Other Remember Icon Packs and Font Styles?

  1. Krishn Agarwal
    Froyo Mar 22, 2020

    Krishn Agarwal , Mar 22, 2020 :
    // Read from * for the problem part and ** for the idea part, or from starting for the buildup.

    I'm sure that people, once they get their new phones are very much excited about trying and testing all the features that they were promised. But probably the thing that creates that "Wow Factor" between phones from different companies is actually the environment shift that happens.Different companies provide the same OS in terms of working, but the visuals are the key factor; as one would look at the color schemes, themes etc. before actually interacting with that particular feature.
    And OnePlus has always been way ahead in this game.
    From providing the users for setting up their own color schemes, themes, etc. to the newly introduced custom toolbar/notif bar shapes, it has always been a refresher for your eyes to see the same old phone.

    But people, normally, don't even bother about the Icon styles that they see, and thus they don't mention them. But I think they should be much more customizable too.

    Currently there are only 3 icon packs provided by OnePlus- The default, round and square. And for a long time user, I'm bored of seeing the same style(i.e. the Default, as the other ones are even boring).
    *So my idea was to release some new Icon Packs as they bring about a total change in the appearance of one's phone and one starts to feel as if they're using a new phone in all.
    The same goes with the Font Styles. Currently there are only two of 'em - Roboto and OnePlus Slate. If there were some new styles then, that would be rejuvinator.

    **It can be based on anything. For example, as we know, when we change the Theme of the phone the toolbar icons' style also changes. So the Icon Pack can shift accordingly.
    Or it can be based on the color scheme and thus the icons take contrasting colors.
    And it would be really better if the Icon Pack settings are shifted in the Customization section(in settings), instead of providing them under Home Screen settings.

    Hope that this idea is liked by the community and implemented for the future.
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