr 17, 2016 :
    I've done some research and the opo indeed doesn't support this. Well scratch that recovery method.

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  5. Tokolozi
    Marshmallow Apr 17, 2016

    Tokolozi , Apr 17, 2016 :
    Unless he has a chromecast lying around and can get to the cast screen option somehow.

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  6. KarelOne
    Jelly Bean Apr 17, 2016

    KarelOne , Apr 17, 2016 :
    I doubt it, sounds like his screen is completely obliterated. If it would display something he could use a OTG mouse. Other than that, he is still on KitKat so there might be a security flaw to bypass the pincode. I heard the quick unlock feature wasn't secure.

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  7. Fantomy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 17, 2016

  8. nobelium76
    KitKat Apr 17, 2016

    nobelium76 , Apr 17, 2016 :
    I wish I could add some helpful info, but I just have to ask. Why did you cross the road? :smiley:

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  9. KarelOne
    Jelly Bean Apr 17, 2016

  10. Zrk
    Froyo Apr 17, 2016

    Zrk , Apr 17, 2016 :
    Well, the screen have nothing to do. Maybe if i get a OTG wire i can type the code "on the fly" and enable the MTP mode to see the internal storage on the PC. As i remember i only had to set the pin code to unlock the phone and the internal storage shows on PC.

    I have a question about this OTG, its hot&plug? because if i need some software con the phone i still screwed. xD

    rainy day, nearly hailing and my car was on the other side, BTW the phone was under 2 cm of water when i took it from the floor.

    Well thanks to all for the efford, i still looking, maybe on linux...

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  11. kryshnakishore
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 17, 2016

  12. KarelOne
    Jelly Bean Apr 17, 2016

    KarelOne , Apr 17, 2016 :
    That could maybe work, I've thought about it too but it might be hard to do. And it should be plug and play.

  13. Zrk
    Froyo Apr 17, 2016

    Zrk , Apr 17, 2016 :
    Ok guys, got it, i can access to the Internal Storage. But its empy, looks like factory reset. Ill try with some recovery software now i've passed the MTP thing.

    We way i've done it is opening the phone, and with some fail/ok test figure with microchip belongs to volume up volume down, then booted it on recovery, with the help of TOOL ALL IN ONE did a pin code unlock.

    At least, its something. Now i hope recuva take my documents back

  14. KarelOne
    Jelly Bean Apr 17, 2016

    KarelOne , Apr 17, 2016 :
    Good luck, you've gotten this far, if there isn't any damage to your storage, you might be able to recover some documents.

  15. nobelium76
    KitKat Apr 17, 2016

    nobelium76 , Apr 17, 2016 :
    I thought you would say, to get to the other side.

    As for Linux, you might be able to access some data with android-tools if debug mode is enabled. You might have to use an older computer or a USB hub, though. For some reason there 'can' be issues with USB 3. A hub is your best option.
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  16. Jac_Q
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 27, 2016

    Jac_Q , Sep 27, 2016 :
    Those recommendations regarding recovery software are non-sense since you can't access the file system directly but only through the MTP layer. The chances that you recovery something there aren't really high, sorry.

  17. yoyash
    Honeycomb May 17, 2017

    yoyash , May 17, 2017 :
    try vysor for chrome. if your USB debugging was on, this will give u a second screen.

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