ROM [ROM+KERNEL][6.0.1] Unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 with 3.4.0 kernel

  1. Dendedanamekian
    Gingerbread Apr 29, 2016

    Dendedanamekian , Apr 29, 2016 :
    You are right it varies too much. You just gotta try it yourself. But ya that's what kinda happened here for me with the sudden drastic drop in battery life like you said in your second paragraph. Hence my switch. I will be coming back soon though hopefully. Sultan is definitely the overall best IMO :)
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  2. kikloo
    Froyo Apr 29, 2016

    kikloo , Apr 29, 2016 :

    This looks like a rom i have been asking for in which dev cares about the camera quality, battery performance and stability, instead of crappy features.. I am gonna install it. I just have a question, i am on oos3 beta right now, how do I install it ???


  3. psychobear
    Honeycomb Apr 29, 2016

    psychobear , Apr 29, 2016 :
    So far so good.
    Phone lasted yesterday the whole day with normalish use. But just got about 3 SOT though. But at least I'm not getting the overheating Problems I had with lolli o_O.
    One thing that bothered me a bit was (as usual) the battery drain from google Play Services, which took about the same power as 3 SOT... but I guess that's what I get for using gmail app and stuff like that...
    I just wish I could get same battery performance I had with the OPO when I got it new (I think it was CM11S 33R), I could squeeze 48h battery life and about 6 SOT

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  4. 69gm
    Jelly Bean Apr 29, 2016

    69gm , Apr 29, 2016 :
    All your answers should be in the OP. Follow it EXACTLY before asking for support. Also keep in mind that, although you are most welcome to play around with kernels and such (that's the marvel of our OPO) support can't be given for anything other than stock.

    That being said, there are others here that might be able to help with those 3rd party things.

    Good luck!

  5. meteorash
    Froyo Apr 30, 2016

    meteorash , Apr 30, 2016 :
    Does anyone have network issues on the 0423 build? I clean installed it on my opo yesterday and everything was fine until earlier today i couldn't access the internet. WiFi, LTE, reboots nothing seemed to work so now I'm back on cm13 snapshot.

  6. butaixyz8016
    Honeycomb Apr 30, 2016

    butaixyz8016 , Apr 30, 2016 :
    For me it works fine though I am only using mobile data so can't say anything about wifi but mobile data works fine

  7. vu_nam
    Cupcake May 1, 2016

    vu_nam , May 1, 2016 :
    I installed using mini gapps and now I could not access into Facebook because of the error: httpnetworkexception: getaddrinfo failure: No address associated with hostname. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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  8. kodo
    Eclair May 1, 2016

    kodo , May 1, 2016 :

    April 30, 2016:
    *Latest upstream (stable/cm-13.0-ZNH2K) CyanogenMod changes
    *Re-enabled new weather API (see: http://www.cyanogenmod.org/blog/plug-play-weather)
    *Fixed pink line in DNG photos captured with FreeDCam

    *Re-wrote my thermal control driver
    -CPU is now throttled in 7 different stages instead of 3
    -CPU throttling is less intrusive and more effective now

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  9. h0aX
    Honeycomb May 1, 2016

  10. tye359
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 1, 2016

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  11. rocstarmohit
    Honeycomb May 1, 2016

    rocstarmohit , May 1, 2016 :
    If anyone wants tons of features, endless customizations and nice battery (SOT 6hrs+) go with Ressurection Remix.
    Rock stable and battery friendly for me :grimacing::kissingclosed:

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  12. thewardy
    Froyo May 2, 2016

  13. psychobear
    Honeycomb May 2, 2016

    psychobear , May 2, 2016 :
    one thing,

    I use system profiles with triggers, for example, the "home" profile triggers when the phone connects to my wifi and the "outside" profile triggers when it disconnects from my wifi.
    I have been experiencing an issue, and that is that when I'm using the "night" profile (ie. wifi on, and all sounds except the alarm, off) some times, the phone seems to disconnect and then reconnect to the wifi (while I'm not using the phone, for example when I'm sleeping) and therefore it triggers the home profile and I get awaken during the night when I get a message T_T

    Someone having similar issue?

  14. joshua.buss
    Cupcake May 2, 2016

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  15. blujadajhdja
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 2, 2016

    blujadajhdja , May 2, 2016 :
    How smooth is it compared to AOSP?

  16. Shubh21
    Honeycomb May 2, 2016

    Shubh21 , May 2, 2016 :
    Step 1 : Copy the latest TWRP version for bacon if you are on v2.8.6 (a .img file), official CM13 snapshot ROM, Sultanxda's ROM, GApps (you can use opengapps nano or pico, they do not cause any flashing issues), SuperSU if you want root (either v2.68 beta or v2.71 beta; I use v2.71 without any issues)

    2 : Reboot to recovery. To do that, switch off your phone.. Then keep the volume down button pressed & power on your device. Release the power & volume buttons when you get in recovery.. Select Install - click on IMG at the bottom - select the newest TWRP file - flash it.. Then reboot the device into recovery again from reboot menu ( DO NOT REBOOT TO SYSTEM)
    3 : In TWRP, go to Wipe - Advanced Wipe - Select everything except internal storage & usb-otg..

    4 : In TWRP, go to Install, Select the official CM13 snapshot & flash it, nothing else

    5 : In TWRP, go to Wipe - Advanced Wipe - Select only System partition & wipe it

    6 : In TWRP, go to Install - Select Sultanxda's ROM, click on add more zips, select your GApps, click add zip, select SuperSU.. Flash them

    7 : It'll take around 4-6 minutes for your phone to boot up & optimise all apps

    8 : Do NOT restore system apps (eg : Google apps data) as they WILL cause issues..

    Follow the steps to the T & you'll be fine.. I know you are not a noob since you have flashed other ROMs before, but I have made it as simple as I could for some other needy guys who may find this useful.. Cheers.. ;)
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  17. Shubh21
    Honeycomb May 2, 2016

    Shubh21 , May 2, 2016 :
    Do NOT reboot after you start with Step 3..
    After you finish flashing as followed in Step 6, click on reboot system..

  18. rocstarmohit
    Honeycomb May 3, 2016

    rocstarmohit , May 3, 2016 :
    Very smooth and rock stable and now it is updated to v5.6.8 yesterday. Just one bug though can't switch calls or put on hold. It reboots either way but it's CM fault not this ROM :) and yeah do check out that new boot animation it's so cool!! :D

  19. joshua.buss
    Cupcake May 3, 2016

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  20. yaltis
    Jelly Bean May 4, 2016

    yaltis , May 4, 2016 :
    i m running sultans for a year .the problem is that since 03/12/2016 im not getting any updates ota.do i miss something?anyhelp?