[ROM][OFFICIAL][5.0] Android Lollipop Alpha (Preview is Over)

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  1. vitorm
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 2, 2015

  2. vineethrp
    Gingerbread Jan 2, 2015

    vineethrp , Jan 2, 2015 :
    By any chance, will you be kind enough to share the AOSP modifications to public?

  3. hriddhidey
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2015

    hriddhidey , Jan 2, 2015 :
    I tried it out, and frankly, I'm not very impressed...
    Wifi doesn't work, some animations are a bit off, camera is poor, and overall, the ROM's very buggy.
    I get it, it's an Alpha version. But this ROM really needs a lot of work indeed.
    Hopeful to see better in future versions. :)
    Cheers to OenPlus Team for getting an Alpha out so soon. Keep up the fantastic work. (Y)

  4. pjgowtham
    Donut Jan 2, 2015

  5. darkdvic
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2015

    darkdvic , Jan 2, 2015 :
    When the final build will released do we need to flash the cellphone or the update will be ota? Because i have the worst luck and i now i will brick the phone if i have to flash it. Note Sorry if this a the double post

  6. night5talker
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2015

  7. blubbiflubb
    Gingerbread Jan 2, 2015

  8. xakep
    Gingerbread Jan 2, 2015

    xakep , Jan 2, 2015 :
    Amazing new I'll be watching closely progress but I'll be extremely honest I really uneasy after years of using cm moving to something else. And more I really think in this case quantity is not important as quality and I rather you combine brain power to make next custom made cm12s for OPO you know. So I really want official cm12s already or at list cm12 nightly builds. With that said you're THE company who produced unit so who if not you can make best software. I guess we will see but one thing I am asking is please don't kill relationship witucm crew a lot of us came to you because of cm not so much that its preinstalled but because cm means android oncrack means android Phone on crack. See my logic. So good luck I'll be watching everyday and please I hope you'll prove me wrong and I'll end up having some new name rom and not cm as main is.

    Also any tougjts on boot animation cause as of right now I can't say I am in love with cm11s animation

    Thank you.

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  9. chevli
    Froyo Jan 2, 2015

    chevli , Jan 2, 2015 :
    As much as I am happy to see that OnePlus are upholding their update to lollipop promise, I am sad to see that it's not under the name of Cyanogen. I would prefer the Cyanogen team to be developing CM12S as they're more experienced in the world of android software development compared to Oneplus.

    I can only understand that the relationship between Oneplus and Cyanogen has become rather stale after the drama surrounding the issue in India which probably has eaten into OnePlus's profits in just legal fees. Oneplus would naturally blame Cyanogen.

    I think it is highly likely that the next OTA update to lollipop is going to remove Cyanogenmod and its features from the phone and that would spell the end of the oneplus cyanogen relationship which the relationship was a key factor in my purchase decision. It's a shame that the India drama has affected every oneplus owner this way. I hope that I am wrong and we get to see CM12S bought to our phones over the air or at least cyanogen to make CM12S flashable. I know CM12 will be available but it won't be the same.

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  10. marhensa
    Gingerbread Jan 2, 2015

    marhensa , Jan 2, 2015 :
    yes, really shame..

    what Indian Drama have become, is affecting us non-Indian user.

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  11. Vivian Lobo
    Gingerbread Jan 2, 2015

    Vivian Lobo , Jan 2, 2015 :
    I read so many comments here asking other users to not use it as it is buggy and does not work properly.
    If the ones who commented this even read before jumping the gun.. Yes there will be issues yes this is alpha version and nobody forced you to use it. :D #justsaying.

  12. 6688xp
    Gingerbread Jan 2, 2015

    6688xp , Jan 2, 2015 :
    One Plus One, please listen. We're not waiting for your own created ROM.... why I bought you is pretty much of CYANOGEN (developed by CM). Nothing could be more important than that. No one can develop a better Android ROM compared to CM given their sound record, expertise and dedication.......

  13. boleh
    Honeycomb Jan 2, 2015

  14. fueleh
    Honeycomb Jan 2, 2015

    fueleh , Jan 2, 2015 :
    nothing :) they want us to do everything like usual :)

  15. iamrohit
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2015

  16. fueleh
    Honeycomb Jan 2, 2015

    fueleh , Jan 2, 2015 :

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  17. Franjo
    Jelly Bean Jan 2, 2015

  18. WolfpackN64
    Jelly Bean Jan 2, 2015

    WolfpackN64 , Jan 2, 2015 :
    You mean if Cyanogen worked with them a bit better...

  19. 69gm
    Jelly Bean Jan 2, 2015

    69gm , Jan 2, 2015 :
    Just found out that this ROM replaces the CM bootloader with the OPPO one. Does that mean my previously unlocked bootloader is gone? Is my bootloader no longer unlocked?

  20. vr_chaos
    Honeycomb Jan 2, 2015

    vr_chaos , Jan 2, 2015 :
    There are so many Lollipop ROMs being built for the One, you dont need to use this specific one. Just wait for the official release, its an alpha. Anyway, its nice to see "official" support by the creators of OnePlus, if Cyanogen stops building for the Bacon.

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