refresh rate via OnePlus 8 Pro

  1. F1598921789098 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Sep 27, 2020 :
    Hello oneplus,

    I am the user of oneplus 8 pro. I want to type this into suggestion box but there was something email problem...

    In early days I was use my phone on 120hz refresh rate and I was very happy with smoothness but there was huge battery draining problems then I used to operate on 60hz If you provide 90 hz or optimize 120hz in such a way battery backup also increase. Phone is awesome but give 90hz extra option for op 8 pro

    Please i have request for betterment of refreshment[e]1f60a[/e]

  2. pablofg1978
    Nougat Head Moderator Sep 27, 2020

    pablofg1978 , Sep 27, 2020 :
    Hello there,
    Please use the feedback page to submit your request directly to OnePlus

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