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    Hello Friends,

    Andrei Tarkovsky is one of the all time great filmmakers, intelectual and cerebral, his best work arguably is done in the movie Andrei Rublev, a film about a 14th century Russian monk, considered a saint and probably the best iconographer (icon painter) ever, you should definitely check the 1966 movie!

    For this contest I propose a real documentary short about a modern day Rublev, my incredibly beautiful wife, is also a professional iconographer, even if the contrast seems obvious, she being a very modern, young, funny, outgoing, woman who lives in a very modern city, not at all a medieval Russian monk, keep in mind that Eastern Orthodox Byzantine icons are made/painted the same as 500-1000-1500 years ago.

    In this project we will cover not only the making of such a wonderful piece of art that is also a sacred object, from inception to final form, but also offer a genuine glimpse in the actual life and mind of a Rublev of 2019, we will address art, talent, calling, creative mindset, mastership, craftsmanship, the beauty of hard work, the worth of traditions, manual labor, hardness, strength, love, life, memes and hope and certainly all the gritty dark struggles and moments of success a modern artist/human faces day to day, it will be awesome,entertaining, informative, funny and dark and inspiring! A combination of draw-my-life/ awesome facts/ historical bio/ how is made/ and a day in the life of.

    As Giacomo Montovani sugested the movie will be split in 3 parts:
    Part1 will be a introduction with a short bio through narration for Andrei Tarkovsky, Andrei Rublev done over a "draw my life style" portrait and the self introduction of our main character whose real name is also Andreea ... all aprox 90 sec.. fade to black

    Part2 will be edited in split-screen technique, on the left we will present a time-lapse of the full process of producing a Byzantine Icon from start to finish, on the right we will have different videos of the day to day mundane activities of the main character life, there will also be narration, voice-over of the artist herself, providing a genuine, real, insight in to a artist's mind tackling all the stuff I mentioned in the description of the story ... maybe 6-7 minutes total.,, fade to black..

    Part3 normal screen size, the artist along with the object it crafted will go to the Cathedral where such special objects are displayed/used, they were made the same and look the same as hers, even if hundreds of years older, the perfect place in the search of someone who would appreciate such a special art to its full potential and value, but whom?(awesome ending spoiler alert) ... a child obviously, the artist gifts the icon to the young one, in a true moment that has the profound meaning of passing the torch (traditions, values, etc etc) to a new generation entrusting them with HOPE , that maybe one day, in its own way, will become another Rublev! THE END (it would have sounded weird to say "we will finish on the little girl's face") ......30sec max, all in silence only, effects like footsteps and doors screaching

    Storybord looks like this :
    part1a.jpg part1b.jpg

    part2a.jpg part2b.jpg part2c.jpg part2d.jpg part2e.jpg part2f.jpg

    part3a.jpg part3b.jpg part3c.jpg part3dfinale.jpg
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    Gratzie mille Francesco, anche la tua storia e bellisima, il desegno e fantastico, me il titulo e davvero incantevole, profondo!

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    Glad you liked them, basic pencil, pen and sharpie, and a lazy afternoon I even managed to hide some running gags into the pannels (hint check the dog, the cat or the soup ), also some subtile hints on what the real struggle human condition really is ..(look at "part2scene2" in conjunction with "part3scene7" ..what do you see?)
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    1254867035.png 101110548.png
    Out of all the "easter'eggs" this is the one I'm most proud of, it's about human condition, we all try to battle our demons, especially the more "artist" kind, be them depression, meaningless, making day's end meat or even often substance abuse, ( this will all be covered in the story-line) but all that darkness can sometimes be defeated by the simplest of things, doing the "right" thing, being true to yourself, can give you a feeling, of re-leaf... like you are flying, that is why HOPE is important ...
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