Rooted but I didn't do it, how to unroot?

  1. JosephLP
    Cupcake Jan 7, 2022

    JosephLP , Jan 7, 2022 :
    In early September I had an assignment in a class for which a qr scanner was helpful. The qr scanner on my phone that is part of my camera was not working. So I downloaded one from the Google play store.

    The name of the app is QR code reader - Scanner app from Marks Duan. Later that day a few of the apps I use on my phone told me that my phone was rooted. I thought impossible I’m very careful with keeping my phone from vulnerabilities. My mind quickly went to the app I had downloaded. However, at the time I thought “rooted” was related to some sort of malware, not “jailbreaking”. Which of course made no sense. I never did anything to jailbreak my phone. I deleted the app, no difference. Rebooted, no difference. I even did a factory reset, no difference. My phone has gotten at least two major system updates. No help.
    Only other thing that had happened was when I had done a system update to oxygen the night before the class. It just doesn't make any sense for the operating system itself to cause an accidental rooting.

    Emailed One plus early October but I was not able to coordinate with them in a timely manner because I was busy with school. After I finished school last month, I contacted One plus to reopen my case. They indicated I should post on the forum.

  2. Cervantes
    Moderator Moderator Jan 7, 2022

    Cervantes , Jan 7, 2022 :
    Hello there
    According to what you say, you have a big problem, I think that a phone cannot be rooted with an application, you have to unlock the bootloader with a computer

    You can upload a screenshot of developer options like this:

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  3. psygarden
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Jan 8, 2022

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  4. JosephLP
    Cupcake Jan 17, 2022

    JosephLP , Jan 17, 2022 :
    Yes, it's a T-mobile 6T

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  5. psygarden
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Jan 18, 2022

    psygarden , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 18, 2022 :
    Some other users also reported this issue. I can suggest a Phone Reset but I'm not sure if it'll solve the bug.

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  6. Bobbie63
    Nougat Jan 18, 2022

    Bobbie63 , Jan 18, 2022 :
    I think it happened because of an update in combination with a certain app, I think some LG app but I’m not sure.I have to search the forums though what it was.

    this could well mean a factory reset won’t work

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  7. psygarden
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Jan 18, 2022

    psygarden , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 18, 2022 :
    I've read about this bug from about 3 users now. Can be due to app but it's on 6T T-Mobile OOS update only.

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  8. Bobbie63
    Nougat Jan 18, 2022

    Bobbie63 , Jan 18, 2022 :
    I know, just found a thread, it has nothing to d9 with another app, the LG app just says it can’t run on a rooted device.

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  9. Bobbie63
    Nougat Jan 18, 2022

    Bobbie63 , Jan 18, 2022 :
    Here’s some other threads about the same issue



    unfortunately, no solutions have been given but I might be worth to keep you eyes on especially the first thread.

    Meanwhile it is best to submit a bug in the feedback section first


    And contact T-Mobile as I think they are responsible for rolling out the updates.