[Required Reading] OnePlus Community Guidelines

  1. M1541505012202 Cupcake Nov 6, 2018

    M1541505012202, Nov 6, 2018 :
    I m facing problem after the last update as the response to touch on the screen is delayed by few mili seconds. Specially during playing games its creating problem as I can't control things at desired time. Pls help.

  2. Feelix93 Cupcake Nov 9, 2018

    Feelix93, Nov 9, 2018 :
    Hi, everyone ✌️
    New OnePlus 6T user here.
    First non Google smartphone (that I use as my daily driver) since the Galaxy Nexus.
    Very excited :)
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  3. thechicken65 Honeycomb Nov 9, 2018

    thechicken65, Nov 9, 2018 :
    Good for you my friend, enjoy your new device!

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  4. christran12 Cupcake Nov 9, 2018

    christran12, Nov 9, 2018 :
    can't seem to post a new thread. I did search for the topic but couldn't find it. wanted to share my experience setting up CDMA-less service with Verizon to properly support the 6T

  5. Kytharsis Lollipop Nov 10, 2018

    Kytharsis, Nov 10, 2018 :
    Try Starting Point.

  6. markplus1 Cupcake Nov 13, 2018

    markplus1, Nov 13, 2018 :
    hi I'd like to download my newly shot photos from my 6T to my Mac but unable to see how to download photos . can anyone help please,thanks

  7. T1541434207333 Cupcake Nov 16, 2018

  8. christran12 Cupcake Nov 16, 2018

    christran12, Nov 16, 2018 :
    there's only one speaker on the left. the grill on the right houses the mic and some other sensors.

  9. iamghouri Cupcake Nov 23, 2018

    iamghouri, Nov 23, 2018 :
    sir i have tow 2 bugs on open beta 7

    1. my live wallpaper automatically crashed and changed backed with his original one after few time

    2. when i create my business card, emergency information he crashed to

  10. Kytharsis Lollipop Nov 23, 2018

    Kytharsis, Nov 23, 2018 :
    Why did you post this here instead of the OB7 thread...?

  11. iamghouri Cupcake Nov 23, 2018

    iamghouri, Nov 23, 2018 :
    sorry i dont know where is that thread please send me link i am thankful tobyou

  12. Des_Weirdo Cupcake Nov 24, 2018

    Des_Weirdo, Nov 24, 2018 :
    I have problem with my camera it is auto bright when I take pic the pic is not natural. any solution to this problem?

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  13. desentbabu Cupcake Nov 24, 2018

    desentbabu, Nov 24, 2018 :
    I have a question. Could the community app be improved a little more? maybe a button that says "view user signature" and the ability to delete or edit your own post? uploading our own gifs and being able to see other users gifs? the app is quite basic. I'd like to see more features.

    also, can we have a sub form strictly for threads that are not allowed to be closed (unless it's cupcakes asking abt updated etc)
    my thinking behind this is anyone can post and troll whatever they want in the new sub forum. I would moderate this sub form if needed. hell I'll stand behind the sub forum as my own. Being able to post off topic stuff (that some ppl find pointless) that can be entertaining to read is something this forums could use.

  14. T1541434207333 Cupcake Nov 24, 2018

    T1541434207333, Nov 24, 2018 :

  15. D1542288193236 Cupcake Nov 27, 2018

    D1542288193236, Nov 27, 2018 :
    Hi, I m brought today one plus 6t , I m unable to lock the device..pin, fingerprint , face all working . after lock the device just power button can unlock the device without any codes.. please advice me to do how to lock...,[e]1f625[/e]

  16. Alex_z Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

    Alex_z, Dec 6, 2018 :
    Hello David. For some reason I am not able to create a new thread in the forum. Please advise.

  17. Kytharsis Lollipop Dec 6, 2018

    Kytharsis, Dec 6, 2018 :
    Starting Point.

  18. Alex_z Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

  19. meatandy Nougat Dec 6, 2018

    meatandy, Dec 6, 2018 :
    I think you should wander around the forum off topic section.

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  20. toastytoast1234 Lollipop Dec 7, 2018

    toastytoast1234, Dec 7, 2018 :
    I'm afraid that content which doesn't toe the party line is not allowed around here. 2mm beyond what's considered acceptable by the powers that be, and it's off with your head.