[Round 1] Share your impressions on the OnePlus 5

  1. David Y. Community Manager Staff Member Jun 23, 2017

    David Y., Jun 23, 2017 :

    Hello everyone,

    Already got the OnePlus 5? Awesome! We're proud of our latest flagship, and we hope you’re just as excited to share your excitement with us as we are. What do you think of the OnePlus 5? Is there anything that could be improved? We're eager to hear all of your feedback! Share your feedback below, and you might just win one of the really nice prizes we’ve prepared for this contest.

    Here's how it works:
    1. We know you probably just unboxed your phone, so we're not asking you to write a looooong feature. All you need to do is write a short post (no more than 300 words) or make a YouTube video. Entries in English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish, or Swedish are fine. Whichever medium or language you choose, please follow the outline below:
      • How do you feel about OnePlus 5's design or hand feel?
      • What's your overall impression of the OP5?
      • List out your favorite three new things about the OP5 and let us know why.
    2. Set up the OnePlus 5 box with a note including your forum username (so that we know it’s original), and take a photo. Here's an example we put together here at HQ:
    3. Post the article (or video) and photo as a reply to the contest thread.
    Don't miss the rules:
    • One entry per person, and all content must be original.
    • Entries will be accepted until 10pm EDT on July 10. Community team will randomly pick 10 winners. The lucky winners will be announced on July 13. To ensure objectivity, we'll use a random raffle picker bot.
    • Each entry will receive 10 points (to be used in the Raffles!) as a reward. Finalists will receive a new OnePlus Backpack or one Dash Power Bundle with one Dash Car Charger.
    • We might even share some of your awesome articles or videos with the world via our official channels!
    As always, have fun! And stay tuned to our "Review your OnePlus 5" contest thread for updates.

    Edit 1: our regional teams had also prepared two unboxing contests:
    EU residents please check here. Indian residents please check here.

    Edit 2: Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. With so many awesome entries, it was truly lucky for us to choose 10 winners randomly. Without further ado, here are ten winners who will receive winners' prizes: (Congrats!)
    1. @titomate , here's his entry.
    2. @gutsch , here's his entry.
    3. @OkiOzi , here's his entry.
    4. @WiredShut , here's his entry.
    5. @liefmade , here's her entry.
    6. @Kushinata , here's her entry.
    7. @BooBzi , here's his entry.
    8. @chirakkattu , here's his entry.
    9. @azzzulikz966 , here's his entry.
    10. @jerrymilton , here's his entry.
    Note: If you were chose as a winner, you'll receive a private message within the next 48 hours. All the contestants in this contest will receive 10 points each within the next 72 hours.

    Edit 3: Although this contest has ended, you can still continue posting your ideas on OP5. :D
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  2. Gaston NP KitKat Moderator Jun 23, 2017

    Gaston NP, Jun 23, 2017 :
    Super nice contest, good luck to all !

    Paris @Colette

    -Très bonne prise en main et niveau de finition exemplaire.
    -Très bonne impression, produit très complet et bien fini. Il est moins lourd.
    - 3 nouveautés :
    • Résiste à l'eau ! ça sauve un téléphone ce petit détail.
    • L'appareil photo qui est clairement au top.
    • Le nouveau vibreur, agréablement surpris.
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  3. agoinfly Lollipop Jun 23, 2017

    agoinfly, Jun 23, 2017 :

    My first impression :
    • The back shape (horizon line) is really nice and gives a stunning hand feeling (better than my expectations) , just I would have liked a different dual-camera arrangement...
    • In general OnePlus 5 has a premium look and feel, absolutely blazing fast performance and brilliant battery life. Let's see how this dual-camera / EIS combination works...
    • My favorite three new things:
    1. Global Bands
    2. Reading Mode
    3. Audio System
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  4. uday344 Gingerbread Jun 23, 2017

    uday344, Jun 23, 2017 :
    My Impression of OnePlus 5:

    Design : 8/10
    Display : 8/10
    Camera : 7/10 (Not optimized,No stabilization at 4K,Telephoto lens sucks)
    Software : 9/10
    Performance : 10/10
    Battery Life : 8/10

    Overall : 8/10

  5. Horsault Lollipop Moderator Jun 23, 2017

    Horsault, Jun 23, 2017 :
    Les 3 meilleurs atouts à mes yeux :
    - le double capteur photo, parce qu'on n'a jamais un assez bon appareil sur soi
    - une seule et unique version mondiale, pour voyager le cœur léger
    - avoir conservé les fondamentaux : port jack, dash charge, écran largement suffisant

    (sympa de pouvoir participer en une autre langue que l'anglais ! [​IMG])

  6. Ayan Hati Cupcake Jun 23, 2017

    Ayan Hati, Jun 23, 2017 :
    My Impression of OnePlus 5:

    Design : 7/10 (Back looks like iPhone 7 Plus)
    Display : 8/10 (Not UHD)
    Camera : 8/10 (Not optimized,No stabilization at 4K,Telephoto lens sucks)
    Software : 9/10 (Fast like stock android)
    Performance : 10/10 (Best specification with 8 GB ram and fast storage)
    Battery Life : 8/10

    Overall : 8.5/10

  7. antonioamenduni Cupcake Jun 23, 2017

    antonioamenduni, Jun 23, 2017 :
    this is my chat transcription, in wich i've written my impression. it's in italian here i'll try to summerize in english what i think are the bed aspect of 0p5:
    -zoom not 2x but in reality 1.33X
    -not optical stabilizer - big error
    -risk about overcloock and benchmark

    I've been waiting many months in order to buy this device, as i already done.
    i have the passion of phography and i've tought that this 0p5 could be a good way to take a photo...

    For the rest i love the design.

    (08:35:13) Antonio Amenduni: Antonio Amenduni Buongiorno, ad oggi non ho ancora avuto notiizie in merito alla mia spedizione. sinceramente, sono rimasto molto deluso dalle ultime notizie: -zoom -stabilizzazione non ottica -problemi con il clock(https://gizchina.it/2017/06/oneplus-5-benchmark-truccati-android/) Ho aspettato mesi l'uscita, speravo dopo l'ottimo lavoro con il 3t che avreste voluto continuare a migliorare. Mi sono fidato dei vostri spot e delle vostre dichiarazionie, sopratutto sul comparto fotografico. Mi sarei aspettato molto di più. Schermo uguale al 3t, unico cambio è stato il processore e la quantità della ram. Ripeto mi sono fidato di voi, spero di non rimanere deluso e spero che vogliate porre rimedio, perchè se così non fosse prevedo una diminuzione della vostra attuale fetta di mercato. i feedback che girano in rete non sono molto positivi. Oltre all'acquisto del telefono ho anche acquistato la copertura assicurativa. Ho speto un totale di 730 € per cosa mi verrebbe da chiedere?? Rimango in attesa di un Vs riscontro.
    (08:36:34) *** Ioana left the chat ***

  8. Cyberboy001 Eclair Jun 23, 2017

    Cyberboy001, Jun 23, 2017 :
    How do you feel about OnePlus 5's design or hand feel?

    Its super thin, feels great in the hand, i don't think it Looks Like a Apple Phone in your hand. =)

    What's your overall impression of the OP5?

    WOW, absolutely fast, Sharp, great, im very Happy ;)


    List out your favorite three new things about the OP5 and let us know why.

    The thin Design, the midnight black and finally the fast Finger Print Sensor

  9. SnapDragon01 Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 23, 2017

    SnapDragon01, Jun 23, 2017 :
    Che il 5 sia un numero fortunato?
    Lo scopriamo subito!

    E’ approdato sul mercato lo smartphone più atteso di questo 2017, soprattutto da noi seguaci di OnePlus. OnePlus Five è il perfezionamento di questi 3 lunghi anni passati ascoltando tutti i feedback della Community.

    Il design, è il primo aspetto che andiamo a guardare quando compriamo uno smartphone, questo OnePlus 5 mi colpisce al primo impatto. Per le sue curve perfette, i materiali di altissima qualità e robustezza, ma soprattutto per la nuova colorazione “Midnight Black” a dir poco stupenda…

    Curato l’aspetto, Oneplus quest’anno ha deciso di puntare sul reparto fotografico, non tralasciando però le caratteristiche che lo vedono, ancora una volta, prendersi il titolo di “Flagship Killer”.
    A migliorare il reparto fotografico oneplus lascia il compito a due sensori fotografici e al grande lavoro compiuto sul lato software, che rendono l’idea della scelta del motto “Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.” A rendere molto più interessate questo OnePlus 5 è la presenza di un Oxygen OS ancora migliorata nei minimi particolari e pronta a evolversi tramite i feedback di noi utenti della Community.

    Le 3 qualità che mi hanno colpito sono:
    -Il grande passo compiuto nel reparto fotografico;
    -Il design;
    -Le implementazioni della nuova Oxygen OS.

    Concludo esprimendo i più sinceri complimenti a OnePlus per il lavoro svolto e per il completo ascolto delle nostre opinioni, che ancora una volta rendono ONEPLUS una delle aziende fondate sull’opinione dell’utente.

    Ancora una volta Grazie, per averci regalato questo fantastico Smartphone.

    #NeverSettle and Good Look to all!


  10. przemas_18 Eclair Jun 23, 2017

    przemas_18, Jun 23, 2017 :
    photos of children in low light again disappointing... hard to get a not blurry photo, and it's hard to explain to a 2 years old boy to hold steady when he is playing... [e]1f61e[/e] but still les blurry than 3T

  11. dejan16v Honeycomb Jun 23, 2017

    dejan16v, Jun 23, 2017 :
    Personal opinions:
    • Overall design is NOT unique and recognizable (looks too much as other devices)
      (Personally I think One Plus 2 design with replaceable back covers was quite good and original design)
    • It would be much better with one camera with good performance and OIS
    • Dash charging is great advantage, but I would go for bigger battery anyway
    • AMOLED Display and resolution is fair but I would still prefer IPS screen
    • 8GB RAM is overkill to me
    • price of 500€ is too much

  12. Romain98 Eclair Jun 23, 2017

    Romain98, Jun 23, 2017 :
    J'adore le design du OnePlus 5!

    Mon impression générale c'est que est un vrai haut de gamme, j'ai aucun reproche à lui faire.

    Enfin, sur le OnePlus 5 j'adore :
    - l'appareil photo (très très bon, dans toutes les conditions)
    - la rapidité du système (lancement des apps rapide, fluidité)
    - le lecteur d'empreinte digitale (hyper rapide et très précis!)

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  13. crisleysena Donut Jun 23, 2017

  14. Gaston NP KitKat Moderator Jun 23, 2017

    Gaston NP, Jun 23, 2017 :


  15. kegansb Eclair Jun 23, 2017

    kegansb, Jun 23, 2017 :
    It has dual sim slots... won't that help in the world travel part of your question?

  16. kdichosa Donut Jun 23, 2017

    kdichosa, Jun 23, 2017 :
    first OnePlus phone ever. It was either this or getting the pixel 2. So far phone has been performing well. I can really feel that 6 GB ram (got the 64gb storage since I don't need 128gb anyway). Phone is very slick and easy to hold. Got my friends to tell me what they think and at their first glance I've heard 7 out of 10 people said "it looks like an iPhone". Nothing wrong with that really.

    The camera is really good. Easy to get the focus on subject and colors are showing up pretty good. I'm still on my 2nd day of using it so I can't really say much but these are my first impression

  17. hrvoje.solc Froyo Jun 23, 2017

    hrvoje.solc, Jun 23, 2017 :
    Nabbed OnePlus 5 during Early Drop event. Been excited for a while. Got it within 48hrs. Absolutely love it. Wife is a iPhone user for few years and now she's excited to try it to see if she'd switch...

    1. Clearer photos - check!
    2. Smooth - check!
    3. Simple Oxygen OS - check!
    99. Battery lasts forever and charges super fast! - check!
    100. AMAZING! - check! check!

    I'm sure she will.


    I consider myself very picky and have actually settled for a phone without SD card (pun intended). However I got the 128GB version and I have absolutely 0 regrets. To others here nit-picking on features, I am sure you are and will always complain about something constantly. Hope you find the best phone for you just like I did now. Kudos OnePlus!!

  18. przemas_18 Eclair Jun 23, 2017

    przemas_18, Jun 23, 2017 :
    I just found out that one plus 5 flashlight is the fastest i ever used and it resolve the problem of blurry photos in Low light [e]263a[/e] even with moving children [e]263a[/e]

  19. F_Apurva_Rana_tSVk Cupcake Jun 23, 2017

    F_Apurva_Rana_tSVk, Jun 23, 2017 :
    First impression of oneplus 5 in My opinion it is great features and specially I like most dual (20M+16M) camera and Dash charger and thank you oneplus for give me invite for oneplus 5 and attended launch event really was good launch event and I purchased 6gb+64gb variant for my sister. I hope I will win for me.

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  20. crisleysena Donut Jun 23, 2017