[Review] OnePlus One Screen Protector

  1. Martinrm
    Honeycomb Jun 19, 2014

    Martinrm , Jun 19, 2014 :
    Screen protectors are a heavily debated item. Many say that with the advent of Gorilla Glass 3 and the TOL technology built into the One there is no need for a screen protector. However i say, why risk it? You're spending $300+ on a smartphone isn't it worth an extra $5 to ensure its safety.

    (Screen protector and its contents can be seen on the left. Contents include 2 positioning tabs, 1 microfiber cloth, 1 dust removal tab, 1 screen protector removal tab, 1 applicator card)

    About the screen protector
    Cost: $4.99 (directly from OnePlus)
    Material: Plastic
    Fit and Finish: Glossy Glass-like feel

    This is a "generic" static fit, plastic screen, glossy clear protector. The application process is pretty straightforward and application is able to be accomplished without bubbles given you follow they steps they suggest. Unlike other screen protectors of this type i have used, after applied this one has a very smooth - glass like - feel to it. Often with plastic screen protectors you get the feeling that your finger sticks to the screen, this is not the case with the OnePlus protector.

    Packaging is very nice. All directions are given in both Chinese and English. You get the sense that it was designed as well as the phone, accessories, and all of OnePlus's packaging.

    Application Process
    Below are my "Adjusted" instructions on how to apply this screen protector

    1) The best time to apply a screen protector is immediately after you get the phone, before you even start using it. Go into a clean environment meaning dust free. My recommendation is to go into the bathroom, run the water on cold for a few minutes (This is to help remove all the dust from the room).

    2) Use alcohol and the provided microfiber cloth to remove any oils and dust from the screen

    3) Place the screen protector on your device, lining up the speaker cutout and front facing camera cutout.

    4) Place the 2 positioning tabs on side two of the front of the screen protector and wrap them around so they at holding the screen protector in place.
    5) Remove side 1 of the screen protector.

    6) Starting from the end with the positioning tabs, use the plastic applicator to press down the screen protector, moving from right to left.
    7) Once the screen protector is in place, bubble free, use the microfiber cloth and rub the edges ensuring that it is securely in place.

    8) Remove the positioning tabs

    9) Remove side two of the screen protector

    10) Again go over it with the microfiber cloth ensuring that all the edges are securely in place.

    (Notice how you can hardly see the edges of the screen protector)

    My thoughts
    I think a screen protector is necessary. Especially given the finish of this one, it almost feels like there is nothing on the screen. I do not see any distortion in colors compared to not having a screen protector. On the down side fingerprints do show up easily and reflections can be bad in strong light. Would I recommend this, yes. I think i will be getting a glass screen protector when the do come out though, however for not i think this may be one of the best options.


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    sirrick , Jun 19, 2014 :
    Great!!! Need a video demonstration now of how to apply it on the OnePlus One :D

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    Nicely explained.. Thanks bro...

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    Alexander-Nielsen , Jun 19, 2014 :
    thanks for the write up on applying the screen protector as the described procedure on the packaging is a bit confusing :)
    can not wait to get a hands on with the One but i still need an invite like most of the other people on the forum ;)

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    Martinrm , Jun 19, 2014 :
    Only usefull threads from me :)
    I've got my Unboxing video coming soon, then feature focus posts and my full review of the one in the comming weeks.

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    Can't wait keep us posted! Wish they had stickies on this forum

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    Ferron , Jun 19, 2014 :
    Thank you, nice picture at the bottom. But that dust on the edge though o_O
    Looking foward to your other threads :)

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    CoachEgghead , Jun 19, 2014 :
    So the downsides of "On the down side fingerprints do show up easily and reflections can be bad in strong light. " are not enough to skip using it huh? I've never ever liked screen protectors and am leery of this one too as they always seem to just look wrong on a phone.

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    Tucker_UK , Jun 19, 2014 :
    Useful guide.

    If only my order had shipped then I could make the most of your walkthrough!





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