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    dahakguai , Nov 28, 2014 :

    I am going to be giving my review and impressions on the Phantom Glass Tempered Glass. First, I am no means an expert on tempered glass and the technologies that are really behind it. I will be giving off information that is from my understanding and/or from what is provided from their website. Second, this is my first device that I have used and applied a tempered glass so anything that may give a negative impression on Phantom Glass may be mistaken to be just tempered glass and/or it's technology in general. Next, I haven't tested the limits of its "Mohs Scale/hardness level/flexibility/etc." I didn't want to really push my luck even though it should be a guarantee/advertised from the developers.

    Phantom Glass - Features/Descriptions

    Phantom Glass is a tempered "Gorilla Glass" (if I am not mistaken), so that means it is nearly similar to the OnePlus One screen except it is tempered or strengthened. It is supposedly flexible (I haven't tested it's flexibility but when attempting to apply the tempered glass there definitely seems to be flexibility.) According to one of the buyer's guide graphs, it is around 0.20 mm thick so it is relatively one of the thinnest tempered glass out there so far. The tempered glass cutouts are just the top speakers, but the only thing I have to say about the cutout is that it is not perfect in my opinion. They are cut out to be center-aligned on the phone leaving around .01 mm clearance on each side (meaning that it isn't considered fully protecting/covering the whole screen.) My installation shows that I've messed up and have the upper portion aligned perfectly, but the bottom portion showing noticeable perfect alignment though some may be content with this installation as "perfect". Whether you decide my installation is considered perfect, is up to you. I am satisfied enough with it so I didn't bother to re-apply it even though Phantom Glass is easily applicable. Probably of the their biggest claims of this product would be their "Silicone Nano-Adhesive", which would be easily removable/reusable and fast installation with no bubbles. To be honest in my installation, it wasn't easy to apply (properly unfamiliar with installation with tempered glass as opposed to plastic screen protectors) BUT it was relatively fast and nearly no bubbles. Some bubbles appeared when I first applied it, though I did some researching through videos mostly YouTube and found many users claim that they "disappear over-time". Turns out they were right though my initial installation though my bubbles weren't relatively large to plain look but upon very careful inspection with an flashlight. The other downside is when I proceeded to apply the tempered glass, dust accumulated on the sticky side of the tempered glass which caused some dust to remain on the glass. (It isn't noticeable on plain sight but when you flash light upon careful inspection you would see these dusts which may irritate some people). Lastly, an important note is this product has "life-time warranty". I can't say much on this since I never used my warranty before and never had incidents with my products that made me get replacement from manufacturer.

    Phantom Glass - Packaging

    It comes with just a very small microfiber cloth alongside within the same packet a alcohol wipe, the screen protector with labels indicating which side is the sticky side and which side is after installation, and a very unhelpful instruction manual. Now the very bad thing I have to say about the packaging is the microfiber cloth and alcohol wipe that was included. I would suggest you NOT to use them at any cost since they don't serve to help/aid you with installation process but make it worst. Luckily, I have extra microfiber cloths and a 91% Isopropyl Alcohol spray which I used for my installation process which helped me more than what they included.

    Phantom Glass - Installation Process

    Like I previously stated, it wasn't easy for me apparently even though it was advertised to be so. I don't have experience on applying tempered glass but I did have some experience on plastic screen protectors. I applied a plastic screen protector on my old phone that seemed "perfect" due to the fact I couldn't find the screen protector cutouts and I had nearly thought I wasn't using one. So it took me a long while to install it due to trying out the microfiber cloth and alcohol wipe that was included turned out to be a mistake. I then, proceeded to use my own gadgets and cleared off most of the dusts that lingered on the phone screen before applying it. (NOTE: my phone was brand new before applying the tempered glass. I did not remove the plastic sticker that came with my box until my Phantom Glass tempered glass arrived.) This the result of my installation on my first try on this tempered glass.

    Here is the top portion where if you can see is aligned too much to the top. (You will see and understand what I meant by this tempered glass is supposed to be center-aligned after seeing the bottom portion):

    Here is the bottom portion where you can see there is a little space/gap between the tempered glass and the edge of OnePlus One screen:

    Here is another example of why it is supposed to be center-aligned. The speaker cutout shows that there is uneven spacing from the top vs bottom:

    Now here is two pictures showing upon careful inspection you will see dust that was accumulated on the sticky side of tempered glass after installing. It sticks to the back and there's no way to get rid of it unless you remove it and re-apply but I am satisfied with what I have right now since I don't want any mistakes...

    TOP is focused by light which shows the dust. The bottom doesn't reveal until the next picture.

    BOTTOM is focused by light. Top doesn't show dust because only upon careful inspection on light. So what you see without light would be how anyone will see this tempered glass if I had it out in plain sight for everyone to see and use.

    Phantom Glass - Conclusion/Verdict/Score

    Well, this review is probably a long one and I doubt people would read through the whole thing. I'll summarize with a short pros and cons of this tempered glass:

    - 0.20 thin tempered glass (I didn't grab pictures but it is thin to my liking)
    - fast installation (after a few days mini-bubbles were eradicated)
    - lifetime warranty (if that means anything to you)

    - priced at 34.99CA (pretty darn expensive. costly me around $50 with tax/shipping. not to mention the long delivery time)
    - accumulated dust on sticky side of tempered glass (picture shows the result of what happens when dust gets on sticky side and you apply it)
    - center-aligned (picture shows that I didn't perfectly align my tempered glass. Oh wells.)

    Here is the Buyer's guide chart comparison: (NOTE: This isn't mine. This was originally posted on this thread: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/faq-frequently-asked-questions-about-accessories.107033/)
    Buyer's guide chart.png

    Thank you for reading my review. Please feel free to leave any comment/feedback/question that you may have for me.
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    Thanks for the review:)
    Within this weekend i will update the chart.

    The fit seams good to me