recover phone contacts

  1. Maniacccc
    Cupcake Oct 4, 2019

    Maniacccc , Oct 4, 2019 :
    i accidentally deleted all my phone contacts. i did not have any back up on google or device. can i get them back ? my life will be hell if i dont get them back

  2. Horsault
    Nougat Moderator Oct 4, 2019

    Horsault , Oct 4, 2019 :
    There's no trash in Android. So all deletion is final, except if any specific app offers a pseudo-trash system (like Gallery).
    You should never count on any mobile or electronic device as sole and only storage for any information you care about. Copy, backup, or synchronization is mandatory. Always better safe than sorry.


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  4. adiaoa
    Cupcake Oct 10, 2019

    adiaoa , Oct 10, 2019 :
    Have deleted all your phone contact without backup? First, stop using it. Let Android data recovery software scan it. There are so many such softwares online. Usually, it's free to scan data on Android phone. If the deleted cotnact can be scanned out, you need to pay to contact recovery. If no, find some pro data recovery shop.

  5. A1564364570482
    Cupcake Oct 10, 2019

    A1564364570482 , Oct 10, 2019 :
    Mobi Kin Doctor for Android is the best Android contacts recovery software,which has been recommend by many authoritative website,such as AndroidPIT,Androidauthority,Lifewire,etc.It may help you get them back.


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  7. Cheayol
    Cupcake May 8, 2020

    Cheayol , May 8, 2020 :
    If you didn't back up the contacts if will be difficult to recover. The quickest way may be using a data recovery tool. You'd better back up the important data regularly.