[ROM][OFFICIAL][4.3] ColorOS V.2.0.0_Beta

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  1. john2910
    Eclair Dec 8, 2014

    john2910 , Dec 8, 2014 :
    I came from Cm11s,
    The camera on the coloros is much much better,and for the rest it runs great to...

  2. netr0pa
    Jelly Bean Dec 8, 2014

    netr0pa , Dec 8, 2014 :
    Pro tip: camera app.

  3. Darkos
    Donut Dec 8, 2014

    Darkos , Dec 8, 2014 :
    THEME !
    I hate CM (and kitkat official) theme with ugly phone, setting, notification bar...

    Froyo Dec 8, 2014

    BOBINS , Dec 8, 2014 :
    Well, then I take back my statement and will try out once I get my OnePlusOne

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  5. gilvanio motta
    Froyo Dec 8, 2014

    gilvanio motta , Dec 8, 2014 :
    bah...there are options and this is important. if you want to try colorOS or stay on cm11, it will depends on your interest and i think this choice is something we should respect...

  6. tzadka
    Donut Dec 8, 2014

    tzadka , Dec 8, 2014 :
    I get a reboot every minute on CM11S and all other roms but Color OS and MIUI, and that's a good reason to stay with Color OS.

  7. v0 HaVoK 0v
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 8, 2014

    v0 HaVoK 0v , Dec 8, 2014 :
    That's only a reason to start flashing properly.
    ColorOS wins by far on camera, that is for certain, but if you are having trouble starting cm11 or any other ROM, then you're simply doing something wrong.

  8. tzadka
    Donut Dec 8, 2014

    tzadka , Dec 8, 2014 :
    I really don't believe that the problem is with the flashing itself, even if the roms are not flashed using the recovery, in fastboot which should bring everything back to stock, I get the same issues.
    The tech support guy logged in to my PC and flashed the device by himself and I got the same issues afterwards so it can't be that the problem is with the flashing. I had it since I have the device from the box.

    The HW is fine as Color OS rom is very stable, so I guess that something is wrong with CM and CM based roms on some devices.

  9. v0 HaVoK 0v
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 8, 2014

    v0 HaVoK 0v , Dec 8, 2014 :
    Well that is really strange, honestly I never thought that would be the case for any device.
    Was it this method you tried?

  10. NightFelix
    Honeycomb Dec 9, 2014

    NightFelix , Dec 9, 2014 :
    Well, is the same question you ask Nexus user, why would you install other ROM/Kernel when you have Pure Vanilla Android? :D

  11. alexmaa
    Froyo Dec 9, 2014

  12. Parambika
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 9, 2014

    Parambika , Dec 9, 2014 :
    our days for Xposed are counted, No Xposed for Android 5 :(

  13. relic242
    KitKat Dec 9, 2014

    relic242 , Dec 9, 2014 :
    Oppo Find 7 camera mod
    maybe someone want this...
    - flashable zip
    - old style
    - two great mods in one camera app (Ultra-HD - 50/24mpx, Quality Plus)
    - modified media_profiles.xml - capture video at higher bitrates
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2014

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  14. john2910
    Eclair Dec 9, 2014

    john2910 , Dec 9, 2014 :
    Hello do you have some other download link for me? I cant download that one.

  15. relic242
    KitKat Dec 9, 2014

    relic242 , Dec 9, 2014 :
    use desktop google chrome (or mega - playstore)

  16. Darkos
    Donut Dec 9, 2014

    Darkos , Dec 9, 2014 :
    Does anyone have a problem with GPS? Google maps is working great. But application like weather can't locate me, I activated high accuracy, still nothing..

  17. Slywan
    Cupcake Dec 9, 2014

    Slywan , Dec 9, 2014 :
    => Fully agree and same case (except tech guy reflash, but got the procedure on this forum, and tried several 44S zip, 38R)
    I struggled for almost 1 month with CM (install/reinstall, tweaking, enabling/disabling features to find out what was going wrong...) and getting dozen of reboots / day each time.
    1 single flash with ColorOS and it is running fine now : 0 reboot

  18. tzadka
    Donut Dec 9, 2014

    tzadka , Dec 9, 2014 :
    I had the same experience on my device as you describe, tried 3 flashes per day. What's the matter with this device? each phone is slightly different and CM can't work with all of them?

  19. casco1
    Gingerbread Dec 9, 2014

    casco1 , Dec 9, 2014 :
    Does this rom have other languages?(italian)
    Does it receive updates?

  20. toplevel
    Donut Dec 9, 2014

    toplevel , Dec 9, 2014 :
    I have the same issue with cm11s with my opo, the color os seems to be way more stable.