remove mic symbol from lock screen

  1. K_Hunter Eclair Jun 12, 2018

    K_Hunter, Jun 12, 2018 :
    Hey guys!

    So the mic option on the lock screen is super annoying, and I was wondering if there was a way to remove it or switch it out with another icon. Any thoughts on this? I'd appreciate it!

  2. Amitp1998 Honeycomb Jun 13, 2018

  3. G_TV95_MeLm Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 13, 2018

  4. K_Hunter Eclair Jun 18, 2018

  5. Paschfire Jelly Bean Jun 25, 2018

    Paschfire, Jun 25, 2018 :
    That's not entirely true.

    Correct, they're no option to change the lockscreen bottom shortcuts when using stock OOS. Though, many custom ROM available do allow the user to change these shortcuts to something else, saying there is no way simply isn't true.