Review Silver Bullet

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    Review Silver Bullet


    Although these earphones only cost 99 RMB, it has a lot of technological selling points such as its use of NPEI diaphragm which is lighter, and slimmer, and a faster vibration rate letting the earphones emit a clearer and more natural sound quality.


    The Silver Bullet Earphones have a wire that has an in-line module with three buttons. The texture and elasticity of the wire are pretty good. The module lets the user play or pause music, as well as increase or decrease the volume. It is also compatible with mainstream Android phones. It was twisted more than 30,000 times and pulled for 60 seconds for OnePiece’s severe endurance tests which it passed.


    There is also a special mixer App for the OnePlus One regarding the Silver Bullet Earphones which users can use to adjust the earphones’ sound frequency.

    OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphones Q/A and references

    1. Frequency response and distortion[​IMG]

    2. Wire module architecture

    There are three buttons on the module which is tightly held. It is easy for the user to press the buttons and has a good texture.

    3. Material

    Highly elastic fibers were used to make the interior cables (Huntsman); the exterior is made of TPE.

    4. The earphones’ cable vs. its other strengths

    Highly elastic fibers were used to make the interior cables (Huntsman) which increased their endurance. The exterior is made of TPE which has fine leather and not easily crumpled. It also has good texture and weakens stethoscope effects.

    5. Benefits of an earshell made of metal

    It lowers any problems that affect low-frequency sound quality and also has a nice design.

    6. Do the OnePlus One Silver Bullet earphones have better sound quality than the Xiaomi Huosai earphones?


    The red line represents the Huosai’s frequency wave while the green line represents the Silver Bullet’s. As the graph shows, the Huosai’s low/medium frequency is higher, but it fell at its mid frequency causing the sound to be a bit unintelligible. The Silver Bullet’s frequency is a bit more steady and even.

    8. Is there an interesting story behind the Silver Bullet’s design?

    During the tuning process, because of the high volume, the sound did not seem natural. Then, they changed the diaphragm once again.

    9. How do these earphones provide better sound quality?

    The NPEI diaphragm is slimmer and has lighter quality providing a better and more natural sound.



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    Awesome!!! but we need user reviews and comparisions (especially with xiaomi mi pistons)

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    this review is technically competent and detailed. you wouldn't see much reviews at this caliber.

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    I kinda think that was a worthless review(if you can call it that).

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    its great that oneplus made the One and its accessories, its really good value to people. and frees people from the monopoly of apply and samsung.

    id choose this phone over apple and beats anytime. unfortunately its just unavailable yet.

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    Great to see some kind of review but honestly this one was not good at all. Just saying that because they use a NPEI diaphragm the sound quality is great is a lot of BS and not at all informative.

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