[Results are out!] Who has empowered you in your life?

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    giackbazz, Jul 10, 2018 :
    My mother made me the person i am today. I was 9 when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma. everyone in the family was telling me to pray and everything will be alright. sadly, she passed away on september 2003. She was the most generous and kind soul i have ever known, i'm always reminded of her with love by the people who knew her. After her death, my father pushed me to take up hobbies, since i didn't want to do anything anymore. but i tried learning guitar. my mother loved music, especially the beatles and simon & garfunkel. fast forward to 2015: after 11 years from her demise i finally write a song that is acceptable to me to honor her legacy. ( https://soundcloud.com/giackbazz/childhood-dream-1 ) Her love for music and for the others made me the man i am now. I never got to thank her for what she taught me. I don't even know why i'm writing this since i'm out of time, i guess i just wanted to share my story among all these inspiring and heartwarming experiences. We don't know how much time we are given, if you have something important to say to the ones you love, just say it. Now and out loud. [​IMG]

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    Congratulations @Zarin1480. A great father daughter relationship. Wish you more happiness in life. :)

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    Baymax, Jul 10, 2018 :
    Hello everyone. This post is intentionally posted after the winner was chosen for the contest.

    But I'm sure many of you have wondered who has empowered me in my life. All of my posts seem to add up at this point, though it isn't my past girlfriend who is no longer with the world, but this power rather ties in with my golden moment. When I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. Some may have been empowered by father, or mother or many others. The one who was the driving force behind this achievement was my grandmother though. She assured me that I could complete it. She always had faith in me and never faltered from it. She even made sure that if I had gone towards any trouble in my household that I could always count on her. Overall, I have been very fortunate to have a grandmother like her.

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    That's so lovely. I bow down to your daughter.

    May you be happy and see better heights.

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    Congratulations, Zarin.

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    Congratulations @Zarin1480 !!!!!!

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    Heartfelt congratulations @Zarin1480 - a well deserved winner and I hope you and your daughter love your new phones.
    A bonus for your parents too as they will be upgraded as well won't they?
    Your win has brightened my day a little. Well done. [e]1f44d[/e]

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