[Round 2] Review your OnePlus 5

  1. OzzyJay Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 10, 2017

    OzzyJay, Aug 10, 2017 :
    Some of these pics are great :) thumbs up!

  2. ShadowmanGR Froyo Aug 11, 2017

    ShadowmanGR, Aug 11, 2017 :
    I was looking in oneplus since the first oneplus phone but I didn't have the chance to get one ,the time changed and I just got my oneplus 5!

    •Design, Build quality and Portability (size/weight)

    The design it's beautiful for my taste and sits nice in the hand with or without a case,the build quality is excellent ,as far as the size and weight I personally don't care so much but it's very good size with big battery and still very light.

    •Display (and Reading Mode)

    Display it's pretty good ,I'd like a bit more brightness for sunny days but overall is pretty good.

    •Connectivity, Network and Call quality

    Fast connectivity and networking and perfect call quality for both me and my listener.

    •Performance (SD835/RAM)

    Performance is on top of the line and with low consumption and with so much ram I don't even need to clear my recent apps but I do anyway .


    The Camera needs some improvements with more settings and features like light painting ,star painting etc,eis in all video modes and a bit better process on photos and videos for better quality ,it's pretty good but looking forward for updates on this section .

    •Oxygen OS

    Oxygen OS is amazing it's the only is that's close to pure android and what Google's want to offer,with some pretty neat features and also looking forward for some more.
    It's fast and butter smooth with nice battery management.

    •Dash Charge

    Absolutely a beast ,no heat on the phone and the fastest charging times I have seen ,plus the dash car charger you are almost covered everywhere we just need a fast charge power bank !

    •Battery life

    Battery life is incredibly but more important is the stand by consumption that is the best I have ever seen.

    •Accessories (your favourite's)

    The amazing sandstone case is my favourite!
    I would like to see a case with all around protection and the feel of sandstone.


    Overall for the days i own and use the oneplus 5 as my main phone I'm very pleased with its performance,battery life ,OS and the charging times but i let a bit of time for improvements in the camera section.

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  3. Venky61 Jelly Bean Aug 11, 2017

    Venky61, Aug 11, 2017 :
    Loved the bokeh shot... :)

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  4. MiszterSoul Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2017

    MiszterSoul, Aug 11, 2017 :
    Hello guys!

    Here comes my review of the phone after the first month!

    Design, Build quality and Portability (size/weight):

    I really like the design of the phone, its trendy, its not from glass, I like the feel of the metal body, good to touch it.
    Fits well in my hand
    The fingeprint sensor is on the front, can access everything without picking up the phone from the table in work.
    Its super slim without cases, unbeliveable whats power inside this small body.
    The size is really good with this 5.5” display, „The weight is a sign of reliability!”, so I like it!​

    Display (and Reading Mode):

    The amoled screen of the phone is perfect, and the 1080p is totally enough for this 5.5”.
    I like the colors of the display, I'm using a Rounded Corner app for the screen, and its really rounded without, and its looks awesome with it (I dont want rounded screen in hardware, its just looks good, and with amoled its easy to do :D)
    Didn't used the Reading Mode a lot, I'm reading enough in work (programming), but when I'm used it, I was satisfied with it, its looks good, and my eyes are not exhausted.
    But I'm sure I will use this mode later, good to know its here (futureproof+)!​

    Connectivity, Network and Call quality:

    Using 4g every day when on bike, my country is covered with 4g more than 98%, everywhere I can reach anything really fast.
    For example teamviewer, if need something to be fixed in minutes.
    Using the bluetooth daily, and good to know inside the phone is 5.0 bluetooth, (futureproof+).
    Not calling often, but never had any problem with the calls what I made.
    And this international connection band is really good, I'm planning to travel to some countries, and it will be good to know, I can use the phone anywhere.​

    Performance (SD835/RAM):

    The Snapdragon 835 is superfast! Anyone who saw my phone's speed stayed with open mouth and huge eyes. Making photos in milliseconds, unlocking the phone in under a half second, using the 8GB ram for ton of the applications.
    Its super futureproof, best phone in the market now, and cant imagine any new thing which can change my mind to buy a new phone, because all I want is in the phone!​


    The dual camera on the back, omg, awesome!
    Replaced my whole family's, and a lot of friend's profile image with the photos which made with the Portraid mode! :D
    Went to climb a mountain some weeks ago, and had seconds to make a good photo, and it isnt a thing for the phone, I take it out of my pocket, double-power button, and the picture is ready, can go back to my pocket and go further.
    Same method when saw some Ferrari and Mustang, easy as blink.
    For the 128GB storage, I can store a ton of these awsum pictures and videos.
    Made photos from lightnings, and a lot night photos, the quality is superb.
    After the latest 4.5.7 update, with the 4K EIS, I can make really good photos anywhere from anything, like a pro!
    The 1080p60 and 720p120 is a super feature too, made some really good looking slowmotion video, good to see things in slowmotion :D

    Oxygen OS:

    Its simple, fast and good, and can change icons, theme of the phone, very big + point!
    Have good features, which make the OS nearly perfect!
    (I'm missing super battery save mode for travelling and biking which the some other manufacturers have, but I can live without it, because this OS handle the battery really fine!)​

    Dash Charge:

    I had quick charge before, but this, omg, super fast, and my phone can't bake an egg after charging.
    Wakeing up on the morning, put the phone on charger until I'm done, and its charge enough power into it for the whole day, so I dont need my charger in my backpack (And either need in the new oneplus backpack, I hope I win it! :D)​

    Battery life:

    I'm a hardcore user with daily 4+ SoT, gps, wifi, 2 sim always on, 1 with internet, 1 for calling.
    Playing while on bike from home to work and back. And playing at night when watching series on netfix to relax.​

    Accessories (your favorite's):

    Didnt bought a lot accessories from OnePlus, because I had everything I need for a phone.
    Bought OnePlus otg, extra charging cable, tempered glass, and others I had is a Koss The Plug earphone, which sounds awesome with the phone on every music​

    Other features you'd like to share:

    If we can call the Community a feature, that's what I wanna say, because the community is friendly including the OnePlus staff, and its worth a lot for a geek like me! So thanks for it!
    (And sorry for my English, this is my longest english post ever after a long week! :D)

    And my Portrait photos (Can't decide between this 2):

    IMG_20170801_163921_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20170801_135633_Bokeh.jpg

  5. Imsahu Froyo Aug 13, 2017

    Imsahu, Aug 13, 2017 :
    everything is great.No complaints about display .Audio output clarity could be better and camera in night has lots of noise.UI is fast but not as smooth as it should be

  6. Shivam Chingale. Cupcake Aug 13, 2017

    Shivam Chingale., Aug 13, 2017 :
    Everything is awesome. but geutures not working properly. surely next software update will solve this issue.. thank you so much ONEPLUS

  7. viking_vp3 Gingerbread Aug 14, 2017

    viking_vp3, Aug 14, 2017 :
    Design, Build quality and Portability (size/weight)

    It is almost minimal design. The official teaser of build exactly shows the thought behind it, not sharp not too curvy smooth like snake twist. Because of dual camera we lost symmetric design of OP3/OP3t but still you love when you watch the phone.

    Many said it is copy of that phone, it is a copy of this phone! who cares ?! copy the good stuff and enjoy the ride!

    Color, this time I pick the slate gray, it is simply amazing. It got a bit purple tune in it and it is gorgeous more than it photos.

    Build quality; as a manufacturing engineer I am impressed with the build, it is smooth an accurate with lots of details considered in its’ machining process. You know the deal when you see a good finished product.

    The feeling when you touch the body and precision in built remind me of HTC One M7 that was one the best phone in design and built.

    I watch JerryRigEverything video and I am impressed with the result both in strength and ease of repair. I hope repairing process of OP become even easier like Nokia 6 (it is a tank in durability and a piece of cake for repair).

    Portability; this is nothing fancy about this part. It is good and you like holding the phone. It is less slippery than OP3T and still you can get a nice OP case to get more grip. Still we all love if we had less bezel and more screen in a same size or a bit thicker but camera bump gone and battery grows!

    Display (and Reading Mode)

    I had many phones before and among them it is one of the best displays. And among Amoleds I say it is the best. I got headache with Samsung phones in long hours use but in this one no.

    Colors are vivid enough to enjoy, brightness is really good, whole calibration is amazing in compare to OP3T or S7. In everyday use you will be pleased with this display but it is not good for VR. (I personally do not use VR)

    I did not use reading mode yet so I cannot say anything about it.

    Connectivity, Network and Call quality

    Call quality both in quiet and busy places are fine. Mics doing great in eliminate environment noise.

    Wi Fi is perfect, connect fast and reliable, connecting to both 2.4 or 5 GHz routers.

    cellular Internet; my OP3T connects very slow to the tower but OP5 find the tower in a blink (whatever you guys done with this part keep up this good work)

    Performance (SD835/RAM)

    And you will meet the Beast!
    what can I possibly say about the fastest android device that even beat the iPhone 7 with A10 fusion chip ?

    It is fast, really fast. You feel no lag or slowness in daily usage, all apps and gamed are doing perfect on this device thanks to SD835 and 6/8 GB Ram and fast storage.

    One of the best thing about SD835 is that it does not heat up in intense usage.


    The focus of OP5 in selling campaign was on camera.

    In photo department in both good light and poor light it does a great job shoulder to shoulder of top dogs such as Galaxy s8 and iPhone 7.

    It has a very fast auto focus thanks to dual pixel auto focus.

    The portrait mode is fun to use you can capture nice blur photos from people and objects (even tiny objects) with it. It is almost good and can become better with future update (like iPhone 7).

    Optical focus; I am not satisfied with this part, it is noisy and I almost do not use it. I hope future updates make it the best.

    In video department I am disappointed. Lack of OIS and poor video sound (poor Mic) make the whole video recording bad for you. See it is not a disaster or very bad but you from 500$ phone with great photos you expect more, a lot more! OP3T video recording was much better.

    The phone sensor got a lot of potential, it is good for now and can be great with updates.

    Oxygen OS

    Pure android experience with some good extras, it is amazing. You enjoy the ROM. Keep the good work. And also I like the features OOS add to beta ROM for OP3T and I hope they bring all of it to OP5.

    Dash Charge

    It saves the day. Reliable and fast. I hope the build power banks with same feature in the future.

    Battery life

    For 3000 mA battery and SD835 it is really good. In heavy usage for both sims active I got about 7Hr SOT and I am really satisfied. But I must admit I wish the phone was a bit thicker so camera bump was gone and we had a bigger battery. Manufacturers make phones thinner and thinner and it does not make sense any more since we users do not like camera bump and small battery (Do you hear us really?!).

    Accessories (your favorite's)

    Getting accessories in our country is disaster because OnePlus is not officially here and I had to import both my OP3T and OP5 from china.

    I bought fiber carbon case for OP3T and Sandstone case for OP5. I like the feel and looks of fiber more but others say sandstone in nicer and classy. And I must say sandstone has better grip.

    I bought an extra cable too and it is very good, I am impressed with the quality of charger and cable.

    Other features you'd like to share

    You love this phone on headphone, the output is amazing and with a good headphone and high-res songs you will enjoy music on this device.

    There are tons of custom ROMs and kernels for this device, because of its unique ROM, kernel and modem package it is easy to root and mess around without hard breaking the device. I hope OOS team do not change this part so that development of this device remain on top in XDA.

    Finger print scanner is accurate and super-fast. It is one of the best thing in OP5.

    For a single button speaker loudness and quality is fine but this much bezels they could put dual stereo speaker like good old HTC phones or Axon series in Zte.


    It was my review

    For a 500$ if you want a unique phone (not see every day in others hand) with pure smooth android experience, great photo shooter, great on headphone and amazing in custom ROM development and nice metal body with eye catching paint this is the deal.

    My score to this phone is 7/10 and yes I suggest to buy it if its satisfying your needs.

    I am not happy with video recording especially in audio, the phone price rise from 200$ OP1 to 500$ OP5 it is not a flagship killer anymore. So waterproof? better camera? OIS? Other stuff in box? New inventive feature? Bigger battery? SD card support? No camera bump? Make them happen else in this price segment people will buy other brands.

    I read Android O will be the last android update for the OP3T/OP3. It is disappointing for a light near stock android rom to be discontinued this soon. Many users are unhappy about OP treat its’ old devices op2 and op3/op3t and hence op5 like this. We expect more!
    And photos, I catch them in a bad lighting (the sun was almost down) and so see the camera potential, it is amazing even in that poor lighting (Thanks to its f1.7)

    IMG_20170812_202606_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20170808_231359_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20170809_003702_Bokeh.jpg

  8. Djordje D Gingerbread Aug 16, 2017

    Djordje D, Aug 16, 2017 :
    Design, build quality and portability
    - Even though the design itself isn't the most original on the planet build quality and hand feel are amazing. Dimensions are perfect and I like how slim it is.

    - I'm very satisfied with the screen, I'd always take 1080p because of the battery benefits. I don't use Reading mode that much but I find it very interesting feature.

    - Everything working great. Good call quality. The only problem I have is with my Bluetooth speaker but that's maybe not related to

    - Blazing fast performance. Everything starting from fingerprint scanner to apps loading is buttery smooth.

    - I really enjoy new camera module and UI. I use Portrait mode a lot. Some improvements with portrait mode and low light quality are needed though.

    Oxygen OS
    - I love it. Everything is very smooth and simple. I would like to see new accent colours and new fonts.

    Dash charge
    - Sometimes is a life saver. This completely changed my charging habits. One of my favourite features.

    Battery life
    - I see noticeable improvement compared with OP3. Nice job Oneplus. I am getting around 6 hours screen on time.

    - I use Rosewood case and I love it. So unique. I also like Oneplus backpacks

    - I just want to say that I really appreciate small details like Dash charge sound and animation, improved buttons, new screen calibrations, faster double tap responsiveness for changing recent apps, better vibration motor (the first thing I noticed), App shortcuts, real time network speed, new launcher, IMPROVED TOUCH LATENCY.

    * Accent colours are really dull and similar, please change that.



  9. ankitsingh.04 Cupcake Aug 17, 2017

  10. varunverma3991 Cupcake Aug 20, 2017

    varunverma3991, Aug 20, 2017 :
    the phone is great at its price. It performs really very well.i never seen any type of lags till now.Camera is not upto the mark but i can say it is pretty decent.i want some more battery life but its ok dash charging balanced it. It is crazy fast while charging trust me.full hd display is crisp and soc 835 makes it snappy.No sign of heating.
    As a complete a package the phone is AWESOME.

  11. Shrish.vvy Gingerbread Aug 22, 2017

    Shrish.vvy, Aug 22, 2017 :
    Design ,Build Quality and Portability:-

    In terms of design ,I have to say the design from front is very much similar like oneplus 3T but the magic happens when you view the device from the back.Also the rounded edges of oneplus 5 gives a very good feeling when hold in hand.Overall the design is really impressive.Now moving to build quality it feels very premium and best in its class.The overall metal unibody design and the way the glass merges into the body at the sides is really nice.At the end it's your phone,it's very smooth and tactical and it is one of the rare design which not many brands can achieve.In terms of weight,oneplus has done excellent job.It feels so much lightweight even though having a 5.5 inch display.

    Display and Reading Mode:-

    In terms of display even though it has the 1080p optic amoled panel but the quality it offers really fascinates me.People says that it is only 1080p panel but just by looking to the picture quality you cannot say whether it is 1080p or 1440p unless you saw the specs sheet.The color reproduction is really good and colors displayed are natural.Also it is visible in direct sunlight.Now speaking of the new reading mode, it is the only smartphone out to have it.It. simply turns the screen into an Amazon Kindle like display and one of the best things of this device.

    Connectivity,Network,call quality;-

    In terms of connectivity it has NFC,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi and dual 4G connectivity.It works really well on 4G and having no trouble in using dual Sims.Also the call quality is much refined as compared with oneplus 3T and is really good.I am using this device with reliance Jio network and this device runs it efficiently.Also I like the wifi smart switcher options which automatically switches between mobile data and wifi based on internet speed.


    OnePlus devices are made from performance perspective.I can tell this from my experience.I have oneplus 3T and it just never slows down.Now I bought this oneplus 5 and I really liked the optimisation performed by oneplus on this device.This things simply flies through anything thrown at it.The snapdragon 835 simply rave this thing and the whopping 6GB of Ram just makes the true King.Since it is having snapdragon 835 I noticed a huge difference from oneplus 3T that it never heats at all.The 10nm manufacturing process of snapdragon 835 really helps and the 8 cores on it really performs a great load balancing.Overall the performance is best.Apps loads faster and memory management is really well.


    This is the best thing I liked about this phone.The dual camera setup.The camera quality is simply superior and best in class.Due to the f/1.7 primary camera sporting Sony exmor rs sensor the camera quality is extremely good.The color reproduction is natural and colors are vivid.Also the details with which photos are captured is awesome.The Telephoto lens which assist in 1.6 x lossless zoom is I think the thing which makes oneplus 5 dual camera unique than others out there.I have a Sony DSC-WX60. DSLR and I have to say the images captured with my oneplus 5 are way superior than with DSLR.The portrait is simply best in class and works well with human subjects.The front facing camera is also very clear.4K video stabilization introduced in new update is simply awesome and is very stabilised.

    Oxygen OS:-

    Speaking about Oxygen OS,I like the fact that it is the only OEM in-house operating system which have certain custom ROM features like gestures, ability to change themes, ability to change battery icon,swap between on-screen and capacitive buttons and ability to customize them.Also this os simply very close to stock and I simply.love this os.The Ram management is done very well and I don't recall any single instance where my device has to reload an app which is hold in memory.Overall Oxygen OS is a great os with must have customization and built in features.The new oneplus launcher on the oneplus 5 is also really good and offers the ability to apply icon pack without installing any third party launcher.While using oxygen os one can get the ultimate speed and simplicity of vanilla Android and the really nice customised features.I saw people getting expensive phones but not having a properly optimised software hence causing their phone to lag,so what is the point of having such phones.I think in that context oneplus's oxygen OS is a top notch leading OEM rom.Also it is very much optimised than stock Android.

    Dash charge:-

    Only one word is necessary to explain it superfast. A days power in half an hour.Really faster than any other charging solution.The way the charging conversion takes place in the chargers itself and the power is directly transferred into phone directly makes it faster than any other charging technology ever made.

    Battery Life:-
    Battery life is simply awesome on this device.I recalled that when it is launched people said that it is having a battery capacity of 3300 mah which is 100 mah lesser than that on oneplus 3T but thanks to optimised oxygen os and the snapdragon 835 I was surprised to get a SOT greater than oneplus 3T.So explaining the battery life I can say that this device is simple awesome even though having a 3300 mah battery.


    I like the carbon case for oneplus 5 the most.Also I like the oneplus v2 bullet headsets.

    other features:-

    Alert slider is the features I really liked.It allows you to quickly jump into profiles like vibrate, silent DND without looking at device once you get used to it.also I like the gaming do not disturb made in oneplus 5.

    So finally I would like to tell everyone that this is not a flagship device not anymore but a new kind of device called "THE FLAGSHIP KILLER".

    Here I am attaching the best portrait mode I captured with this device.

  12. fsussman Cupcake Aug 23, 2017

    fsussman, Aug 23, 2017 :
    Intro: This is my first OnePlus phone. I have been with Android since the very beginning (the G1) and had a few HTC phones, then the Samsung Galaxy S1, then a few of the Nexus phones, and finally this. I have the 6GB RAM/64GB storage slate gray edition.
    • Design, Build quality and Portability (size/weight)
    I love the design! It feels very fancy but also very simple. The phone is thinner than I had expected which is nice, and the slate gray actually is a much more interesting color than it seems like. I had wanted the black edition but it sold out a few seconds before I was able to order it, and yet I am completely satisfied with this one, both in looks and RAM/storage. The back of the phone is a little slippery because of its sleekness, and I have dropped it lightly a few times, but there is no damage except a few light scratches to the preinstalled screen protector, which is also an amazing feature that other phones should have. The phone feels sturdy enough for me to have without a case, but the thinness also makes me feel like I could use a case without it being too bulky, and so I am going with the silicone case for more grip on the back, and the bright red color which goes with the OnePlus aesthetic. One last thing is that my previous phone had a fingerprint sensor on the back, and it took a few days to get used to the front one, but this phone's sensor works so well and feels so sleek that I really enjoy unlocking my phone.
    • Display (and Reading Mode)
    This is also amazing! Not only is the camera great but my friends say their pictures look better when they send them to me and look on my phone. I honestly spend much more time watching Youtube and Netflix on my phone than my computer now, and I can't wait for PIP to come out with Android Oreo. As for reading mode, I have not yet really any ebook apps (though I plan to eventually) but just testing out reading mode, I love how smoothly the screen transitions. Night mode is great, though, as I have been using f.lux on my computer for a while and am happy to see that sort of thing become standard and built in on a variety of devices.
    • Connectivity, Network and Call quality
    I honestly have not used my phone for that many voice/video calls yet, but it seems fine. It definitely connects to WiFi very quickly and I have had no issues there. This is not incredibly relevant, but I am actually living in Japan right now and had planned to use the dual SIM card slots so I could have a Japanese phone number, but due to there being no carriers that sell a voice-only SIM card and some research on Japanese forums saying that they had to fiddle around with a lot of settings to get dual SIMs to work with Japanese SIM cards (which I think is Japanese carriers' faults, not OnePlus), I decided to just get a prepaid flip phone here. Still, the option for dual SIMs is so cool and I hope I have a chance to use it in the future.
    • Performance (SD835/RAM)
    My last phone only had 2GB of RAM and it was a struggle. That is why I wanted to be extra safe and get the 8GB model of this phone, but as I said before it was sold out literally a few seconds before I ordered. Thankfully, 6GB is more than enough for what I do and the processor is also fantastic. These two things are what feels like the biggest upgrade from my last phone, and they have not once left me disappointed. I cannot even imagine what more the extra 2GB on the black model could be used for.
    • Camera
    They are both, of course, amazing. I normally do not take that many photos, which annoys my friends and family who want to see what I am up to while traveling and living abroad, and I have tried multiple ways to get myself to like photography more, including buying a DSLR and taking a photography class. Nothing seemed to work until getting this phone. I finally have gotten in the habit of quickly snapping a photo of important moments, and it works so fast I don't ever feel like it ruins the moment which was my fear in the past. I still have some features to master, but I love the option of both very simple photography modes where things are done for you, like portrait mode, and the pro mode as well. As for the selfie camera, it is almost too good. My friends on snapchat can see every pore on my face, and it has actually encouraged me to take better care of my skin. On the other hand, people have told me I look like I could be a model. It is a powerful tool.
    • Oxygen OS
    Coming off of two Nexus phones, this was my biggest worry with OnePlus, that I would have to learn a whole new UI and would miss some of the simplicity of pure Android. This was not the case, though. Oxygen OS looks pretty much just like stock Android, just with a few extra settings. I honestly am not even sure at this point which settings are stock Android and which are not. I also like the Shelf, as it is in the same position as the Google shelf thingy was on my Nexus phone but is a lot more customizeable and useful. Widgets have always been my favorite thing about Android and now I have even more options of how and where to use them. One thing that is odd about Oxygen OS is that update where the OnePlus Slate font got added. It seemed strange that it wasn't there from the beginning if it is OnePlus's signature font, and it is also odd that there are just two options now. I almost would rather just not have the option. And this is a very specific issue, but when using OnePlus Slate as my font, even with Japanese as my number 2 language, kanji show up as their Chinese forms. This is an issue I have had on past phones, but for some reason it only happens with OnePlus Slate on this one, not with Roboto. Still, I like OnePlus Slate better.
    • Dash Charge
    This is fantastic, even faster than I imagined. The only thing is that when the phone is not unlocked and you plug it in, it makes a little beep when it activates dash charge. I understand this adds to the coolness factor, but it seems to ignore silent mode and also not have a setting I can change anywhere. I don't mind it, but it seems odd not to be able to change it.
    • Battery life
    Dash Charge would have been enough, but the battery life is also wonderful on this phone. This is the first phone I have had where I just literally do not have to worry about it running out of battery throughout the day, even if I feel like I am constantly using it for Google Maps or something.
    • Accessories (your favorite's)
    I don't have any yet but I ordered the red silicone case a few days ago. I am grateful for the $5 off coupon we received when the initial orders were delayed.
    • Other features you'd like to share
    The sound quality and volume is very good, another reason why I now just watch things on my phone.

    As for the portrait mode photo, I think this is the best one I have taken so far. It's one I took of my beautiful partner when they came to visit me in Seattle. Now that we are thousands of miles apart, I can look back at this photo and feel happy. The bokeh effect wasn't incredibly important as the background was already pretty simple, but I think it adds something nice.


  13. Mahiafatima Gingerbread Aug 24, 2017

    Mahiafatima, Aug 24, 2017 :
    The OnePlus 5 is the newest phone by OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone founded in December, 2013.

    The specs of OnePlus 5 are:

    Weight: 153g
    Dimensions: 154.2 x 74.1 x 7.25mm
    OS: Android 7.1.1 Nougat
    Screen size: 5.5-inch
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    CPU: Snapdragon 835
    RAM: 6GB or 8GB of RAM
    Storage: 64/128GB
    Battery: 3,300mAh
    Rear camera: 16MP + 20MP dual lens
    Front camera: 16MP

    Design, build quality and portability (size / weight)

    The OnePlus 5 corners are nicely rounded and carefully crafted. The curve fits comfortably in my palm when I hold it. The sleek and slim OnePlus design makes the phone look fancy or rather luxurious. It looks similar to an iPhone 7 but it feels like heaven. It's almost too comfortable and has a better in-hand grip.

    Display (and Reading Mode )

    The AMOLED screen is great with vibrant colours and details. Even in direct sunlight the 5.5 inch display is still visible and doesn't discomfort the eyes. Despite it being bigger than I'm used to it doesn't feel large and I can reach everything on the screen with one hand.
    Reading Mode optimizes the display for reading through filtering of blue light. I personally love using the reading mode when browsing the web. It makes it more similar to reading on a paper.

    Connectivity, Network and Call quality

    I have not faced any connectivity problems in using my OnePlus 5, in fact, I have better connectivity and network at places with low connectivity. The call quality is high and solid. The mic output is clear, and no problems faced by the callers on the other end.

    Performance (SD835 / RAM)

    The OnePlus 5 is the fastest phone I have ever used, and the 8GB RAM version is very powerful with a smooth finish. It has cool features like app prioritization and new dual-lane technology by which the overall performance is faster. There is no lag, apps open instantly.


    Photos taken with the OnePlus 5 are well detailed and sharp with vibrancy. The 2x optical zoom does a good job and delivers good pictures but as for the portrait mode I have noticed that in low light it struggles to detect the object and makes the picture blurry and grainy.

    Oxygen OS has to be one of my favourite Android builds.It's smooth, fast, unobtrusive, fast software experience and offers loads of customization. It has cool features like Reading Mode ,Gestures, shelf and Gaming DND mode.

    Dash Charge

    Dash Charge indeed provides a day’s power in half an hour of charging. One of the best feature of Dash Charge is its ability to keep temperatures low, keeping it cool and stable when charging even if performing activities such as video streaming or playing games while charging. The Dash charge proves that OnePlus never settles for anything less than the best.

    Battery Life

    The battery life is exceptionally good. I can comfortably get through the day with heavy use, and normally I have about 15% spare come bedtime. I haven’t once run low on battery, even when I started the day with a full charge. Sometimes the stand by drains a little battery but it is almost negligible.

    Accessories (your favorite's)

    My favourite accessories is the sandstone cover.It fits perfectly well and gives a very sleek look to the phone. Also, it's pretty light in weight. Covers the edges. A good product to compliment the phone.

    Other features you'd like to share

    One of the feature which got my attention is the Alert Slider.I wished every Android phone had that.

    The OnePlus 5 features pack great power, a versatile camera system and an attractive design giving a tough competition to other flagship devices out there.

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  14. sunilsrblr8 Cupcake Aug 30, 2017

    sunilsrblr8, Aug 30, 2017 :
    The OnePlus 5 excels at gaming and media playback. I went through extensive sessions of Asphalt 8 the phone easily held its own. The best part is that the phone doesn’t overheat . The display produces very good colours thanks to the AMOLED panel High-resolution videos played with ease, and the mono speaker good at pretty high volumes Image quality from the primary camera is very good. Landscapes and macro shots are very nicely detailed with accurate colours. Textures on objects are also very well-defined in close-up shots.
    The front 16-megapixel sensor features a f/2.0 aperture which captures very sharp and detailed images in good lighting. It’s not too bad in low light either.
    The 3300mAh battery capacity managed to get good results.With Qualcomm’s speedy processor and the slick new OxygenOS, system and app performance is excellent. The phone uses the ample RAM onboard to ensure things run smoothly.That crazy amount of 8gb RAM is matched by 128GB of storage
    overall a good phone.

  15. ajshanker Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 31, 2017

    ajshanker, Aug 31, 2017 :
    Design, Build quality and Portability (size/weight)
    Design for me is functional brilliance over form,
    the curved matte finished thin aluminum body is a beauty to hold, it sits so comfortably in my palms. the front flush speaker grille, textured alert slider is a plus in design elements.
    one element I did not like is the awkward slas between dual cameras at the back( to house the nfc?) it looks out of place.
    Build quality is rubbing shoulders with the best out there, no creaks and squeeks, an area of unproven is the slightky wobbly power button. LOVE the new slate grey colour option, loveliest shade I have seen after the moto v3 's gunmetal black.
    Portable and handy no comments there my otterbox is finding it difficult to make the phone weigh.

    Display (and Reading Mode)
    Display is adequate for my use, thanks for providing DC PI3 colour scale, but I would prefer sRGB for livelier colours even default option is lovely. DCPI3 maybe more realistic but I would prefer to have colours pop up as in A sumsung, speaking of which, display panel is not in that league.
    Reading mode I thought was a gimmick ,but it works, it reduces strain and execution is flawless. I would have preferred a lower level of brightness though.
    Hey jello, I see you.. I dont care about you.

    Connectivity, Network and Call quality
    Initially had composite with jio connection, update 4.5.8 solved it.
    inconsistent call quality issues is present, anything an update can solve.

    Performance (SD835/RAM)
    BEAST. There is nothing snappier with a screen I have seen. The apps and games run so fast, if they had a neck they'd probably snap it too.
    I have the 6gb variant as I thought 8gb was an overkill.
    personally I think mine would not go outdated in atleast another 2years.

    I bought it for this. I was hyped about DxO working with opo. The other things were secondary to it, I wouldnt have minded an sd652 on it until it took Dual Camera, Clearer Photos'.
    The hype ruined the experience to an extent, also were the unclear reviews as many people had different views about the camera. Personally I find it incredible, I haven't used a flagship phone before and had never had my hands on such a wonderful mobile camera. There is room for improvement and that is what opo is famous for, updates. I hope they fix them- (over working auto noise correction). Portrait mode works and how! see my submitted photo.

    Oxygen OS
    Clean and fresh flavour of android, I wouldn't have a mobile another way now.
    Its clutter free to have the swoosh quick user ui, along with a few nifty features like gesture and programmable buttons. I would love to see a few more gimmicks in op5 as its never bottlenecked by performance issues. Night mode and reading mode is a daily utility now.

    Dash Charge
    All the lovely things said above where evolutionary. This one Feature is a revolution. I am a doctor working in emergency department. Constantly on the move so I dont find time to plug in and charge my smartphone over a prolonged time. This one surprised me everytime. The usual time is charging is the same I needs to get ready.
    We are a great pair now.
    Battery life

    Accessories (My favorite)
    I have a notorious history of breaking screens. So I ordered an Op5 Otterbox Acheiver case. It makes my slim boy stout, but never unweildy. on an iphone 5 I have seen the otterbox behaving like a fat granny protecting its child, here owing to the already sleek phone design Otterbox hugs and forms a tailor fit armour for my daily driver.

    Other features you'd like to share
    Alert Slider. Life saver. first time using a phone with this feature, and I already can't live without one, this is a nifty feature that should be standard on all phones.
    Fastest fingerprint scanner, did I even place my finger on it? I think it can smell my hands and prepares to be unlocked. lol. (kind of a gross joke)

    one feature I would like to see-
    Waterproofing, if you haven't figured that out yet.
    (it was a tough fight between dual ois and waterproofing. )
    Overall I am enjoying this device and would love to stay with the one plus family for a long time.
    View attachment 576191
    Portait mode on Simba.

  16. iLingaraj Honeycomb Aug 31, 2017

    iLingaraj, Aug 31, 2017 :
    Hi David,

    Its with deep sadness that I must report to you that I being one of the round one winner on Facebook is yet to receive my spl backpack. I was constantly in touch with @Ron on this but he said that he gave all my information to the shipping team, after almost 20 days I have no news from the India marketing team.

    Something is definitely wrong here as Varun another winner also reached out to me stating he too being round one winner on the forums has not received his prize either.

    Can I request you to own this and ensure this is sorted once and for all?

    Kind regards,

    Lingaraj Dharwad

  17. katrae Gingerbread Aug 31, 2017

    katrae, Aug 31, 2017 :
    • Design, Build quality and Portability (size/weight)
    After using this phone for months all I can say to myself is “WOW! How did they even make this phone?!“ With the first look at the Horizon Line, it makes your phone out stands any other phone and the beautiful curves both sides it makes the phone sleeker looks you will say to yourself that this phone is very beautiful and this is no iphone clone this is really what you called built for fans even the size of this and weight for it makes me comfortable with my small hands and helpful for day to day use.
    • Display (and Reading Mode)
    The optic amoled display of this phone is the best! I’m not a fan of ultra HD but 1080p makes this phone perfect it helps also your phone battery to last every moment! I love the color and brightness of it thanks to the vivid display it helps me with reading under the sun, I also like the new screen calibration the “DCI-P3” using this a lot and makes the phone more realistic and not giving me eye strains.

    Reading Mode – This feature makes your phone turns to a handy book and makes easily to read at night and this is the only smartphone that has it so it is very unique and handy whenever I read online and offline.

    • Connectivity, Network and Call quality
    Thanks to this Carrier – Unlock in 34 global bands even using this in the Philippines all I can say this is a very good choice of Oneplus! This feature helps me a lot even swapping two sims in different networks I can still manage easily and connect to 4g (LTE) this is really what you called True Freedom.

    • Performance (SD835/RAM)
    This new SOC and Ram makes this phone smoother and a flagship killer, many smartphones out there get killed because these two combinations a really great choice for oneplus and make this smartphone a beast. Even you run different applications everyday it handles it with ease just like nothing and thanks to 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM with day to day usage makes the phone neat and make the battery life last longer!
    • Camera

    This is the most highlight to this phone and I am really impressed with these dual cameras though it need improvement in software processing and night shots. I’m not a so-called photographer but with these dual cameras and thanks to fast AF I can take shots easily like a professional photographer. I use auto mode a lot because I can just take easily shots with it. I’m not a fan of pro mode but sometimes it makes me experiment with the settings that you can take a great shot at night and at dawn!


    The portrait aka bokehlicious effect makes me hyped also with these dual cameras because it’s just like a DSLR in a slim phone how’d you even think that’s its possible?! I’m really impressed with this bokeh effect.


    This shot is taking in a moving boat. This is Mt. Mayon in Albay, Philippines! :)


    Even after 2x zoom i can take the shot fast and easy. I'm really impressed even this even a moving boat it can take shots! Oneplus 5 is a great travel buddy phone whenever you plan to travel anywhere you like.

    rice field.jpg

    This is called palayan in the Philippines, i take this shot before sunset.


    open sea.jpg


    Here is some shots that Ive taken whenever i want to stroll around in my province. Im really lucky ive received this phone. Super thanks for OnePlus and @David Y. :kissingheart::)
    • Oxygen OS

    This makes me love android a lot because of oxygenOS. This operating system that gives you everything and bloat free software. This android refined OxygenOS makes your phone enjoyable, smoother and faster thanks to more optimizations it run the system very fast with no heating. When you open apps like nothing! Unlocking the phone through finger print scanner like nothing! This is the fastest fingerprint scanner I’ve ever used! One thing that I want for OxygenOS is to improve the built-in apps so it becomes more unique than other operating systems.

    • Dash Charge
    This is the most remarkable feature with this phone! The dash charge! A day’s power in half an hour. I have nothing to say to this feature but this the most incredible and fantastic, even faster what I imagined this saves me a lot of time of waiting. The Dash charge really makes OnePlus never settles for bring up a beast!
    • Battery life
    Battery life is superb on this device there’s nothings to say with it. You can do everything even after a day has passed your phone is still kicking and long lasting battery life is what you want in every smartphone hands down to it.
    • Accessories (your favorite's)
    My most favorite accessories is Oneplus v2 earphones because whenever I’m using this earphone you feel like it takes you in your own world that you are the only can hear it and also the karbon protective case it makes my phone outstands other by not giving a bulk to it.
    • Other features you'd like to share
    My favorite features also is the Gestures because you can make everything easy and faster like drawing O to open flashlight, drawing V to open the camera and by sliding two fingers to open up music is very handy whenever you are using earphones cause you don’t have to open the phone just sliding the two finger can do the task.




    This is the shot i've taken experimenting in pro mode using a selfie stick cause i don't have the tripod yet but still worth to try ;):D

    That's all i want to share :)

    Never Settle,
    Katrae :)

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  18. Fazal2016 Cupcake Aug 31, 2017

    Fazal2016, Aug 31, 2017 :
    This is the first ever input review I have written about any electronic gadget:

    Overall very satisfied with the phone for specs, features, performance, etc.

    Overall satisfaction level: (9/10)

    Design, Build quality and Portability (size/weight)


    Design: very attractive design with curved surface, horizontal dual camera, front finger scanner combined with home button, loudspeaker positioned at the bottom, etc.

    Build quality: metal unibody is very durable and matt finish gives a very good feel in hand.

    Portability: very slim with curved edges gives a very good grip in hands along with light weight feature makes it ultra-portable.

    Display (and Reading Mode)


    AMOLED 5.5 inch screen display with bright colours and superb aspect ratio captures natural colours.

    The grey scale mode is a bliss for the reading enthusiasts clubbed along with the option to selectively add apps further places the whole experience in the hands of the user as a customizable featured.

    Connectivity, Network and Call quality


    Round the clock across networks and global locations support for call options and superfast wireless and Bluetooth connectivity options. Awesome call quality with great noise cancellation feature.

    Performance (SD835/RAM)


    Smooth, robust and ultra-fast without lags and the buffered apps remains in memory and loads faster supported by Snapdragon 835 + Adreno 540 + octa core processor, on the top of it Android Nougat out of box.



    Dual camera along with the software support for features like portrait mode is the best in class. Photo clarty is awesome and captures natural colours. Other features like 2 times zoom, slow motion and low light photography is simply awesome.

    Oxygen OS


    It is the best available OS running on top of Android, gives a feel of stock android; very customizable, user friendly and performance packed.

    Dash Charge


    Ultra-fast charger gives full day battery in half an hour of charge time with the dash charge option. Very handy feature in the hands of the busy metropolitan users running against busy lifestyle.

    Battery life


    The 3300 mha battery gives one full day of support in heavy usage. Moreover the system on time has given me 6-7 plus hours working with the phone.

    Accessories (your favorite's)

    The best accessory is the oneplus backpack.

    Other features you'd like to share


    The slider with switch between between silent, do not disturb and loud;

    ceramic based ultra-fast fingerprint scanner;

    customizable shortcuts right from drawing patents on the screen; etc. are some of the other features that I like.

    Attached Files:

  19. G_Yadwinder_Singh_wnId Cupcake Aug 31, 2017

  20. Fernando_G_Joao Gingerbread Aug 31, 2017

    Fernando_G_Joao, Aug 31, 2017 :
    OnePlus 5 8/128, Midnight Black Review:

    Hello folks! Today I am going to share with you my opinions about the OnePlus 5. It’s important to say that my last smartphones were (newer to older): Moto Z, LG G5, Nexus 5X and Galaxy S6.

    Design, Build quality and Portability: the phone is very well built. There is no faults on construction and the design is inspiring. The ergonomics are fantastic and weight is perfect; while not been heavy it feels like a very solid and durable gadget.

    Display and Reading Mode: I have ro tell that coming from the Moto Z with a 2K Oled Panel I was kind of worried about the OnePlus display quality. But I was wrong; the screen is very good, with good view angles, very bright even in the sunlight and it’s impossible to find any difference between it and the one on Moto Z. To tell you the truth, I think this is my best screen ever. The Reading Mode is very good, on pair with what you can find on the best e-readers on the market.

    Connectivity, Network and Call quality: OnePlus really impressed me by the quality of it’s radios. This one is by far my fastest gadget when surfing the web, downloading, streaming video and music, even on 4G. Bluetooth 5.0 is fast and reliable too. Something that impressed me is how fast it changes from 4G to wifi and vice versa; it’s amazing. To finish, the call quality of the phone is superb!

    Performance (SD835/RAM): One word: fast! My motivation on buy OnePlus 5 was how fast it is and I can say that after using it for a while I can say that it’s a powerhouse; boots fast, open aps in a blink, download and install apps very fast. The performance on games is amazing. I am playing Asphalt 8, Asphalt Extreme, Formula 1 2016 and GTA San Andreas with the graphics configuration on max and the performance is excellent! My best phone ever! I like the fact that it is the fastest phone in the world right now. Nice stuff to write home about…

    Camera: I love the camera. It’s very good in daylight and low light. Pictures are clear and the results always impresses me and my family. It is very superior in relation of the other phones that I have. The portrait mode is very good; PRO Mode gives me freedom and the Auto Mode always take nice images. EIS on this phone is superior when comparing the performance with the OIS on the Moto Z and the G5.

    Oxygen OS: I am a fan of pure Android implementations and Oxygen OS, for me, is perfect. It’s a mature OS; clean, fast and has lots of useful customizations. I have never seen any crash on yhis phone yet. Everything runs smooth. Kudos for OnePlus on detecting bugs and sending updates. 4.5.10 definetely brought anlot of good stuff - the camera is better and the battery is better with it.

    Dash Charge: it charges your phone from 0 to 100 in 1h15… It is, by far, very superior to other fast charging solitions that I had used before. One word: perfect.

    Battery life: it’s very good. Everyday O remove my phone from charger at 6 am and go to work. With moderate use I arrive home at 6h30 pm with 50%. It givez me juice to use the phone until midnight with easy. That’s because at night I use the phone a lot. Screen on time is 7 hours with ease…

    Accessories: I love the look and performance of the Dash Charge. The cases from OnePlus are very distinct too. The pre applied screen protector is very good.

    Others features: I like the external speaker very much. It’s loud and I don't have to use a bluetooth speaker to rear my musics anymore.

    Conclusion: OnePlus 5 is a perfect Smartphone and, for me, th best phone of 2017…

    Sample of Portrait shot that I liked most:

    View attachment 584030

    Fernando Godoy Joao


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