[ROM] Havoc OS [OP 3/3T]

  1. elanglois
    Lollipop May 9, 2018

    elanglois , May 9, 2018 :
    Havoc (Android 8.1)

    XDA Thread / Downloads

    XDA: https://forum.xda-developers.com/on...ross-device-development/rom-havoc-os-t3782811

    Screenshot_Lean_Launcher_20180509-003547.jpg Screenshot_Lean_Launcher_20180509-003552.jpg Screenshot_Lean_Launcher_20180509-003555.jpg
    The Launcher pictures is Lean Launcher, a Pixel clone. It can display date and weather and other overview info on the main home screen (I have it off since I have my custom KWGT's), all O features supported, and with a small "update" to the developer preview (the option is in the Settings), you get your Google Feed when you swipe left. The stock icons are really great, but I have Simplicons pictured above to show that you can change them. This is the first ROM where I have decided to use the stock launcher!

    Default Apps
    The default Contacts and Dialer are basically the same as Google's, but I replaced mine with the Google versions. There is a music player (Eleven), which I replaced with the latest PowerAmp Alpha-pre-release. It comes with the basic Audio Tuner and what I believe may be the OnePlus Gallery (an older one), and an older OnePlus Camera. It works just fine. Also included is SKULSHADY's GCam port, the nice one with both Portrait and Lens Blur options and the manual ISO and focus controls in an overlay. Everything works perfect right out of the box since SKULSHADY is one of the ROM's developers! The file manager leaves much to be desired, so I replaced it with FX. There is an Email app ... which I didn't even look at. Adaway is included. You'll want to root the ROM with Magisk and install substratum to take full advantage of all the features. Again, it has a stock SMS App, but I didn't even look at it since I installed Pulse (so I can text from any device, even my Linux desktop).

    Download ROM, Gapps
    Backup your data using your favorite method.
    If using an alternative TWRP, grab the latest official unified version & install it
    Wipe data, system, & cache
    Flash ROM
    Flash Gapps
    Boot device (first boot takes a LONG time)
    Set up system, optionally letting Google restore your backup
    Reboot to TWRP and Flash Magisk
    Do NOT use custom kernels or flash anything else.

    I don't normally do ROM reviews, but that's because just about everything out there has about the same features (stuff you can usually do without or download an app from Play to get), similar performance that you need to benchmark to "feel", and you have to decide if you want to have a lot of bugs and features or fewer bugs and features, but they always go hand in hand.

    Havoc impresses me. No. Let me put this another way. Havoc EXCITES me!

    First, whatever you are about to ask. Yes, it does that! Yes, that works. Sure, it does that right out of the box! Don't even ask about the basics. Ask about weird stuff, like .. can I use the notification slider to rotate my screen, turn on my flashlight, or control screen brightness?


    Yup. And all the animations are controllable so you can make them look how you want. You even have a "use Android P animations" switch. On-screen Gesture control?


    Yup! It even has a few different options for your Navbar, including the ability to customize what is on the Navbar, or use the "Fling" Navbar from Dirty Unicorns. Now what about a built-in theme engine and font manager?

    Yes! And there is full support for Substratum as well! What about custom Lockscreens, Recents, or replace Recents with SlimRecents or OmniSwitch?


    Yes! Can it change profiles and reconfigure my phone automatically when I leave my house? Mine does! What about CPU profiles?


    Nicely! And you don't need any custom kernels to get really great battery life and and AMAZINGLY SMOOTH operation! Can it turn off random pixels on my screen to save extra power? Burn-in protection? Or how about a way to steady the screen while riding in a bumpy car?


    YES IT DOES ALL THAT! And more! And before you ask, there is a little checkbox in Settings -> Havoc Settings -> Lockscreen called "Face auto unlock". Click that and your phone unlocks using Google's Face Unlock just as fast as a OnePlus 5T!

    Let's look at the Settings screen ...
    And the Havoc Settings (it's long!)
    Screenshot_Havoc_Settings_20180509-003618.png Screenshot_Havoc_Settings_20180509-003622.png

    This is not only my new daily driver, but the standard by which all other ROMs shall be measured. There is a little bit of confusion about how the Battery profile settings and the Spectrum settings interact which will hopefully be cleared up. The Smart Pixel display tweak must be turned off (there is a Quick Tile) before any administrative operation (it acts like an overlay), and everything is rounded, even if you don't want it rounded. Personally, I like the rounded screen corners, but the rounded edges on notifications isn't my cup of tea ... maybe if it was just the last notification it would look better, but the spaces between notifications are annoying. Its all personal preference and its easy to get used to. Its nothing that is much of a deterrent!

    I'm finally in control of my ROM again, and everything works like it should. My DND is back on a schedule and my phone's various settings are controlled automatically when I leave the house or tap an NFC tag (one on my laptop turns on/off my phone's hotspot and data sync for when I'm out and about and in need of a Wifi signal). This is the way things should be.


  2. elanglois
    Lollipop May 10, 2018

  3. Zh_kilat
    Android Q May 10, 2018

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  4. elanglois
    Lollipop May 10, 2018

    elanglois , May 10, 2018 :
    Care to say whats similar, what's different?

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  5. Zh_kilat
    Android Q May 10, 2018

    Zh_kilat , May 10, 2018 :
    It was my first impression ..... Give me some more time, I'll stay on this cool ROM ....... BTW I can't find that tiny Setting icon on Quick Setting

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  6. elanglois
    Lollipop May 10, 2018

    elanglois , May 10, 2018 :
    Yeah, its optional.
    In Settings -> Havoc Settings -> Quick Settings
    Personally, I think the default should be to match AOSP, not be off, but that's what it does. Here's mine


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  7. srs_thewrongguy
    Honeycomb May 13, 2018

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  8. elanglois
    Lollipop May 13, 2018

    elanglois , May 13, 2018 :
    Let us know how it goes!

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  9. Android450
    Marshmallow May 14, 2018

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  10. elanglois
    Lollipop May 14, 2018

    elanglois , May 14, 2018 :
    JamesDSP has trouble with this ROM, but Viper and Sauron both work (installed via Magisk).

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  11. Percy800
    Cupcake May 15, 2018

    Percy800 , May 15, 2018 :
    Hi. I too am seriously impressesd by this rom when I saw its review on YouTube a few days back. I really want to switch to this rom but I am hesiatant to do so because I dont want to leave the stability and security of OxygenOS. Hence I have a few questions for you.
    1.Have you encountered any bugs while using this rom?
    2.Does this rom have support for volte and aptx/aptxhd?
    3.Is it stable to be used a s a daily driver?

  12. elanglois
    Lollipop May 15, 2018

    elanglois , May 15, 2018 :
    First, I tend to get way more issues with OOS than custom ROMs, but I'm s power user, so YMMV. To address your concerns ...
    1 - I think pocket mode detection went haywire the other day. Its working fine today. Not sure what that was about. Applying substratum themes can be tricky. If you use substratum, keep all built-in theming set to defaults. Some of the auto brightness and other features can get a bit "aggressive".

    2 - VOLTE yes, and should also support ViLTE as well (not tested yet).


    As for APTX, I can tell by the sound it does. Not sure about APTXHD, but you could easily add it via Magisk if it doesn't.

    3 - I've had zero weird reboots or craziness. Its been my daily driver since before this post.

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  13. Percy800
    Cupcake May 15, 2018

  14. Android450
    Marshmallow May 15, 2018

    Android450 , May 15, 2018 :
    Using it for a day now, no issues so far. Though I wanted to ask, I have the OnePlus Slate font tff file. How I can go about adding it to the font manager?

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  15. elanglois
    Lollipop May 16, 2018

    elanglois , May 16, 2018 :
    Well, I just added Glacial Indifference to mine. It will take a bit of effort and trickery, nothing as simple as add the font to a folder. You'll have to edit the APK.

    WARNING. I take no responsibility for anyone using these instructions. If your phone crashes or your cat catches fire, it's not my fault!

    First, use a root file manager (I use this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.fx) to copy the Font Manager apk file from the system partition to somewhere where any app can get it (Internal Storage).

    Next, open it with an APK editor, like this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmail.heagoo.apkeditor and check the "assets" folder inside for the fonts. They will be in ZIP files.

    Copy one of the ZIP font files to internal storage. You'll rename it, modify the contents, then add it to the APK.

    Rename the zip file. The zipped font has a TTF file, delete it and add your new font. I used https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.zdevs.zarchiver although it may not be the best. There is also an XML file. Just edit it to refer to the new TTF file rather than the old one (I use the editor that is built in to FX, you'll have to extract the XML file and re-add it).

    Add the newly created font zip to the APK using the APK Editor. Then copy the new APK over the one on your system partition. You'll need to repeat this if you flash the ROM again. Hopefully, they'll support the use of a /font folder instead!

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  16. laupuy
    Honeycomb May 16, 2018

    laupuy , May 16, 2018 :
    Very good review, you promote (help) the rom and the developers.

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  17. fahad_maniar
    Gingerbread May 22, 2018

    fahad_maniar , May 22, 2018 :
    Finally! a much needed rom review from you. Will try for sure and get back to you. Excited to try this. Bored with oos anyway. Thanks for the review. Cheers! :D

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  18. Sun90
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert May 24, 2018

    Sun90 , May 24, 2018 :
    Gr8 review @elanglois ,keep it up.
    Seldom we see these type of reviews off late on forums about custom ROM's ( used to see them quite often on XDA during the Galaxy S2 days).
    If time permits, do please post a complete battary cycle screen shots.
    Have bookmarked this thread for future use.( Once the open beta program ceases for the 3/3t ,would wish to go the custom ROM's way)
    Thanks once again for the time and effort.

  19. elanglois
    Lollipop May 24, 2018

    elanglois , May 24, 2018 :
    I've been getting 7 hrs SOT or more. Quite a bit more than on OOS or even Vertex. The ROM has some extras to help, like Smart Pixels and Suspend Actions, in addition to the Spectrum Profiles and Battery profiles that really help. I'll try and post a screenshot. I just charged the phone[e]1f603[/e]

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  20. Sun90
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert May 24, 2018

    Sun90 , May 24, 2018 :
    Take your time, no hurry with those screenshot.
    Are you using a 3 or 3t?