Reluctant to Order OnePlus 3 with Rumors About A3010. Advice?

  1. RobTheCarSpotter
    Froyo Oct 16, 2016

    RobTheCarSpotter , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Hello OnePlus 3 Owners and Enthusiasts!

    I have a bit of a dilemma at the moment and was hoping someone might be able to offer some advice! I started out with Android phones in 2013 when i bought the original Motorola Moto G, and upgraded from this to the OnePlus One in 2014. After spending an entire year with the OPO, i decided it was time to upgrade to something else and bought an LG G4 which had just dropped in price to make way for the upcoming LG G5 model. Unfortunately, my G4 developed a burn-in fault with the screen and so it was sent back to LG for a screen replacement under warranty to hopefully resolve the issue. When i received the phone back from LG, it had been completely destroyed by the courier service and as well as this, LG had failed to repair the screen instead deciding to replace the mainboard which had nothing to do with the problem in the first place! :pensive: This entire situation has been going on for more than three months and i have yet to receive a refund for the amount of the ruined phone. However, it has now been agreed that LG will offer a full refund within the next month.

    In the meantime while all this has been ongoing, i have been stuck using my old Moto G as i no longer have the OnePlus One. It has become clear that i will need to buy a replacement for the G4 with a budget of around £300. I have been looking for something with at least a SD820, 3GB RAM, 1920x1080 AMOLED and Fingerprint Scanner. Since the Google Pixel pricing proved to be a complete disappointment and others rivals such as the ZTE Axon 7 and Honor 8 seem to cost more than the OP3 here in the UK, i have decided that the OnePlus 3 would undoubtedly be the best phone to choose! :yum:

    However as the title of this thread suggests, i am quite reluctant to purchase the OP3 at the moment with all these rumors about the 'A3010' which has been certified in China recently. It would be disappointing to receive a brand new OP3 and then have it outdated in a matter of weeks by a new updated device with the SD821 and potentially a different screen size. Something else which has also been bugging me is that when the OP3 was released here in the UK, the price was initially £309 until the EU Referendum and Brexit meant that the price had to be increased to £329 to compensate for the drop in the pound's value. While i completely understand that this pricing increase was out of OP's control, it sucks that it now costs another £20 for this phone compared with when it was released five months ago with the latest specifications at the time.

    So for these reasons, i am not sure whether to order the OnePlus 3 or wait until we have more news about this mystery 'A3010' device which has been certified in China. If this is indeed an updated model with the SD821 and releases at a similar affordable price bracket of around £320-350, then it would make more sense for me to purchase that as i would not be buying a device which is already five months down the line and gradually falling behind competitors such as the Google Pixel. Of course, i would much rather be getting an up-to-date phone with the latest SD821, compared with buying the OnePlus 3 now for £20 more than it was originally listed for five months earlier, and getting marginally outdated specifications with the SD820.

    However, a new phone could be months off and i am already desperate enough as it is at the moment, but ordering a OP3 from the website at the moment presents a month wait which could work out at about the same time. I am not sure whether it is worth waiting months for the chance of a device with such a small difference in performance (Like 10% faster maybe?!) and of course, this new model might be nothing more than a simple region change! :grin: Also, if it does end up being a variant of the OP3 with a larger display, i have a feeling this would be more impractical than beneficial with the added screen space, and i dislike battery-draining QHD displays like what the LG G4 uses! Apologies for the drawn-out post, i wanted to clearly explain my situation at the moment and would appreciate any advice or suggestions that people might have which would help me to device on what to do! I'm sure there are others who are in the same boat and not sure whether to order their OP3's or wait for further news on this mystery device which has been rumored.

    Thanks! :blush:

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  2. Archies
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 16, 2016

  3. ilovesoneplus
    Jelly Bean Oct 16, 2016

    ilovesoneplus , Oct 16, 2016 :
    If u do decide 2 go 4 the Op3 then i would advise u 2 get it from 02 on payg if possible then if u have a problem u can deal with 02 rather than Op's terrible CS,also the Op3 screen & camera is not as good as the G4's if thats important??i would hang tight if it were me 2c if the Op3s/plus arrives??
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  4. Ceasedd
    Marshmallow Oct 16, 2016

    Ceasedd , Oct 16, 2016 :
    lol,an old G4. :rolleyes:

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  5. Ceasedd
    Marshmallow Oct 16, 2016

    Ceasedd , Oct 16, 2016 :
    I would wait.

  6. meatandy
    Oreo Oct 16, 2016

    meatandy , Oct 16, 2016 :
    I think you answered your own question already.☺

  7. Tobikage
    Nougat Oct 16, 2016

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  8. SimonRam
    Lollipop Oct 16, 2016

    SimonRam , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Buy one if you want one. It's a good phone currently.
    Others will overtake it as they will any other phone.
    There's no official word on anything, and may never be.
    There is however a shed load of speculation and bull.
    There's no 'perfect' phone, all have their own glitches no matter what some on here would say.
    The CS is lacking but updates are more frequent than others.
    You pays your money you takes your chances.

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  9. TlathamXmahtalT
    KitKat Oct 16, 2016

  10. Tobikage
    Nougat Oct 16, 2016

    Tobikage , Oct 16, 2016 :
    7 is an unlucky number in the Android world as of now :p

  11. RobTheCarSpotter
    Froyo Oct 16, 2016

    RobTheCarSpotter , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Thanks, i appreciate the kind comment. :yum: Anything else you'd like to add?

    Thanks for the informative response! :blush: I actually went into my local store yesterday afternoon to ask about the phone, but they'd sold out and all the units left in store had been pre-ordered by other customers. It would be good to pick one up from O2 because like you said, i wouldn't have to deal with OnePlus customer support. But O2 do not seem to stock the Soft Gold version and that would be the one i'd most like to have. (Because all my previous phones have been black and it's kind of a boring colour!) I will keep them in mind but like i said, i'm pretty sure they're having stock issues at the moment at least in the store where i live, and there is no handset-only ordering option available on the website. It's a shame the camera on the OP3 isn't as good as the G4 but that's not too much of a problem, because i use a DSLR for important pictures at shows and stuff. :wink:

    Absolutely, i agree with everything you've said. I'm a little undecided at the moment but i think what i'm going to do is, wait another few weeks to see whether these rumors develop into something more significant, and if not then i'll probably order the OP3. :wink: If the worst comes to the worst and an upgraded phone is announced while i'm waiting for the phone to arrive, then i can always cancel the order providing it hasn't shipped yet. :yum:

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  12. runboy93
    Jelly Bean Oct 16, 2016

    runboy93 , Oct 16, 2016 :
    OP4 will be beast, sooner than OP5.

  13. Chengs
    Gingerbread Oct 16, 2016

    Chengs , Oct 16, 2016 :
    check my post regarding rumor "A3010" https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/rumors-regarding-new-op3-summary.469797/#post-15310633

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  14. lalit.kultham
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 16, 2016

    lalit.kultham , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Trust me, if you keep thinking so much and keep waiting for a newer phone then you won't buy anything.

  15. runboy93
    Jelly Bean Oct 16, 2016

    runboy93 , Oct 16, 2016 :
    I have this problem, I want most powerful phone. But there is always phone that is a step or 2 up from other phones.

    I was about to buy LeEco Le Pro 3, but hopefully I didn't (black borders, ugh), Xiaomi Mi5s is more powerful, but don't have LTE band 20, which render my 4G useless.

    SD821 has improved cat.modem + OpenGL ES 3.2 enabled by default (atleast LeEco Le Pro 3), so everything else would be better in LeEco Le Pro 3, screen just fail bad and maybe eUI also pretty bad OS.
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  16. lalit.kultham
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 16, 2016

    lalit.kultham , Oct 16, 2016 :
    This wait for "most powerful" phone will never end. Every now and then you will come across a report/news/rumour about an upcoming "more powerful" phone. You wait for it to come, meanwhile you read about something even "more powerful". It will keep on going.

  17. Tobikage
    Nougat Oct 16, 2016

    Tobikage , Oct 16, 2016 :
    Always buy a phone that you can fall back on anytime if your next gen latest and greatest flagship device ever fails and you need a temporary device :)

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  18. runboy93
    Jelly Bean Oct 16, 2016

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  19. TlathamXmahtalT
    KitKat Oct 16, 2016

    TlathamXmahtalT , Oct 16, 2016 :
    I wouldn't know, my Note7 works just fine ;)

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  20. ChinChinati
    Jelly Bean Oct 16, 2016

    ChinChinati , Oct 16, 2016 :
    first you dont have to write your whole biography just to ask a simple question. second you need to calm down in life and be happy with the phone you have in hand. the race to the "best" never ends and never will. OP3 is a great device for the price and no new variant from OP will outnumber it before OP4 and i am sure of that. just a sd 821 doesnt make a phone better. so just end your misery and buy something already.