[review] Torras Aluminum Bumper Case

  1. Kokorone
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

    Kokorone , Jul 7, 2014 :
    download_20140706_201831.jpeg download_20140706_201833.jpeg download_20140706_201835.jpeg download_20140706_201837.jpeg download_20140706_201839.jpeg download_20140706_202557.jpeg

    This is a short look at the Torras Aluminum Bumper Case for the Oneplus One that I just received in the mail today from a mart that must not be named in fear of censoring.(IT RHYMES WITH COCOMART.) It is available in Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, and Silver.
    CHEAPER: It has now become known to me that this same case is sold for 10 dollars at this link.
    It comes in more colors too!

    EVEN CHEAPER: This is also available for 5.49 with a dollar shipping at this link. Credit: djkidd

    PACKAGING: The case came in quite nice packaging that had a clear viewing window of the product, but was a bit smashed up. Not enough to actually damage my case but showed a bit of crunching around the edges of the packaging.

    SHIPPING SPEED: It was a lengthy waiting period of about 15 days to get my case which shipped from china to California.

    DESIGN: The case was incredibly thin yet feels very sturdy when applied to the phone. It adds a bezel just big enough to prevent screen scratching when placed face down on a smooth surface which is a huge plus. The buttons actually feel much better to use with the flush silver covers that show through on the blue sides. The small bump on the bottom left corner is the point where the case splits open and is secured with two tiny screws. The case weighs almost nothing and makes the phone much easier to hold thanks to the square-ish edges. For those that dislike the small bump in the corner, its a trade-off for having an aluminum bumper case. They have to have a point where the two pieces of metal can split or you could never insert your phone. Only stretchy bumpers can get away without a split.

    INSTALLATION: It was a breeze to unscrew the two screws from the bottom of the case and gently push my phone into the middle without stretching the aluminum. The manufacturer included a small screwdriver and two replacement screws should you lose or damage the ones pre-installed in the bottom.

    SIGNAL STRENGTH: I noticed absolutely ZERO signal drop using this case, which is a HUGE relief since aluminum is notorious for dropping a phone's signal strength 3-4 bars. Network speeds are just like before and strength unhindered.

    Yes NFC works, for those who care

    CONCLUSION: This case is just fantastic, I wish that they hadn't left a big slot for the sim card to be removed just for aesthetic's sake but I have really enjoyed using this beautiful case from Torras. It is definitely worth the 20 dollars.

    More good news, the case doesn't come on contact with the glass at all so whatever thickness screen protector you have will not be interfered with

    EDIT: I have now applied the Nillikin Tempered Glass Screen Protector along with this case and it still has microbezels JUST big enough to cover the 0.3mm thicker screen
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  2. mahar
    Gingerbread Jul 7, 2014

  3. pawv
    Jelly Bean Jul 7, 2014

  4. calee63
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

    calee63 , Jul 7, 2014 :
    Thanks! I was thinking about ordering that case but was really worried about the signal issue. Glad to hear there are no issues.

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  5. brittonraya
    Lollipop Jul 7, 2014

    brittonraya , Jul 7, 2014 :
    I was going to order one but im probably going to order something else that offers a little more protection. I'm not sure it's my thing though i think it ruins the aesthetic of the device. I'm not sure if it's the color. But enjoy your new phone and bumper.

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  6. Skf123
    Marshmallow Jul 7, 2014

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  7. Kokorone
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

    Kokorone , Jul 7, 2014 :
    Color is selectable on their website. I just wanted something exciting

  8. brittonraya
    Lollipop Jul 7, 2014

    brittonraya , Jul 7, 2014 :
    That's it!!! that's what i dont like.

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  9. Skf123
    Marshmallow Jul 7, 2014

    Skf123 , Jul 7, 2014 :
    I really can't stand it, i know it's necessary but it's the reason i didn't get one for my nexus 5

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  10. AltoidsArtic
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

    AltoidsArtic , Jul 7, 2014 :
    Look really well made not like the Chinese cases for other phones where the edges are sharp and cut your finger

  11. ducter
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

    ducter , Jul 7, 2014 :
    I have always liked bumper cases but been pretty mixed reviews on signal. Glad to hear, at least on the opo it's a good combination.

    Thanks for your review.

  12. dannymx
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

    dannymx , Jul 7, 2014 :
    Same here, that bump on the corner... makes the phone look cheap, like a toy or something.

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  13. Frederick
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 7, 2014

  14. domi39
    KitKat Jul 7, 2014

    domi39 , Jul 7, 2014 :
    moving to accessories

  15. Kumbaya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 7, 2014

    Kumbaya , Jul 7, 2014 :
    Do the screws have rubber on them or on the threading to help hold? Like the case and thanks for the review!

  16. Kokorone
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

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  17. brownthunder
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

    brownthunder , Jul 7, 2014 :
    My buddy has the same bumper on his and had little to no real drop in signal, does give the illusion of a bigger phone in hand

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  18. Kokorone
    Honeycomb Jul 7, 2014

    Kokorone , Jul 7, 2014 :
    they come with a slight blue threadlock already applied

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  19. Kumbaya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 7, 2014

    Kumbaya , Jul 7, 2014 :
    Sweet. Well thought out.

  20. sbumeder
    Jelly Bean Jul 7, 2014

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