Guide Root Guide (OnePlus One) - Doesn´t wipe your data!

  1. bjornb
    Cupcake Aug 14, 2014

  2. bcskunk
    Froyo Aug 14, 2014

    bcskunk , Aug 14, 2014 :
    My phone is rooted using your method. I haven't updated to the new 30O release yet but given the difficulty in rooting after the update I am thinking of unlocking the boatloader now and install a custom recovery. I think this makes rooting after the OTA much easier.

    Can you tell me how to unlock and install custom recovery on my rooted phone? I know this will wipe my device but I'm OK with it.


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  3. ogriff
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

  4. LibraSun
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

    LibraSun , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Bummer. Losing root with the 30O update kinda messed up my setup with root-needing apps like Tasker, Better Battery Stats, Secure Settings, Greenify, etc.

    Will wait patiently for an explanation of (a) why OPO/CM decided to "lock it down" this way, and (b) a working (re-)Rooting Guide from guys like @JuanLitvin -- we will overcome!

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  5. ogriff
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

    ogriff , Aug 14, 2014 :
    should help

  6. ogriff
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

    ogriff , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Frustrating isn't it.
    Now wait or wipe?

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  7. mariomenezes
    Cupcake Aug 14, 2014

    mariomenezes , Aug 14, 2014 :
    @JuanLitvin You are the man!!! Many thanks to you and @Martin Hotmann for the update. Mad props to you both! Had a question. My One had an unlocked bootloader with a custom recovery earlier. The latest update 30O undid all that, but left my data intact. I have my data backed up with Titanium Recovery. Is there any way I can unlock the bootloader and installing a custom recovery and then reload my data?

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  8. ogriff
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

    ogriff , Aug 14, 2014 :
    see all my above posts and recent threads

  9. altajer67
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

  10. ogriff
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

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  11. Rauttis
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    Rauttis , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Because you're not supposed to be able to boot into custom recovery/rom without an unlocked bootloader. This was a massive security **** up from their part, it's good that they fixed it. Just root your phone the PROPER way aka. unlocking the bootloader.

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  12. JuanL
    KitKat Aug 14, 2014

    JuanL , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Yeah, unlock, install recovery, root (if u want), restore backup..

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  13. Creamofwhale
    Eclair Aug 14, 2014

    Creamofwhale , Aug 14, 2014 :
    So once bootloader is unlocked, twrp installed, and root is achieved, would you say it's safe to update OTA (after unchecking "Update CM Recovery")? Will I have to then re-root after installing each OTA from here on out? Cheers

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  14. kisuka
    Honeycomb Aug 14, 2014

    kisuka , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Got tired of waiting for someone to find a work around. Backed up everything with holo backup, unlocked, flashed TWRP, installed SuperSU, restored, done.

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  15. ogriff
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

    ogriff , Aug 14, 2014 :

  16. JuanL
    KitKat Aug 15, 2014

    JuanL , Aug 15, 2014 :
    I dont know if i should call it safe...
    But you can unlock bootloader, boot the recovery and flash SuperSU from there... That way, you will be able to root withouth "installing" the recovery... But it will wipe your data...
    You can also the lock it back for safety if you want...

    Well... I should probably make a guide about that...

  17. Azdian
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2014

    Azdian , Aug 15, 2014 :
    So does Holo backup work like Titanium backup?
    I mean does it backup the data?

  18. LibraSun
    Jelly Bean Aug 15, 2014

    LibraSun , Aug 15, 2014 :
    Would such a "backup" preserve all my hard work in apps like Tasker and NFC ReTag? No way can I reprogram all that stuff... (am new to backups that go beyond plain old Google system backups...)

    THX for any insights here.

  19. bcskunk
    Froyo Aug 15, 2014

    bcskunk , Aug 15, 2014 :
    Like a couple of other posters ended up unlocking bootloader, flashed TWRP, SuperSU and then restore using Titanium backup.

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  20. ogriff
    Jelly Bean Aug 15, 2014

    ogriff , Aug 15, 2014 :