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    Satish1973 , Aug 19, 2019 :
    Reminder application is a must in today's everyday life. This is because the workplanner is too busy to do the work that it wants to do, causing a variety of problems. Therefore the reminder application is a must. One Plus Ownership They are giving a lot of applications. But we also want the reminder application to be provided.

    The procedure for this application ...

    1. The screen should look full when the reminder arrives.
    2. All options on the screen should be Delete, Edit and Snooze options at the time of reminder.
    3. There should be a popup related to the reminder.
    4. History should be relevant to the reminder.

    5. Reminders should have all kinds of timings, such as minutes, hours, week, day, month, year. The snooze option requires the same reminder to display the same reminder in minutes, how many hours, how many weeks, and how many months after that.
    6. A reminder option should include how many weeks and how many months.
    Example: Take a reminder of good morning,
    A person has to say it is eight o'clock this morning.
    Like, say, eight days. Similarly, there should be options that say 8 weeks and eight months.

    6.snooze Option to display the time that the current time the user as set.

    7. Each reminder should have a unique ringtone, as well as a set of colors.

    Thanking you

    k Satish Kumar
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