[REVIEW] Orzly Temperd Glass Screen Protector

  1. gusuraman
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    gusuraman , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Hi everyone,
    I will start saying that this is my first review ever and english is not my language, so do not expect anything special:p

    I've never been fan of scrren protectors till i learned on this forum the existence of tempered glass ones.
    Being my first temperd glass I have no comparison, but I can say that the Orzly Glass is amazing.

    Let's start with the review

    Packaging and unboxing
    The box is foldable thick paper with plastic inside. It is very rigid and protective.
    On the box are printed all technical data and package content.
    The inside is very tidy and everithing is kept in it's own position by a smal stickers.
    There seams to be a seal (the silver sticker on the right) that in my case was sealing nothing. It was exactly in the place where you see ito_O
    The folder on the right contains the Temperd Glass, Dust Stickers and Installation Guide (That is printed on the folder back as well)
    Screen Folder.jpg

    Package Content
    From left to right:
    • Installation Guide
    • Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    • Dust Stickers (2 pieces)
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Applicator Card
    • Alcohol Swab
    The application is surprisingly easy.
    After cleaning the screen, just need to remove the labelled layer, position the scree and let it fix by itself. No bubble at all.
    The only thing to care is to be fast enough to don't let the dust to come back between the screen and the protector (I wasn't fast enougho_O. But not a big problem)

    [​IMG] Edit:
    The Glass
    Some specification:
    • 0.24mm thickness
    • 8-9H surface hardness
    • Oleophobic coating
    • Shatter proof
    • Rounded edges
    The size is perfect. I read many users complainig that the Orzly glass is 2mm smaller than the screen. Mine is just perfect. It is exactly te same size of the screen frame.
    This is the only glass screen protector i found (may be others) with only the speaker cutout (one of the resons i choosed Orzly). The front camera, the light and proximity sensors stil working like nothing is over theme.

    [​IMG] Edit:
    Regarding the size and fit:
    Also see About Orzly Tempered Glass Size

    The Feeling
    The touch feeling is great. The rounded edges make the the phone smoother on the border and the surface feels even better than the original screen.
    I didn't notice any difference in screen visibility.
    The oleophobic coating seams better tha the screen coating. Anyway some fingerprint remain on it.
    Unfortunatelly there is no sun today and so i cannot check the reflection behavior. I can say that with artificial lights it is very good.

    [​IMG] Edit:
    Finally i could try under direct sunlight and i don't notice any reflection difference compared to the naked screen.

    My experience with the Orzly Temperd Glass in very good.
    I didn't expect such a good feeling from a scrren protector.
    Also the price/quality is great, 14.99€ from amazon.fr with free shipping to Italy:)

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  2. Yves la vende
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  3. allebeily
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    allebeily , Aug 19, 2014 :
    I've got it too, same impressions... mine is a little bit smaller than the screen, but it doesn't matter, this way it fits better with my cover. Hope to never find out if it really protects the screen from shattering!

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  8. Joyyy
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    Joyyy , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Awesome thanks for the review!
    I ordered Nillkin Tempered and I regret it now :( it arrived today too not applied it yet lol

  9. gusuraman
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    gusuraman , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Somebody should test it:D


    Only the packaging pictures are taken with the OPO the scrren picture are taken with my wife's LUMIX

    Yes... It is

    After i ordered the Orzly i rgret because i read a Nillkin review.
    Don't worry it will be great too

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  10. alop.1974
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  12. Urbana
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    Urbana , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Nice review.
    I'm still waiting for mine to arrive and I have chosen Orzly for the same reason - speaker cutout.

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  13. aleporta15
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  14. vineesh
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    vineesh , Aug 20, 2014 :
    nice review .i didnt brought any screen protector yet ,
    i think i will go for orzly now

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  15. garrickchan
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    garrickchan , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Thanks for your time and effort in posting pictures and giving a review of the Orzly product!

  16. kingkoolkris
    Eclair Aug 20, 2014

    kingkoolkris , Aug 20, 2014 :
    The Orzly has exactly the same packaging as my Mocolo. The only difference is the cutout for the front camera which my Mocolo Glass has.

  17. uphysics
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    uphysics , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Excellent write up. And your English is fine. I'm not a native speaker either but typing in these forums helps considerably. Thanks for the review! I don't use screen protectors typically, but these are inexpensive enough to warrant an impartial test involving some keys...

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  18. gusuraman
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    gusuraman , Aug 20, 2014 :
    The mocolo looks better than others having a separete cutout for camera.
    Anyway i almost never use the front camera and prefer smallest possible cutout.

    Btw thanks. Ididn't knoe mocolo till now:)

    For those who is looking for a tempered glass (or any other accessory) i suggest to have a look the review links list i'm making:
    [LINKS] OnePlus One Accessories - Users Reviews and Impressions
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