RMA - Asus vs. OnePlus

  1. The1Lion
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    The1Lion , Apr 10, 2015 :
    So I've had to return a defective Nexus 7 to Asus after determining it has a hardware issue and I've had to return my OPO since it died. I thought I'd compare to see how OnePlus handles their RMA vs someone like Asus.

    I'll start with the Asus since that was done last year and I'm still actually going through the RMA with OnePlus (up to the TNT pickup which is scheduled for today).

    Asus Nexus 7 had touch screen issues and I actually wasted a couple of months trying to resolve it thinking it may be software and not hardware related. Finally gave up on the SW approach as going just "basic" still had issues with touch screen.
    • Sat April 5th, 2014 started RMA with Asus
    • April 8th received response and apology for delay due to Tomb Sweeping Day (a holiday) Response had a few things to try with #5 stating to request RMA if first four failed to resolve the issue. I responded.
    • April 11th another response from Asus and I respond
    • April 15th another (automated) response from Asus and a case number assigned.
    • April 16th RMA approved (took 11 days)
    • April 20th or so it was shipped (my expense) back to Asus for repair
    • May 21st asked for an update as Asus had not returned or replaced my Nexus 7. Reply from Asus on same day stating they didn't have parts available to fix and will check with their repair facility and get back to me within 48 hours
    • May 27th received shipping information for replacement unit but no tracking info
    • May 29th FedEx called and left a message that a package would be delivered tomorrow
    • May 30th received replacement Unit. (so 55 days from 1st request to receipt of new device)
    Summary: 11 days to get approval for RMA and total of 55 days from first customer service contact to receiving a replacement Nexus 7.

    And now for OnePlus...
    • Tues March 24th phone dies and will not turn back on. Contact customer support after trying a few things listed in forums and in the support page. Couple of hours later get a response to try a few things but I had tried everything suggested.
    • March 25th I responded suggestions didn't work and I was trying the "leave on charger, take off charger overnight..." process that I saw in a forum thread. Same day, get a response from 1+ asking for a video of problem.
    • March 26th some back and forth as I get the video sent and send my order # (they wanted the IMEI but I was at work and didn't have it on me)
    • March 27th - 1+ sends a "fix" but it requires the phone be booted into fastboot which I cannot do because phone isn't powering on at all. So I respond again that I cannot turn on the phone at all.
    • March 28th 1+ ask me to do basically what I tried on the 25th - leave phone alone 12 hrs, charge 6hrs, unplug usb and plug back in and leave for another hour then turn it on. Didn't work so I let them know.
    • April 2nd 1+ request a photo shoot of the phone and sends a youtube link showing how to remove the back cover so I can do so and photo the battery. I eventually worked the back off which was a LOT harder than it appeared in that video ;)
    • April 3rd receive instructions to download a ton of stuff and setup a Remote Assist session. I respond to try on Monday (my time)/Tuesday morning (OnePlus Time).
    • April 6th didn't hear back so not sure if remote session is scheduled or not but go ahead and fire up the team viewer and wait. Nothing. Send notice that I was waiting and try again to get verification that this remote session will actually work even if the phone will not turn on and Windows will not load drivers for the phone.
    • April 8th 1+ responds that they will move my request to RRR (Return, Repair and Replace). Also ask that I close my Paypal Dispute (which I was hesitant to do because you cannot reopen once it's closed -but I did close it).
    • April 9th RMA approved, received instructions for returning the phone and printed out documentation. (took 16 days)
    • April 10th receive confirmation TNT will pickup phone. I verified phone could be picked up today (you enter a date and time when verifying info). TNT called to schedule pickup, mentioned I needed to have 4 copies of the invoice so I had to print 3 more. They also emailed the labels I had to print out. Pickup should be between 1-3PM today. Pickup was right about 1PM, phone's on it's way to Hong Kong.
    • April 13th TNT tracking shows the phone was delivered today to 1+
    • April 16th 1+ sent an email stating they received the phone and a replacement will be sent. RMA shows resolved and I have a new order showing pending shipment.
    • April 17th order now shows Processing o_O I thought the order was Processing > Pending Shipment > Shipped but maybe I'm mistaken? Received an email that phone was shipped.
    • April 19th USPS tracking shows it arrived and departed from Forest Park IL facility.
    • April 20th OnePluse One Delivered! Not home yet to verify it's working, but it's there and waiting for Daddy! :p
    Summary: 16 days to get RMA approval and 27 days for replacement to arrive.

    Now to make sure I get it setup on my PC and able to fastboot, root, etc...
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    DaxNagtegaal , Apr 10, 2015 :
    fix your wall of text

    is a great way to separate dates from text and make it easier to read

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    Thanks - yeah that was hard on the eyes so cleaned it up!

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    The1Lion , Apr 10, 2015 :
    Added a summary so you can see. The OPO was picked up today so I'll be updating once the replacement arrives.

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    I tried that, but didn't like it - perhaps because I'm slightly color blind but it just didn't look right.

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    Skf123 , Apr 11, 2015 :
    Never personally dealt with ASUS but 55 days is pretty long. If you were dealing with Google you would have had a replacement device with you in like 2 days.

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    tonytkd6669 , Apr 11, 2015 :
    I had a problem with Asus once, they wouldn't back their "International Warranty" on my laptop, After a month I give up and tried with Amazon, they sent me a new one in two days...

    I love Asus products and own several from different types, their hardware it's top notch but their customer support is c...

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    The1Lion , Apr 13, 2015 :
    My first Nexus 7 was dead within 2 weeks so MicroCenter replaced it. This was actually my second Nexus 7 and I'm on my third after the RMA. I will say that I haven't had an issue with the third one thus far - which is good since the warranty if over now! ;)

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    theshinybeast , Apr 13, 2015 :
    I´m also waiting to hear back from Oneplus .It took 11 days to get RMA approval ,it could have been quicker but I was away from home 4 days . The phone was recieved in UK(from Spain) on the Thursday 9th April and I´m waiting for further news .In total 17 days so far , not that bad really but we´ll see.

    EDIT: Having said that I´m going crazy as I´m back using a teeny slow Galaxy S3mini:(

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    tonytkd6669 , Apr 13, 2015 :
    That was sort of my case, the third time was the charm!

  15. firewire2035
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    firewire2035 , Apr 13, 2015 :
    Tried to RMA my n5 due to GPS disconnect. Hit brick wall. LG tech support is not much better than OP's dark days. (N5 GPS is known to have issues)

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    sp99 , Apr 14, 2015 :
    It sounds like we had the same nexus problem, but I had to send mine back three times for them to actually fix it and then they dropped it. From the small experience I've had with OnePlus support, op are much much much better!

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    marionb , Apr 14, 2015 :
    Can't say anything about OPO but I had to use Asus a couple times on my Nexus7 and no problems and fast repair.

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    The1Lion , Apr 14, 2015 :
    I'm back on my HTC One S, running the CM nightly Roms although I usually only download and install about once a week.

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    theshinybeast , Apr 14, 2015 :
    yeah I´m on Novafusion CyanogenMod 12.0 but it´s not the same on the tiny 4" screen I feel like my fingers are grotesquely swollen :( and it´s sssssssoooooooooooooo slow . But here´s hoping all will be back to normal soon

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    bakerbarber , Apr 14, 2015 :
    I had to RMA my Nexus 4.

    Went through Google.

    They cross shipped a new one. I sent in the old one after receiving new one. Got my account hold removed the same day the original phone delivered. Smooth and easy.