Ridiculous WLAN download speed

  1. housee
    Cupcake Dec 10, 2017

    housee , Dec 10, 2017 :
    my brand new OnePlus 5T is useless with this download speed.

    I tested it with a speed checker and never achieved a DOWNLOAD speed of more than 600 kbit/s... yes six hundred, this is not a typo... this is ridiculous!
    It is not due to my network, I tested my 3 year old HTC One M8 in parallel and achieved a DOWNLOAD speed more than 7000 kbit/s.
    I tried already all options to resolve, like re-connecting the WiFi connection; I even started the OnePlus in recovery mode to erase all cache.... nothing helped.
    The UPLOAD speed of the OnePlus is quite good with over 3000 kbit/s, and considerably higher than my old HTC which achieved not more than 800 kbit/s.

    Does anybody have the same issues and has any ideas to resolve this?
    On the internet there is tons of reports with bad WLAN connection on the OnePlus.
    If it cannot be considerably improved in speed I cannot use this phone and just wasted the money.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. E1512931167275
    Cupcake Dec 10, 2017

    E1512931167275 , Dec 10, 2017 :
    Sounds like it might be your phone. Just tested my Net connection via WiFi and got 73800 kbit/s down and 16300 kbit/s up...

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  3. z00
    Eclair Dec 10, 2017

  4. housee
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2017

    housee , Dec 13, 2017 :
    I used various online speed checker.
    Sometimes the speed gets really high now... up to 50000 kbit/s what the speed of my network should be. The next moment it drops again to 4000 kbit/s or even lower.
    This phone is totally unreliable. Very frustrating.

  5. housee
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2017

  6. housee
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2017

  7. G_plusone
    Marshmallow Dec 13, 2017

  8. pgrey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 13, 2017

    pgrey , Dec 13, 2017 :
    I pulled 299/128 yesterday, testing shortly after the 4.7.4 upgrade.
    This is using the speedtest.net app, maybe not the best test (dslreports is my fave, uses close to a gig though), but solid and pretty consistent/repeatable.

    My LTE is a bit stronger too, getting around 70-74/10-14, before 4.7.4 I was around 62-65/8-12.
    Obviously the LTE could have other factors at play, but the WiFi is really solid, pulling almost as much as the PC I'm typing this from (i9-10 core, NVME drives, 32GB, high-end video), which surprised me.

  9. housee
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2017

    housee , Dec 13, 2017 :
    I think I got the solution...
    OnePlus 5T can only handle 2.4 GHz networks... using this channel the download speed is fine.
    OnePlus 5T cannot handle 5.0 Ghz networks... OnePlus, get that off the spec sheet, it's there listed, but it's ridiculous how slow the download is then.
    Tested always an iPhone in parallel by the way, just to ensure it is not my network. That device could always handle both frequencies fine.

    I still regret having bought this OnePlus phone.

  10. Lucky7777
    Eclair Dec 13, 2017

    Lucky7777 , Dec 13, 2017 :
    5t handles 5ghz no probs I pull 200 push 12 mb in same room as router ( other rooms it drops but that's normal for 5ghz ) .... Have you maybe tried a different channel or different router settings?

  11. Taskman
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 13, 2017

    Taskman , Dec 13, 2017 :
    It handles 5 GHz just fine.
    I'm using it both at work and home and can max the 100/100 Mbit we have on 5 GHz without a problem.
    With 2,4 GHz I get almost same speed.