Rooting vs. Non Rooted OPO : Root vs Non Root

  1. oalf170892
    Donut Jan 11, 2015

    oalf170892 , Jan 11, 2015 :
    I think no one could have explained the difference in a better way.

    Now for rooting your OPO, i would suggest you read some information of what you are going to achieve by doing it. I always root my phones and tablets, but maybe all you need is to install a custom recovery because that way you could do nandroid backups (a whole system+data backup) that can be restored and helpful if something goes wrong.

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  2. prabhsimransr
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 11, 2015

    prabhsimransr , Jan 11, 2015 :
    yes you do rooting as of now ?
    and install custom rom when cyanogen mod 12s is out !
    Rooting won't change your operating system .its like a gate to outside world !
    open the gate as of now but don't go out :p
    if you do this opening the gate after few days you will be having your space filled with photos, music, videos !
    you have to initially move them and then open the gate :p

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  3. dhivik
    Donut Jan 11, 2015

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  4. Vicky_cbe
    KitKat Jan 11, 2015

  5. eranm5
    Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2015

    eranm5 , Jan 11, 2015 :
    1. Rooting allows you to access Android's system files and edit them. It's kinda the same as Jailbreaking, but the procedure itself is simpler.

    2. The opposite. When you update your device via OTA, you temporarily lose root but when you have a custom recovery (like TWRP), it will re-root the device for you after updating.

    3. I root my OPO because my Android developer needs (see my signature) require rooting. I like flashing different mods and more than that, I like making them.

    4. The hardware is managed by the kernel. If you have a custom kernel, you can overclock your Android device to achieve better performance (not recommended).

    5. Since the OPO comes with CyanogenMod out-of-the-box, there are lots of features that require rooting in stock Android. It's up to you. If you enjoy tweaking your device, just go for it.

  6. prabhsimransr
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 11, 2015

  7. prabhsimransr
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 11, 2015

  8. mayanks
    Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2015

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  9. MisterHarshil
    Honeycomb Jan 11, 2015

    MisterHarshil , Jan 11, 2015 :
    @dhivik I was a noob like you too, I followed @Chromium1 's tutorial and rooted my OPO, No I dont like flashing new ROM'S I've installed it to use xMOD(It is used to script games like Clash of clans and others) :p
    I also use Tasker, It automates the phone and it's really awesome!
    No you won't brick your phone! Just do it mate and have patience, I'm coming from iPhone too
    Just as @prabhsimransr said, Don't flash any other ROM's stay on 11s till you get OTA from OPO In india, And if you don't like root you can remove it as well once the OTA is there.

    But on my side, after rooting it is more smooth and bettter at over all performance and my battery life extended to 24 hours even with EXCESSIVE usage and by excessive I mean, I listen to Spotify like 10 hours a day and play games/ text people all day!

    And even if you run into any problem which you probably wont, We've got @vigneshvar1 :D He's awesome!

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  10. DodgeTHIS
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2015

    DodgeTHIS , Jan 11, 2015 :
    You don't state whether you have a oneplus one or planning to buy one based upon answers to your questions. But as the above post hints, It's s good idea with the oneplus one to unlock the bootloader immediately as it entails a device wipe. This can void warranties on some mobiles, but thankfully not on the one. Then you can choose to root whenever you like!

  11. KitKan
    Froyo Jan 11, 2015

    KitKan , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Flash Stock Xnph-44s 11s on Indian devices, won't you receive OTA updates