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Have you signed up on the reservation list and received an invite?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. nerdo
    Honeycomb Aug 9, 2015

    nerdo , Aug 9, 2015 :
    Maybe the list will get a minute share in the first batch of invites....
    All depends on scale of production thereafter.....

  2. arjun89
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2015

    arjun89 , Aug 9, 2015 :

  3. kuntalsaha.ks
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2015

    kuntalsaha.ks , Aug 9, 2015 :
    Hi Frnds.. I hv been waiting for more than 6months for OP2 to release and now I m waiting eagerly to get an invite. My reservation list number is vry dissapointing though at 184K...

  4. pablofg1978
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Aug 9, 2015

    pablofg1978 , Aug 9, 2015 :
    thread merged, please use the existing thread to discuss about reservation list

  5. Devillish1
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2015

    Devillish1 , Aug 9, 2015 :
    453,354 / 3,302,681
    I have retrieved my place number by going to my original email confirming my successful sign up for an invite. I have gone down the queue or up it however you want to look at it from 402,000 to what it is above. I may get an invite by the time the OnePlus3 comes out, if I am lucky!

  6. juraz
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2015

    juraz , Aug 9, 2015 :
    I entered my E-Mail and Every secound i went 100places :'D
    From 2500000 to 270000 wtf?

  7. Darg_29
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2015

  8. barb
    Nougat Aug 9, 2015

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  9. pablofg1978
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Aug 9, 2015

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  10. ahmedelseify
    Froyo Aug 9, 2015

  11. Andy_panay1
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2015

    Andy_panay1 , Aug 9, 2015 :
    [What are the chances of getting a one plus two if you are new to this and don't know anyone who bought a one plus one? How many will be made and is there a point waiting around and hoping to get an invite through the reservation list when there are 3m waiting QUOTE="Jevoly, post: 11979539, member: 25387"]By putting yourself in the reservation list, it does not guarantee you an invite. You will only be notified if there are spare invites.

    Here is how to get a better ranking in the reservation list:

    1. Enter your email in the invites page to see your current rank again. The number you see on the page is the total amount of people signed up for the list.
    2. Share your link on Social Media.
    3. If someone signs up through your link you'll get bumped up in the Q.

    Do not post your reservation link here. You will risk yourself getting banned by moderators.[/QUOTE]

  12. emtaonline
    Cupcake Aug 10, 2015

  13. Maq
    Eclair Aug 10, 2015

  14. urogomphi
    Donut Aug 10, 2015

    urogomphi , Aug 10, 2015 :
    if the shoe fits, wear it my friend.

  15. urogomphi
    Donut Aug 10, 2015

    urogomphi , Aug 10, 2015 :
    I don't think so buddy. Surely OP means ppl who are active on the forum helping other ppl or contributing in any way to it. But whining about the invite system or the reservation list for that matter....I don't think so. Also, nobody cares where all the ppl here are on the List nor can we say sth about the chances of getting a OPT in the near future.

  16. KishyFishy
    Cupcake Aug 10, 2015

    KishyFishy , Aug 10, 2015 :
    I really hope reservation list invites are given out to like the first 100k ppl. I'd be set.

  17. adeeb820
    Cupcake Aug 10, 2015

    adeeb820 , Aug 10, 2015 :
    I don't get the notion about this madness, those devices will be given to u guys on exchange with money not for free, yet so much of begging for invite.

  18. gui_8731
    Cupcake Aug 10, 2015

    gui_8731 , Aug 10, 2015 :
    People, for god sake... only those who WERE active forum members, BEFORE Athe launch of the OP2 is going to get a advantege on the queue. No "post post" will count, so dont come here writing anything anytime and expect to get in line, this was made to benefit old OP supporters, which by the way, im not a part of.

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  19. barb
    Nougat Aug 10, 2015

  20. pablofg1978
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Aug 10, 2015

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