[REVIEW] OnePlus Nord 2 PAC-MAN edition

  1. mi6t0
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2021

    mi6t0 , Nov 16, 2021 :
    Good day, dear Oneplus fans!

    It's been a while since my last post here, and I’m very happy to be back with some spicy details about the freshly released OnePlus Nord 2 PAC-MAN edition! I’d like to introduce you to the interesting highlights about its hardware and software. And of course, show you the pretty awesome PAC-MAN flavor and integration.

    TLDR: here's a link to my detailed video review:

    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101258.221.jpg

    Among the most exciting parts is indeed the unboxing experience! You get the usual great OnePlus experience with a lot of… awesome elements. There’s a PAC-MAN-styled cardboard wrapped around the box.

    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101324.045.jpg

    (Un)surprisingly, a charger is included. It’s the well-known 65W Warp brick that can charge your phone to 100% in around 30 minutes.

    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101345.437.jpg

    And – here it is – in its full glory and beauty: the OnePlus Nord 2 in its PAC-MAN edition. As usual for OnePlus phones, it has a pre-applied screen protector. Amazing color on the back, the well-known awesome display on the front. The signature alert slider on the side. USB port, speaker set and the SIM tray at the bottom area.

    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101452.788.jpg

    This is how the back of the screen glows in the dark. You see the awesome PAC-MAN texture and also the Nord logo. This makes the phone absolutely unique.
    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101303.236.jpg

    If you belong to the group of people that we can summarize as tech-geeks, maybe that’s your moment to read carefully:

    Dimensity 1200 with one of the fastest octa-core CPUs on the market with a frequency of up to 3GHz. 12GB DDR4X of RAM memory, 256GB of storage, a lovely 90HZ display with a size of 6.43 inches, AMOLED of course.

    The triple camera setup is led by the 50MP Sony IMX 766 image sensor, there’s a ultra-wide sensor and a depth sensor.

    Think of it as a smartphone with flagship-killer ambitions at a mid-range price. There are of course a few areas where this phone may fall short when comparing it with the OnePlus 9 Series – like the DDR4x instead of DDR5, the lack of wireless charging, etc.

    The performance is simply awesome. Having more RAM and storage than the regular Nord 2 is quite an advantage. Animations are tuned to perfection. It's a pleasure to watch the animated wallpapers, playing games, or doing anything, really anything on the phone. Super-smooth.
    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101600.189.jpg

    If you wonder whether stressing the CPU for a long time will reduce the performance – well – sort of. Not more than what will happen to the Snapdragon 888, and the performance is a lot more consistent than what you’d experience with the Exynos processors. The fact that you don’t see any drops on this graph means, that you will not notice notable performance degradation, and this is exactly the sweet spot each smartphone maker tries to accomplish.
    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101503.639.jpg

    The good performance also contributes to excellent camera behavior and guarantees amazingly good photos and videos. Colors seem to be accurate most of the times, sharpness is not that much – unlike what we see with other OnePlus phones. The optical image stabilization is a good addition to the performance, and especially if you use the 5-time zoom, which is software-based – it can help a lot to prevent the images from falling apart.
    IMG20211112132330.jpg IMG20211111181202.jpg IMG20211114184354.jpg IMG20211112080211.jpg

    You may count on good photos from the ultra-wide camera – it is also super-capable. It will of course not be able to challenge the best cameras of the year, especially when you shoot at dark.
    IMG20211112132724.jpg IMG20211112132411.jpg IMG20211111181106.jpg

    As for the Android flavor and the PAC-MAN visual and audio integrations… Well – they are lovely! Cool animations, customized lock-screen, special ringtone and alarm. Even the game is here!

    And I am becoming a fan of the Dimensity 1200’s consistency. It was easily giving me more than a day of usage, with a lot of screen on time. After the merge with ColorOS, there are certain software similarities between OxygenOS and ColorOS. Some of you will like them, some of you won’t. While I am a big fan of the menus, I dislike the fact there is no graph about the battery consumption. You only get details about the per-app consumption.
    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101430.724.jpg

    In the end – I’m not sure whether the Nord 2 PAC-MAN edition should be called just a “mid-ranger”, because given the specs and performance it is at least a premium mid-ranger and a phone that can easily challenge 2021’s flagships. It has everything that you need: great battery endurance, crazy fast charging, beautiful display and … the amazing PAC-MAN styling.

    I hope you enjoyed this review, and let me know what you think of this new awesome Nord 2 edition.
    Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-Man edition.mp4_20211116_101538.204.jpg

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    Froyo Nov 21, 2021

    ShadowXD , via OnePlus Nord , Nov 21, 2021 :
    Doesn't matter which edition of Nord 2, it's eventually gonna blast. As we have seen more that 10 cases of blast of Nord 2 phone and injured people. It's not first time that a phone from a big brand blows, Samsung galaxy note 7 also had issue but Samsung took responsibility for that and recalled all the units back and refunded consumers. But didn't expected from oneplus that they will turn their back from us.

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    Randy_Lahey , Dec 3, 2021 :
    Is this phone worth buying because I already have the Nord 2 and I'm thinking about exchanging it for the Pac man edition.