[Results are out!] Who has empowered you in your life?

  1. Amger2010 Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    Amger2010, Jul 8, 2018 :
    My parents empowered me to make decisions, to make disciples, and to take risks - not just to survive college without losing my faith!

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  2. Alessio_Del_Monaco Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    Alessio_Del_Monaco, Jul 8, 2018 :
    Italian Entries:
    Quello che sono oggi lo devo a una persona che ha inciso e stravolto profondamente la mia vita. Lei è arrivata nel 2011, l'ho conosciuta sull'internet e ci siamo incontrati dal vivo dopo 8 mesi e da lì quando ci siamo guardati negli occhi è scoppiata la scintilla che ancora oggi è viva dentro di me e da allora ha stravolto la mia vita con la sua pazzia e la sua dolcezza. Quando ci siamo conosciuti eravamo dei ragazzini del Liceo senza idee ben chiare, crescendo le cose sono migliorate fino ad oggi che, lei è in procinto di Laurearsi ed io sono lì a supportarla, lo stesso fa lei con me, supportandomi(e soprattutto sopportandomi) con i miei dubbi ed i miei problemi.

  3. prabhu7212 Froyo Jul 8, 2018

    prabhu7212, Jul 8, 2018 :
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    Steve Jobs the true vision of history ... I don't inspire him but I breath his life every day... He was not scientists or he dint invent things but he made impossible as possible with his vision...

    From a small Garage to the world biggest company, his vision has made many revolution in mobile industry . Even now iPhone is dream of millions.. His Life empowered me to become an entrepreneur . Such as simplicity with small glasses his vision was very big that he has made such a big company over years . Even he has left , his vision continues growing... If my Hero was alive he would be inspired with OnePlus Growth and revolution it has made in short span....

    I wanted a product like iPhone hardware , and with simple user experience which was my vision of mobile,. Finally it came true in form of OnePlus.... I thank you team giving opportunity to share my Hero .. If I win this I would be able to have one for mine but I can't share to my Hero but I will share it with my spouse who is iPhone fan and show what is OnePlus..... love to make dream come true with The new red dragon.. or beast or speed but it's my love I want to share..
    Excited be a part of oneplus community..You people more than user delightness have given us User experience which no other has given till now... Great OnePlus continue the pace..

    A list word the Red Design is a master peice of creativity, design and innovation . If my Hero was alive he would have tried to experience and learn many from one plus users....Love you Steve u live in our heart and u empowered million and millions to Goooo. below is my pic taken by my love OnePlus 3T....

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  4. Adarsh_from_Android Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    Adarsh_from_Android, Jul 8, 2018 :
    The biggest empowerment my life is my father.

    My father is Kind, Funny, and enjoys life even though he has nearly lost his life before. He has had 18-20 surgeries because of kidney failure, and used to have to carry around 50 pound machine for his dialysis treatments every night as he could not regulate his body fluids while he slept. Through all of this, he is still known as the funniest person in our family because he knows he is lucky to be alive, and tries to make the most of it. On top of all this, he also had leukemia, and was barely able to fight that off.

    Through all of this, he still worked when he was out of the hospital and while he was in it too, to give my mom and I a residence, and the ability to have a full stomach every night. My mom was unable to work at that time as she was still studying as she had qualifications in India which did not qualify over here. so he also funded her education somehow with hospital wifi and his laptop to still work. He worked for the pharmaceutical company that was providing the medicines for his treatment, and the execs there were so impressed by that they covered all the medicines from their company that were being used in his treatment. so we ended up only paying about only 20 - 30% of the bill required. that was still a sizeable sum, about 10,000 dollars. He was able to provide me a home, food, education, and the ability to be extremely grateful to my father, all while in the hospital. He is what keeps me going whenever i feel down, because he made such a large sacrifice so I could have a decent education and a home. He is what allowed me to have a decent education in the US and be successful now.

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  5. 1plus6Rlove100 Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    1plus6Rlove100, Jul 8, 2018 :
    o_O Hhhhmmm, such a tough choice to just pick 1 of the 3 finest ladies to walk God's green Earth. My choices being between my amazingly kind, selfless mother, my incredibly patient and committed wife or our most beautiful gift from above, our 5 going on 15 year old daughter. So since the decision is far too difficult to choose just 1 of those ladies whom empower me to be me, I'm just going to tell you how my Angel baby, AlyMay plays her part in empowering me to be me and then if you pick me I'll tell you how the other two empower me.:p
    Well, you just can't understand how much we as humans can actually love anyone thing or person, until you father or mother a perfectly precious little girl (until they reach 3 years old :eek: lol :D). There's just absolutely nothing like it. I'm not sure if a mother-daughter love is like that of a father-daughter, but I am 33 years old and have an 14 & an 11 year old son and then my 5 year old Alysoreass or Tornado Aly lol. Then my Wife of 9 years (12 altogether), and no love have I ever felt to this degree! It's not that I love her more or them less, maybe because I feel as though she depends and relies on me more.Fr From the very first minute I held her in my arms and dazed into her big beautiful blue eyes, determination to be a better man, father, husband and overall member of society became a part of me almost like a sixth sense and hasn't left since. Anytime I have a long day at work or am upset all I have to do is hear her sweet innocent voice or scoop her up in my arms and get smothered in whirlwind of love, hugs and kisses and then I'm empowered once again.
    Thank you for this opportunity to win a couple 1+6red phones, as phone my wife's phone and mine are shattered and red is my fave color lol:cool:. (PLUS the 1plus6 is way better than Samsung or Apple) 15310724003428924837932522962216.jpg
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  6. julieshort Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    julieshort, Jul 8, 2018 :
    My husband has always been the one who has empowered me the most, more so than my family ever did. Whether it be a hobby, career or just something I was doing during the course of a normal day. He has encouraged me to be brave, has challenged me during my weak moments to be stronger and has given me confidence in myself as a person. If I am lucky enough to win TWO new OnePlus devices, he is definitely having one of them.

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  7. aodh Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

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  8. eerlicious Donut Jul 8, 2018

    eerlicious, Jul 8, 2018 :
    Do you know whats the hardest thing for a girl? Growing up in society where you are never good enough like a boy is.

    When you are born in a Balkan country you get used to people judging you for being a girl with boys attributes. You like playing football? Thats such a boys thing to do. You dont like playing with dolls? How come you call yourself a girl? You prefer going after your dad’s handywork, instead of helping your mother do the dishes? That’s a shame.

    But do you wanna know a Balkan man who didn’t care about this? My dad.

    He always said to me, don’t listen to what anybody says. It’s better to do something you love, than to spend your life pleasing others.

    He didn’t mind me helping him with housework. He was such an enthusiastic person. He made me think that I can be whoever I want to be and do whatever I wanted to do.

    I grew up listening to him instead of peoples words.

    My dad was that kind of person who knew a lot about electronics and technology, without reading or studying anything about it. He was able to fix a TV, radio, telephone, or any other electronic decice, and guess who was his assistant? Me. He always made me come help him, and always tried to teach me about what he was doing. Although I didn’t understand him much, he made me believe we made a great team.

    I decided to study Telecommunication, a field mostly studied by man here in my country, and my dad was the one to always encourage me.

    I know its such a cliche thing to say, but he really is my hero.

    Maybe this means nothing to people around the world who are used to always be supported by their father, but for me its a big thing, because when you live in a society so close-minded, having your father support you is the greatest thing that can happen to you.

    If one day, I become a successful women, I owe it all to him.

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  9. G1518077567755 Donut Jul 8, 2018

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  10. riz72 Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    riz72, Jul 8, 2018 :
    The person that literally made me who i am today, is my brother.
    He showed me what it means to love someone unconditionally, and that changed my point of view on life. I am much more happier than i used to be and i feel more at peace with everyone surrounding me.
    He also inspired me to speak my mind and stand my ground, which led me to become a feminist. I am not the same person i used to be, i grew a lot in a very short amount of time and i made a huge progress; because i finally accept myself the way i am, and I'm not afraid to share my opinions with someone who thinks in a different way.
    He truly transformed my life, and made me the person i am today. I owe all my improvement to him.

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  11. babyc1989 Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    babyc1989, Jul 8, 2018 :
    The Person who empowers me the most is my Father. He had many tough struggles throughout life but managed to perservere and was always Mr. Congeality and could always make you smile. He could become your life long friend if you gave him only 15 minutes of your time. I am the person I am today because of the life lessons I learned through him, I learned patience, love, dedication, hard work and hope. Unfortunately I only got to spend 17 years of my life with him before he passed away, much too soon. He didn't get to see his grandchildren enter this world but they each carry a piece of him and someday will know how much he empowered me to be the dedicated mother, wife and friend I am today. Rest in Peace Daddy my empowerer! Thanks for the opportunity to win your product.

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  12. George68 Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    George68, Jul 8, 2018 :
    My wife Mary has inspired me with her "Can do" attitude . Now that she's broken her phone the best thing I can do is win her a new one .

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  13. Ravi Shankar Jha Donut Jul 8, 2018

    Ravi Shankar Jha, Jul 8, 2018 :

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  14. M1531063208614 Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    M1531063208614, Jul 8, 2018 :
    i think the best empowerment can be in different forms different walks of life.... every situation empowers you .you be a better person because of all the moments you have lived to give an identity to yourself . everything in the cosmos is empowerment

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  15. tusharshahsp Donut Jul 8, 2018

    tusharshahsp, Jul 8, 2018 :


    Mother..momzee..mom.. yes indeed.. as it is truly said "God cannot be everywhere so he created mother" And so in my whole life, I have my loving mom consistently supporting me and empowering me during my weak times. Her innocent and wrinkled face reveals clearly how badly she has fought to make my life bright and awesome.. she has always stood against the world for me to protect me, empower me and to love me.. she has had kept herself hungry at times when we had run short of money for food or ration.. she had sacrificed her desires so that my requirements for studies are met.. she left No bounds to make sure that I remain happy.. those marks and wrinkles on her face truly reveal the hardhsips she had faced.. from social accusations to waking up in the night during exams she has always supported me despite of her illness.. she underwent number of surgeries but nevertheless she always remained active for the entire family. To prepare my tiffin at 6:00 a.m in the morning, to domestic violence that would happen at our home, she has always been so strong. Truly she is and will always be the god in my life.. I so love her... And this is all from my heart.. I owe her my life..

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  16. amr7afifi Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    amr7afifi, Jul 8, 2018 :
    The one who inspired me is my friend Ziad. We both were diagnosed with blood cancer and we met at the hospital and he became my first friend ever. I was always pessimistic and thinking that i am going to die at the hospital but he always drew i smile on my face and said that we are going to be fine and meet soon outside of the hospital..The only tangible memory i have got from him was when we were playing with cars and my car's sticker fell and i couldn't find it saw he took one of his car's sticker and he sticked it on my car..I was cured from cancer 2 years later while he died in the same year..He teached me how to be optimistic and how sacrificing things for other people could make you much happier than having those things yourself and how could small deeds you could change someone's life ..Rest in peace Ziad

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  17. G_Koulouri_yGdE Eclair Jul 8, 2018

    G_Koulouri_yGdE, Jul 8, 2018 :
    My dad has been empowering me to do things like trying new stuff and studying more! However, the most important thing, is that he taught me lessons from his life

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  18. shail.7 Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    shail.7, Jul 8, 2018 :
    it's always been your father or mother or grandparents
    but for me it's always been my sister
    she was wanted to do further studies for Canada but she was not getting any support from our parents
    she once told me casually that she is preparing for her exams and college fees and I took it as a normal daydream of her
    after giving 3 times exam she got her desired bands and she got her admission where ever she was willing to
    today she settled there and we are proud of her
    my dad daily talks to her and says I am proud of you
    she bought me this one plus phone by her own
    she is taking care of everything
    she dreamt she can and she did
    she will always be my inspiration to do something which seems impossible sometimes .
    I love you di 1531077453568.jpg

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  19. Harsh_crushiko Cupcake Jul 8, 2018

    Harsh_crushiko, Jul 8, 2018 :
    My soul empowers my mind, my parents given etiquette empowers me in front of everyone,nature's love empowers me to do good things for others and last but not the least I empowers myself by my thoughts, my positivity, my position to help, my cooperation, my agenda, my soul.

  20. aaronflo Eclair Jul 8, 2018

    aaronflo, Jul 8, 2018 :
    16806998_1091949880950903_4597164071303881272_n.jpg [​IMG]

    To the person that empowered me to be the person that I am today would be my Half-brother. I have not known of his existence not until 12 years ago. To me, who has always been anti-social, shy, lazy and spoilt. However, constant exposure of him and his spontaneous quirky personality got me out of my comfort zone.

    I started to love travelling, thus we travel around the world, already been to 27 countries with him. And alongside him I got my own personal tour guide. With the passion of travel, I have also started to travel on my own, enabled other friends to travel with me. I love the feeling of freedom, exploring culture and meeting the locals. Something I have not experience on my own, and on my own initiative before. It really got me out my shell, and along it got confidence I never knew I had it in me.

    Moreover, with his influence, I finally got to realise my own potential, my dream, and my goals. My half-brother, my best friend, and my best supporter has truly empowered me to be who I can and I want to be. My only regret, is that I haven't met him earlier in my life.

    I hope to influence him as well and have him switch to Android, and I will take this to be a great achievement if he does switch as I have been trying for years to get him to android. If I got the chance to win, and I would love for him to have Oneplus 6 as his first.

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