Regarding StyleSwap Covers

  1. evoltenergy
    Eclair Feb 2, 2016

    evoltenergy , Feb 2, 2016 :

    I've been trying to buy a original OnePlus One sandstone black styleswap cover through OnePlus customer support for over two months now! This because mine is broken / cracked on the bottom and it's nearly impossible to insert the charger cable and charge the OPO. After 6 (standard) e-mail replies over a two month period OnePlus Customer Support still hasn't been able to sell me a replacement cover...

    I've given up and lost complete faith in OnePlus Customer Support after this second bad Customer Support experience. Maybe Oneplus could invest a bit more in support for their existing customers instead of reaching out to new ones and losing the existing customers because of poor Customer Support.

    What happened to the Never Settle matra?!? :confused:

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