Red Cable Club: All You Need To Know

  1. Joel Jacob
    India Community Specialist Staff Member Dec 21, 2019

    Joel Jacob , Dec 21, 2019 :

    Hello everyone,

    6 years strong and going on! We started our journey back in 2013 with a community of few and as of today, we’re 5 million strong in India! On this special occasion, it gives us great joy to introduce a special community program called Red Cable Club.

    What started off as a simple thought by Pete has now become our first step into creating a new community with exclusive member perks and experiences.

    The Red Cable Club is a collective of inspired individuals who are passionate about superior technology. A community of dreamers and pioneers (usually spotted with the iconic red cable) and united with one belief – Great things happen when we’re wired together.

    A community that is now privy to exclusive benefits and rewards.

    Getting Started
    First things first. The Red Cable Club membership is a lifetime, free membership available for all OnePlus users. This is completely free of cost.

    • OnePlus 6 and onwards
      If you are using Android 10 on your OnePlus device, you can go to:
      Settings > System > System Update to update your phone to the latest version.
      Then go to settings and login to your OnePlus Account to link your phone. Once your device is successfully linked, you are automatically registered for the Red Cable Club membership and can start enjoying the membership benefits.

      Note: We've started the rollout of a special update, version: 10.3.0 which is specifically for Red Cable Club.

    • OnePlus 3/3T and OnePlus 5/5T users
      If you are using an older version, you can go to Google Play and update the Community app. Then go to Community > Profile > Red Cable Club to link your phone to your OnePlus account. Once your device is successfully linked, you are automatically registered for the Red Cable Club membership and can start enjoying the membership benefits.
    • OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X
      Yes, we have something for everyone. If you’re using the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X, you can download OnePlus Care and verify your device to get your exclusive benefits.

    • Note: One device can activate a Red Cable Club membership only once.
    Know your Red Cable Club benefits:
    1. The Red Cable Jackpot. (Valid till 31st December)
      Try your luck once a day and stand a chance to win the following: a. Curated gift boxes worth ₹1,00,000 b. 50% off on OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earphones.

      Here's how you can participate:
      (Applicable for devices with Android O versions and above)
      a. OnePlus 6 and onwards with the latest Android 10 version:
      Head to your Red Cable Club membership page under settings.

      b. OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T:
      Latest Community App > Profile > Red Cable Club

    2. Free Cloud Storage:
      50GB of free cloud storage for 1 year. More room for your photos and memes. 10,000 of them.

      (The free 50 GB cloud storage is available for OnePlus 6 and onwards for now and will be available on more devices with upcoming updates.)

    3. OnePlus Care Benefits:
      Red Cable Club members are eligible for all OnePlus care benefits as follows:
      • Free 1 year extended warranty for models, OnePlus 6T and onwards
      • 50% discount on battery replacement for models OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T/6
      • Exciting upgrade offers for existing OnePlus users on all models

      1. Only one benefit available per phone/IMEI
      2. For OnePlus 6T users:
      Before 31st Dec, 2019, your OnePlus Care benefits is a free 1-year extended warranty. From 1st Jan, 2020, this would change as per your insurance. If your OnePlus 6T is within the period of insurance, you will have Free 1-year extended warranty, otherwise, you will get 50% off on battery replacement.​
    We will be updating this thread with FAQs soon. So if you have any questions related to this program, feel free to ask in the comments below.

    //New Year Surprise Rewards//

    Forum_SurpRwrd (1).png


    The new year brings new rewards with your Red Cable Club membership. Starting today, 10 AM onwards, Red Cable Club members stand a chance to win some exclusive vouchers that can be redeemed on amazon.in and oneplus.in.

    To participate, all you have to do is go to Red Cable Club page on your system settings, participate in the New Year Surprise Rewards contest with one simple click.

    And if you're using a OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T, you can check your Red Cable Club page on your profile on the community app.

    If you're one of the first 20,000 people to participate, you can win a OnePlus voucher redeemable on amazon.in and oneplus.in. Every member can claim up to one reward per day (on a first come, first served basis).

    The Surprise Rewards would run from 17th January to 23rd January ‘20. And you can start participating everyday, 10AM onwards.

    Claiming your voucher:
    The voucher will be sent to your OnePlus account automatically; you can check it using the following steps:
    1. For OnePlus 6 and above: Settings - My Account - My Reward
    2. For OnePlus 3 to 5T: Community App - My Profile - Red Cable Club - My Reward

    1. Visit Amazon.in and Oneplus.in and use the promotion code to claim the voucher.
    2. Each voucher can only be used once.
    3. The validity of the voucher would be mentioned in voucher itself.
    4. The contest is only applicable for OnePlus 3 and above models.

    Head to oneplus.in/redcableclub to know more.

  2. Joel Jacob
    India Community Specialist Staff Member Dec 26, 2019

    Stickied Post
    Joel Jacob , Dec 26, 2019 :
    We noticed that some OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro users are experiencing an issue after the latest (10.3.0) update, where you cannot see the Red Cable Club membership even after the update.

    This may be because your device is not recognized as an Indian device.

    We've prepared updates so OnePlus 6/6T/7 and OnePlus 7 Pro users can resolve this issue. But before you do so, make sure that:

    1. Your device is a OnePlus device manufactured for India.
    2. You're using an Indian SIM card only
    3. You're in India when you update your device
    4. You don't disable your SIM card during the update process

    Links to updates as follows:

    You can head to settings after the update to check your Red Cable Club membership.

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    Dhruv Kashyap , Dec 23, 2019 :
    Another Amazing initiative for the Community with a chance to win real BIG!

    Thanks to OnePlus!!


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    the_o2 , Dec 23, 2019 :
    Update the community app first from play store.
    BTW what phone you are using?

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    Ruqhaiya Taskeen , Dec 23, 2019 :
    Premium Membership for a Premium Community.

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    inareshmatta , Dec 23, 2019 :
    Share screenshot let me help you.
    Ideally when i clicked on the Community Page - It gave me option to update.
    Please check you should have it too.

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    YRJ , Dec 23, 2019 :
    Wow! This is a great initiative @Joel Jacob I'm glad that OnePlus is fostering the notion of growing hand in hand with the community! Now all that's needed is to make that battery red. ;)
    A red cable and a red battery should make a great pair :D

    All the best folks, wishing you'll a jackpot! :p

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    Dinesh222 , via OnePlus 6T , Dec 23, 2019 :

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    inareshmatta , Dec 23, 2019 :
    Help me with the following let me try and help you.
    Device Info : OP7 etc ?
    OS version : ?
    Screenshot of Settings Page
    Screenshot of My Account Page ( If exists )

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    FlixbusLennart , Dec 23, 2019 :
    I know the OnePlus One, but what are the other two phones?

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