[ROM][6.0.1][oneplus3][OFFICIAL][DASH][RESURRECTION REMIX][5.7.3][13/08/2016]

  1. imattv4
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 30, 2016

    imattv4 , Jul 30, 2016 :
    I wouldnt bother staying on it. Multiple restarts after opening Gallery, Music apps etc. I can wait a couple days for a stable RR with Dash support.

  2. Naman Bhalla
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Jul 30, 2016

    Naman Bhalla , Jul 30, 2016 :
    That is a CM Bug. They have introduced sdcardfs
    Just edit build.prop. Remove ro.sdcardfs.enable line from build.prop and it will solve theseissues.

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  3. viveknaudiyal
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2016

    viveknaudiyal , Jul 30, 2016 :
    How good is the camera. Is it close to performance as on stock.

  4. stephenboyo
    KitKat Jul 30, 2016

    stephenboyo , Jul 30, 2016 :
    But it requires power and better usage of the RAM and camera functions to get the best out of the phone. RR doesn't provide that I'm afraid. And most of the benefits you listed are in stock already. RR is also quite bug ridden at this point and no where near as smooth as stock OXygen.

  5. imattv4
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 30, 2016

    imattv4 , Jul 30, 2016 :
    I have yet to encounter a bug in any RR build other than 0729.. And no, stock oOS does not have any of these features built in. I can easily manage to play the most power hogging games on RR, I can browse and watch movies, I dont need a 64GB ram, Intel Xeon level mobile phone..

  6. imattv4
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 31, 2016

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  7. stephenboyo
    KitKat Jul 31, 2016

    stephenboyo , Jul 31, 2016 :
    on the one hand you claim not to need any RAM power to play games as the only game you play is angry birds but in another post you say that you can play all the power hugging games and watch videos etc on RR. So that's contradictory. I've tried the ROM out and it still isn't as good as stock, even with dash charging added. The best do far is Exodus ROM although that hasn't been updated with dash charging. I will try this latest version of RR and see what it's like
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  8. theskyline
    Froyo Jul 31, 2016

  9. stephenboyo
    KitKat Jul 31, 2016

    stephenboyo , Jul 31, 2016 :
    Actually I've installed the up to date version with dash charging, it's excellent!!! Good work!

  10. helloworld08
    Cupcake Aug 1, 2016

  11. kryshnakishore
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 1, 2016

  12. Ultiva
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 1, 2016

    Ultiva , Aug 1, 2016 :
    Asked a couple of weeks ago, but no one answered....
    I think it won't work....
    Anyway i'll wait to install the rom, it hasn't the oxygen os 3.2.2 "poket mode" to disable fingerprint sensor while in poket....

  13. Anonymous B-)
    Gingerbread Aug 3, 2016

    Anonymous B-) , Aug 3, 2016 :

    I didn't read all posts of this thread before, I just saw [Dash] with thread title & thought that original thread is up to date.

    So I moved ahead & downloaded the latest, as i said I didn't read all posts & I thought original Post is up to date , I downloaded 22/7 build (assuming it is a latest build )

    As expected, RoM is decent. ( yet to test everything)
    But Dash charge is not working at all.

    So I think it started working from 30/7 build , is it ?? Or it was working in 22/7 build too & not working for only me . :( look ss , I put on charge at 6:50 am on 25% & in 45 minutes it reached 60+ only.

    @Naman Bhalla take a look.

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  14. Naman Bhalla
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Aug 3, 2016

    Naman Bhalla , Aug 3, 2016 :
    Dash is working from 30th build. See XDA for link. Also, a new build will be coming today. So, better wait for it.

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  15. Anonymous B-)
    Gingerbread Aug 3, 2016

  16. Naman Bhalla
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Aug 3, 2016

  17. zoestar
    Lollipop Aug 3, 2016

    zoestar , Aug 3, 2016 :
    Yeah, amazing!!!
    I tried this rom un my olds nexus 4 and S4.
    I really enjoy with this great rom.
    Thanks a lot!!

  18. Anonymous B-)
    Gingerbread Aug 4, 2016

    Anonymous B-) , Aug 4, 2016 :
    Weird problem
    Same problem i was facing in my old opo
    After rebooting one quick tile gets removed automatically.
    I don't think it's a bug, but what's the solution?

    LiveDisplay tile.

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  19. chandidas
    Donut Aug 6, 2016

  20. MNavy_
    KitKat Aug 7, 2016

    MNavy_ , Aug 7, 2016 :
    #ResurrectionRemix - v5.7.3 - Android 6.0.1_r61

    Android 6.0.1_r53->6.0.1_r61
    Frameworks: Halo Color
    Frameworks: HALO
    Halo: Add option to Enable/Disable Halo Button in Header
    SysUI: Fix Layouts of Halo Button within Expanded Statusbar
    StatusbarHeader: Fix Headsup and Halo Button Animations
    Halo: Reverse message bubble bg and text colors
    Blur: Minor fixes
    Blur: Fix Arithmetic Exception when Radius and Scale are set to 0
    Blur: Major update
    SystemUI: BatteryBar: Gradient color
    SystemUI: Display bluetooth battery status when available
    Implement Blur Statusbar personalization options
    Update halo and heads up qs button
    Configurable Notifications transparency
    Configurable Smartbar button transparency
    Fix up header button icon, position and animation
    Network Traffic and Custom Logos: Fix Inverted SB icon tint when color is white
    Option to set custom scrolling values
    Statusbar: Gracefully adapt 3Minit Battery hook for AOSP
    Add 3Minit battery mod
    Option to let ADB always notify
    Custom Toast Color Options
    Fix FC on Seekbar in VOlume dialog and power menu Stroke & opacity
    SystemUI: Add vector support to SlimRecents
    Update Slim Recent App Sidebar
    mountservice: Don't nuke all volumes when decrypting (Speeds up bootime by 30 % for encrypted devices)
    SysUI: Add theme manager permission
    Themes: Add permission to themes protected broadcasts
    Instant reboot action trigger
    MobileNetworkSettings: Check CarrierConfig on isWorldMode
    EditPhoneNumberPreference: Prevent empty text from being set
    Dynamically tell the user which vendor image is needed
    Show a more descriptive message when vendor.img is out of date
    Update Kernel Adiutor apk
    make overlay permission check configurable
    fw: enforce android.permission.PREVENT_SYSTEM_KEYS in system server
    SysUI: Add RecreateStatusbar to Quick Settings Blur
    SysUI: Make sure new Blur Features dont Conflict with Transparency Items
    bootanimation: add multithreaded decode
    framework: don't allow assist activities while not provisioned
    Services: Fix a small Derp from instant reboot action
    sepolicy: Let the IO prefetcher look at sdcardfs
    sepolicy: Put theme service in its own context
    sepolicy: More IOP rules
    sepolicy: Fix MTP for sdcardfs
    Translation Updates
    All updates from CM