[REVIEW] TUDIA - Slim-Fit CYGEN Dual Layer Protective Case for OnePlus One (idlebg Review/Gallery)

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    TUDIA - Slim-Fit CYGEN Dual Layer Protective Case for OnePlus One - idlebg Review

    The case was bough from
    in case the link is no longer active due to unforeseen circumstances (you know... T virus outbreak and such) here is a screen:

    Packaging / Content
    sorry guys but this time i threw everything away as soon as i got it.
    It took me a few days to even notice that this was the case for one :\
    We are up to a bad start...

    Packaging is always something i hate when seeing that 80% of production cost spend on that and the rest on the actual product.
    But in the same time ... making it really cheap puts in the buyer's mind this nasty feeling that the overall product is bad.

    So packaging was.. well just normal.

    Look and Feel

    On the photos it self it looked really slim and slick.
    Before putting the oneplus one inside it really looks like the insides of a SPIGEN Slim Armor case.
    The texture pattern on the rubber is different from the one Spigen uses and probably does not do anything... but its there... so enjoy:
    The white plastic on the back is quite polished and slippery but it does add a shiny effect.


    Holding the phone with the case gets you this really good felling and security...
    C'moon You all know that feel.

    you can throw this at anyone who looks at you in the wrong way.

    But with this feeling comes great responsibility

    and we all know how that went

    So if you wonder ... YES we are still talking about the
    TUDIA - Slim-Fit CYGEN
    But let me put some subtitles on the above screens:
    The case have steady & powerful grip. It bulks the phone and change the feel completely...
    massive but safe.

    It really give you the feel of security that you can throw it away and be safe(the phone :D ).
    Some people hate the slim look and feel of phones .. but others love this bulky and secure feel.

    Me personally ... If i need something reliable that i can throw i would go with this
    my professional experience proved to me that its way more efficient and cost effective than anything else.

    So the plastic is slippery but the rubber on the edges is quite good.
    The quality of the material is impressive.
    cases with 20-30+ usd have that feel.
    Its not the best but its way above normal standard.
    I really hate that cheap feel on cases... some kinder surzpize toys have better plastic/rubber/polimer on their toys.

    In-fact the black rubber is almost identical to the one on the Cygnet UnbanShield case for the galaxy s4:


    and that's impressive considering the price on the TUDIA case.

    as soon as i stoped rubbing my self against that rubber.. i noticed the cutouts on the top and bottom.


    moving along.

    Display protection is really promising.
    the rubber is sticking more than usual and that gives you an extra protections from the big hard particles on the surface you might put the phone face down.

    It is really useful if you put it on a rough surface like

    but for me its messing the looks of the front too much.

    Finally the side buttons...
    same rubber ... .... yeeeeeee

    the actual press is terrible

    read again the Titanic part




    + Good Price
    + Great Protection
    + Great Screen protection
    + Nice rubber material

    - Slippery Plastic
    - Bulk look
    - Terrible side buttons
    - Not so good cut outs on top and bottom

    If you are looking for protection ... you got it

    Look and feel


    6 / 10 rating for this one.

    so much to love and hate in this one.
    and when compared to the OnePlus One Clear Case

    things change in favor of the One clear case (review on that cumming next)

    full gallery available here:

    THIS review is provided the way it IS!
    With all its grammar,typos and other cr*p.
    I do not edit my revirews to correct those
    ones published, edits will be made ONLY when severe* mistakes are reported.
    *Those threatening national security, public safety, birds migration or held responsible for the global warming.
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