[ROM][MOD]OnePlus One Official AOSP Unofficially flappified! v4.4.4 Updated 9/1/14

  1. jimbo-ish
    Froyo Sep 8, 2014

    jimbo-ish , Sep 8, 2014 :
    I don't think so, the GravityBox setting is only to show "H+" when an HSDPA+ connection is active, for HSDPA (no plus) connections AOSP should show "H" (as demonstrated by the Moto G screen shot) but I only even get "3G".


  2. jimbo-ish
    Froyo Sep 8, 2014

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  3. egzeros
    Gingerbread Sep 16, 2014

    egzeros , Sep 16, 2014 :
    This ROM doesn't happen to have any of the screen-off gestures like double tap to wake does it?

  4. jimbo-ish
    Froyo Sep 16, 2014

    jimbo-ish , Sep 16, 2014 :
    No it doesn't.

  5. anks329
    Cupcake Sep 24, 2014

    anks329 , Sep 24, 2014 :
    Does this rom work with the Franco kernel? Or should we stick to the kernel it comes with?

  6. flappjaxxx
    Froyo Sep 25, 2014

    flappjaxxx , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Stick with the kernel that it comes with. I've tried Franco and ak kernels and neither of them work

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  7. anks329
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2014

    anks329 , Sep 25, 2014 :
    Sounds good, thanks for all your hard work!

  8. flappjaxxx
    Froyo Oct 8, 2014

  9. jimbo-ish
    Froyo Oct 9, 2014

    jimbo-ish , Oct 9, 2014 :
    Take it as a sign that everybody is happy :)

    I've temporarily switched to CM11S (partly to see if I get an update) but I'll be back on the flappi AOSP soon. One thing I have noticed is that the OPO camera app in flappi doesn't support the 4K video options. It's not a huge problem for me as I very rarely take video and if I do 1080p is more than adequate.


  10. slamdunksaliby
    Cupcake Oct 18, 2014

    slamdunksaliby , Oct 18, 2014 :
    Hi flappjaxxx,

    I appreciate your work on this ROM, if possible I have a few requests I'd like to suggest...would it be possible for you to only include the fixes needed to make the ROM work? Such as apn settings, default mtp, and no baseband/modem/recovery updates?

  11. flappjaxxx
    Froyo Oct 18, 2014

    flappjaxxx , Oct 18, 2014 :
    Those options are already available that you listed. I really don't have much time to devote to this at all. What is listed in the OP is what we have at least until OnePlus releases more source or a newer release to build on

  12. talbe009
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2014

    talbe009 , Oct 19, 2014 :
    Anyone having auto brightness issues with the official aosp? I'm wondering if they are fixed on this mod ROM. Basically autobrightness just lags considerably and just in general does a bad job.

  13. Sturkis
    Eclair Nov 1, 2014

    Sturkis , Nov 1, 2014 :
    Hey Flappjaxxx, I would like to ask you about something I'm not sure any other would be happy to answer. Currently I do not yet own OPO, but how difficult would it be to make something like DarkUI on Mahdi ROM available with for example BusyBox or other apps? Is that even possible on this ROM and how would someone go about to do this? Thank you!

  14. Reyradi
    Donut Dec 4, 2014

    Reyradi , Dec 4, 2014 :
    I was having several problems with my OPO when i buyed it comes with 38R and my experiencie was several problems with the touch response... then i update to the incremental 44s one and the problem with the touch gone buttttt was so laggy some game crashes , facebook crashed, i did a full hard resest and the problem continue.... flash your ROM today and let me tell you that all the problems gone my OPO is clean and faster, smooth, No Lag, No Errrors everything works fine i have 5 star for you flappjaxxx thank you!!!!!!! a lottttttttt!!!!!!!!!. recomendations for one that want to try this, must follow the instruccions exactly that the op post, no dirty flash dont jump any step special with the manual wipe..... good luck.

  15. Aaahh
    Marshmallow Dec 4, 2014

    Aaahh , Dec 4, 2014 :
    Face book is the virus

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  16. Reyradi
    Donut Dec 4, 2014

    Reyradi , Dec 4, 2014 :
    hahahahahhahaah Aaahh i tested the phone with no app instaled and have the same problems ....

  17. go for.android13
    Jelly Bean Dec 4, 2014

  18. flappjaxxx
    Froyo Dec 4, 2014

    flappjaxxx , Dec 4, 2014 :
    @Aaahh What's new man? I need to check out some of that good stuff you have been working on. Correct me if I am wrong but you have been working on a pure AOSP LP build right?

  19. Reyradi
    Donut Dec 4, 2014

  20. flappjaxxx
    Froyo Dec 4, 2014

    flappjaxxx , Dec 4, 2014 :
    Last time I checked the only kernel that works with this ROM is the stock kernel that's included. Neither Franco or AK worked for me. Haven't tried recent versions

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