Return of 7T taking more than a month

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    augustin_doultremont , Apr 30, 2020 :

    I bought a OnePlus 7T more than a month ago. Due to some issues with the display (uneven tint), I decided (after a little bit more than a week) to return the phone and get a refund. The procedure has now taken more than a month and I am getting tired of asking for updates on the refund process.

    OnePlus phones are great but the customer support is awful ! Here is a summary of my experience :

    March 11th : I place my order

    March 13th : I receive the phone. Great ! Thanks for the fast delivery !

    March 16th : I ask what I can do to solve the display tint and get an answer the next day (the usual "reset the phone to factory settings", I do it and it doesn't solve the issue).

    March 19th : A repair request is processed by OnePlus

    March 20th : I decide to switch to a return. According to OnePlus's terms and conditions, since the phone is not as advertised and has obvious display issues, I can return it if I choose to do so within 2 weeks.

    March 24th : I send the phone via UPS (paid by OnePlus) (due to Covid, I could not send it before)

    March 25th : The phone arrives in Poland and should be checked by OnePlus

    March 28th : I send an email to OnePlus to ask for news

    March 31st : OnePlus responds that the inspection failed. I had to ask why it failed...

    April 1st : I get a response telling me that it failed due to missing screen protector (I would have loved to be automatically updated on my return when the inspection is done, and know why it is failed without having to ask for it, or at least have more information on the website than "Inspected March 13", which has no sense since I requested it on March 20). I respond that obviously, a screen protector being a screen protector, it was on the phone when I returned it, and that a refund without the price of the screen protector would be totally acceptable.

    April 3rd : I receive an email telling me that the refund has been completed on their end and that I will receive it in a few days

    April 9th : Having not received any refund, I ask for news.

    April 11th : I am told that the case "has been escalated to the team"

    April 13th : I receive an answer asking me if my problem is solved and telling me that the incident will be marked as closed if I don't respond (obviously, I respond that it has NOT been solved)

    April 16th : I receive an answer telling me that due to some technical issue, the refund was not successful and my request has been escalated to "the team" (This is the kind of information is something that should be treated automatically, and shouldn't need 5 emails to get to the customer)

    April 17th (morning) : I ask if it is possible to get an estimation of when the refund will be completed

    April 21st (evening) : I ask if it is possible to get an estimation of when the refund will be completed. Yes, AGAIN, with no information (note that there was a weekend between the 17th and 21st, but even taking it into account, I did not receive an answer for 3 days). But let us put that on Covid's charge...

    April 23rd : I finally receive an "answer", not at all answering my question but at least giving me an update and asking for my bank coordinates... (I don't know why they asked for it if they had them and I don't know why they did not ask for it 3 WEEKS AGO if they did not have them...). Anyway, I give them the information they ask for on the same day)

    April 28th : Still no refund, I ask for news

    April 30th : Over 48 hours after my last email, I still haven't received any answer or refund although the customer service is supposed to answer questions within 48 hours.

    In summary :
    - Over 35 days after the phone has arrived in Poland, I have not received a refund
    - OnePlus seems to think that I have to ask for news if something goes wrong on their side
    - Covid 19 could be a reason to the time it takes, but it has never been mentioned by OnePlus...
    - Don't buy a OnePlus if you want real customer support

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    thetogg , May 1, 2020 :
    keep in mind due to Covid a lot of companies do not have full access to systems. Observe a little patience during this time.

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    Can you please PM me your case ID and I will refer this to Escalation team and admin.

    @harshil1903 thanks for the tag

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