Red Cable Club Stories: Bowl of Happiness

  1. manoj_delhi6
    Cupcake Aug 3, 2020

    manoj_delhi6 , Aug 3, 2020 :
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    Hey everyone, 

    My name is Manoj Kumar & I have been working with the Customer Support team as a Center Manager for OnePlus Exclusive Service Center in Noida  for over a year. As visiting the service center is always a time consuming & tedious process, it is a trip no one truly wants. To make the make this experience better, we  have introduced a new initiative, 'the Bowl of Happiness'. This  initiative directly relates  with  our core company value – which is to be a truly “User Driven” brand.

    What is Bowl of Happiness?

    OnePlus service centers aim to resolve all customer queries within an hour and even offer free home repair for our Red Cable Club users. In addition, it also acts as a hub of our various community initiatives and provides an offline destination to our users to experience the complete range of our products. We started the Bowl of Happiness from last year September onwards, wherein customers get a chance to win surprise freebies through a lucky draw once in a month.


    Today, I would like to share  a very special memory associated with the Bowl of Happiness. We finalized the winner of March 2020 and informed her about it, but unfortunately, we came to know that she had just met with an accident & would be unable to visit the service center. We asked her to take care of herself  and informed her that we would be connecting with her soon to know her availability. 

    After a few days, we got a call from the customer saying that she would be visiting the service center a day before  Holi. We also learnt that she would be visiting the store on her birthday. So, we planned a  surprise  cake cutting ceremony  for  her. We wanted to make the day memorable for her. And we did!


    It is even more satisfying to see that inspired by this experience, OnePlus has expanded the “Bowl of Happiness” to all OnePlus Exclusive Service Centers across the country.

    Frankly, it is our wish that you never have to visit any of the service centers. But in the event you do, no matter what kind of situation you are in, we will always try to ensure that you leave with a smile on your face.

    Never Settle.

  2. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Aug 3, 2020

  3. Swatiranjan
    KitKat Aug 3, 2020

    Swatiranjan , Aug 3, 2020 :
    Good to know that you people are working in such a way, Bowl of happiness works when there is almost no complaint or all complaints are resolved within a stipulated minimum time.
    I think your problem is rectified as mentioned by @Starcommander .😜.
    If your problems are not getting addressed how can you address others ???? . Still I like the gesture in the particular case you have mentioned.

  4. palc001
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 3, 2020

  5. SJBoss
    Lollipop Aug 3, 2020

    SJBoss , Aug 3, 2020 :
    More stories about the Neverland. :rolleyes:

    Maybe I'll just give a link to this thread to everyone who's having a problem with CS and see who will make whose day?

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  6. Rajnish_Dhull
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 3, 2020

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  7. Rajnish_Dhull
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 3, 2020

    Rajnish_Dhull , via OnePlus Community App , Aug 3, 2020 :
    Buy, why no one is responding on the Pre-order ( 15th July ) issues?

    a lot of people are asking questions in forum, but no official statement from One Plus.

    We want to know, that why we have to be in line in Open sale when we already Pre-ordered the phone on 15th July?

    I want the 12GB BLUE MARBLE.
    But why i have to try my luck in open sale?
    Why not a special link is given?

    Please work on this.


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  8. G_plusone
    Marshmallow Aug 3, 2020

    G_plusone , Aug 3, 2020 :
    The Promised Neverland

  9. manojsurya99
    Jelly Bean Aug 3, 2020

    manojsurya99 , Aug 3, 2020 :
    If OnePlus off late has realised that they have serious issues with the customer support, this thread is a total justification of attempt to boast their customer support. If it is really true, then yeah, everyone having issues should post their problems here and find out if they really get a response, forget about resolution in the first place.

  10. JashnChhabra
    Eclair Aug 3, 2020

    JashnChhabra , via OnePlus 7T , Aug 3, 2020 :
    Thank you Team Never Settle for yet another customer centric experience and fun lucky draw contest. We truely believe that one day you can achieve the highest spot #1 of providing such efficient service via update and most reliable hardware that we do not need to reach out to your service center.

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  11. rajatkapoorrk
    Froyo Aug 3, 2020

    rajatkapoorrk , Aug 3, 2020 :
    Been to OnePlus service centre in Chandigarh.
    TBH it was smooth & among one of the best customer service experiences I ever had [e]2764[/e]️

  12. Ashuas
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    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 4, 2020

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    Honeycomb Aug 4, 2020

  16. Q1596522793595
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    Q1596522793595 , Aug 4, 2020 :
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  17. Dark Devil
    Honeycomb Aug 4, 2020

    Dark Devil , via OnePlus 6T , Aug 4, 2020 :
    After scam of 499 pre order booking now they are not full filled First pop-up orders.

    I have bought 499 pre-order no ans on that issues
    Now i have bought Nord on 27th july via pop-up invite and i received mobile case on 29th july rest of products still undelivered.
    Calling on OnePlus help line from last 3 days but still no update on my order and in OnePlus account its showing Delivered.

  18. N1574326661132
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2020

    N1574326661132 , Aug 4, 2020 :
    You can also follow on offcial's facebook and twitter account and here you can tell them with your detail and I am sure you get response fast.

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    Gingerbread Aug 4, 2020

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