[REVIEW] JBL E+1 earphones

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    fazEp , Nov 22, 2014 :
    Hi fellas,

    I recently bought the E+1 earphones and since my opinion about them differs from other reviews I read, I decided to make my own. So, let's jump on the review train.
    The other earphones I posess are the xiaomi piston v2. I wont make a full comparison but use them as a basis for my review.
    One more thing, if you hesitate between the E+1 and SilverBullets, I think you can consider than the Xiaomi Piston are more or less the same as the SilverBullets.


    I dont give a shit about packaging. No need for the package to feel "premium", my decision to buy earphones is made on the quality of sound, design and everyday usage impression, period.


    They're red (almost the same red as the data/charging cable, if not the same), but you know that. Obviously they look totaly different from the piston, but I like both the designs. In the end it's just about taste. That considered, there isn't much to say.

    Build Quality

    The flat cable is very sturdy, so I don't have to be cautious when I handle them. Whereas the piston feel more fragile and I'm always a bit worried of damaging them in my everyday use.
    Overall they are real solid yeah, and that's an important point to me.
    They're not in metal, and that is fine with me. Once again, they do not feel less "premium" because of it.
    The head of the earphone fits way better in my ears than the piston's. I put them on and that's it, no need spend time changing their position until they both feel equaly right in my ears (with the piston, it's always an issue).
    The tip of the jack is much more useful than the one of the piston. Once again it feels more solid.

    The Remote/Microphone

    I heard LOTS of complaints about the remote being too close to the face and the buttons that do no feel good and all. I must admit I was quite scared by this aspect.
    I have to say this is not such an issue. The buttons are not easy to locate but I had the same problem with my piston at the begining and clicking them feels even better than clicking the piston's. The microphone is really next to my mouth so I don't have to raise it with my hand in loud environments (the piston have this issue).
    I couldn't test the quality of the microphone so I'll update this post later if I'm not lazy.

    Sound Quality

    I have no clue how to make an accurate review on this item, so I'm just gonna post my impressions and you'll have to refer to other reviews if you want something that sounds professional.
    They're pretty even with the piston. The bass feel more solid, but for higher frequencies both are not exceptional. They're okey. Most of the time, I mess a bit with Gonemad's music player settings and I find a sound that suits me well enough to overlook this issue.
    Anyway, maybe for this price they should sound better, but my only comparison are the piston so this might be biased.

    Quality/Price Ratio aka "Should you buy them for that price"

    Their ratio isn't that good. At least in term of sound quality. But then again I'm comparing to the xiaomi piston v2 wich are very unusual on that aspect so don't take my word for it.
    To me the question is : In a world where the Piston exist, why buy the E+1 ?
    Well I'm quite sure they will last much longer than my Piston. And buying them (assuming they're in stock) is less a struggle than to buy the Piston. You pay a bit more, but you know what you get (no counterfeit).
    About the : "My OPO was so cheap i dont mind paying overpriced earphones, plus I want to help OnePlus", I'm not in this kind of thinking. One of the main reasons I bought the OPO was the price, so I'm not gonna pay more than I have to for these earphones. And I feel like OnePlus doesn't need my help, they are quite known by now and I'm not worried about them going bankrupt. Anyway, this is assuming they are overpriced, and I don't feel that way. 40 euros seems quite fair to me.

    TL;DR (cause I know lot's of looser around here whine past the 10th line)

    Not such a good deal as the Piston but much more solid and comfortable. About even regarding the sound quality.


    By the way, sorry if my english is a bit messy, I'm not totaly fluent with it.

    See ya nerds
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    Nice review dude, and totally agree with your opinion of pricing.

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    1st flame 1 threat then make ur own revieuw and u changed mind lmao hope u lurned something

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    say what?