[Required Reading] OnePlus Community Guidelines

  1. O1509245712546 Cupcake Nov 1, 2017

  2. Ranga vamshi Cupcake Nov 3, 2017

    Ranga vamshi, Nov 3, 2017 :
    is one plus Mobiles are available in offline market in oppo or vivo stores...if not why??

  3. G_Avster3_WeEX Eclair Nov 6, 2017

  4. litoniko Cupcake Nov 10, 2017

    litoniko, Nov 10, 2017 :
    Hi David. Greetings ! I don't have Oneplus smartphones yet but I'm planning to buy Oneplus 5T soon. Am I qualified to join the community ?

  5. 8019699774 Cupcake Nov 10, 2017

    8019699774, Nov 10, 2017 :
    I have 2 new things and I think you should add this in one plus 5 and other uocoming models if possible

    1. font style
    please add other font style we are bored of it

    2. can u add some artificial intelligence like we have siri in IPHONE. if possible create something like that.will be fun using one plus 5 or else it doesnt create any difference than your other vivo or oppo products

  6. G_Umar_Yasin_ARnN Cupcake Nov 21, 2017

  7. goman37 Cupcake Dec 5, 2017

    goman37, Dec 5, 2017 :
    When googling i found this oneplus community, hope i can contribute more.


  8. MrMalins Cupcake Dec 18, 2017

  9. G_Brian_Bowker_dcTF Cupcake Dec 19, 2017

    G_Brian_Bowker_dcTF, Dec 19, 2017 :
    I find it is to easy to cancel/delete a photograph in camera playback mode and have deleted photo,,s in error.
    I would prefer a second action such as "are you sure you want to delete" before the delete is actiond

  10. sunil1491 Gingerbread Dec 30, 2017

  11. mahaveer_jain Cupcake Jan 23, 2018

    mahaveer_jain, Jan 23, 2018 :
    some apps like true caller nd chrome are crashing nd also phone goes into silent mode automatically after oreo update

  12. Dhuey Cupcake Jan 31, 2018

    Dhuey, Jan 31, 2018 :
    Hi David,
    Thank you. I've been searching to find answers on why my audio just stops in the middle of a youtube video. I have found some posted questions, but can't figure out how to see the replies.
    Can you help?


  13. idkwhoiam322 Marshmallow Jan 31, 2018

    idkwhoiam322, Jan 31, 2018 :
    This thread is perfect for you, read it please (and the ones tagged too) :)

  14. YabbaShabba Froyo Feb 1, 2018

    YabbaShabba, Feb 1, 2018 :
    Appreciate the guidelines however when searching for relevent threads the results are pretty poor.

    i dont think many of us have hours to spend routing through exhausted threads. Tried yesterday on finding a thread for the security setting 'installation from unknown sources' and the search results were piss poor.
    Tried several key words but had to create a thread in the end.

    Search needs improving drastically.

    Just my tuppence!

  15. I1517744605247 Cupcake Feb 4, 2018

    I1517744605247, Feb 4, 2018 :
    hi i have just bought new One plus 5t . Excellent phone. I am keen to know if One plus in future or how soon going to launch any app like Samsung Pay since its very useful feature now a days.

  16. idkwhoiam322 Marshmallow Feb 4, 2018

    idkwhoiam322, Feb 4, 2018 :
    Search in app is broken, use the browser.

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  17. Avis4480 Cupcake Feb 8, 2018

  18. GopalB. Marshmallow Feb 8, 2018

    GopalB., Feb 8, 2018 :
    By searching it 1st...

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  19. Avis4480 Cupcake Feb 8, 2018

  20. O1514822293757 Jelly Bean Feb 18, 2018

    O1514822293757, Feb 18, 2018 :
    Hi Mr David,

    if u r reading this post about the religious insults that are being heaped upon by one of ur community user and a.mod is purposely closing the thread as irrelevant.

    I am a OnePlus 5T user,

    I want to voice my concern about the religious insult to Christianity and Jesus Christ which one forum member is causing here.
    The mods that you have designated are just turning a blind eye to it and I don't see any action being taken.

    In one of the threads BUGS IN OREO UPDATE, a member who goes by the name of IZZYKASHA has uploaded an insulting pic of Jesus Christ winking and calling other people suckers. This is a downright insult to ones religion and beliefs.

    I want to ask the OnePlus team and especially the CEO and owners of this company....is that what OnePlus stands for ???
    Do you make memes and heap insults on other people's religion...
    Does this not warrant an action on your part.

    I don't know whom else to complain to or raise this issue and I need some help to escalate this matter to the highest authority who is running the forum...
    the mods will not take any action and I know it very well.

    below I have attached screenshots of what I am talking about...
    and also details about this specific user.

    I would like to know if any action will be taken against this specific user or the mod who has closed my thread as irrelevant to this forum.

    May i ask....is this the way u treat ur customers ??

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