Samsung convert

  1. Malx77
    Donut Jan 31, 2019

    Malx77 , Jan 31, 2019 :
    Well I'm here - not sure how I got here but here I am. Out of my comfort zone of Samsung, having been attached - figuratively and literally - to a Samsung device since they ended in "3" right up to "7 Edge" with a whole lot of "Notes" in between.

    How did I get here? Well I believe Samsung has gone the way of many innovative tech companies that get too big and bloated and they've lost sight of what made them so good in the first place. Companies like Hewlett Packard, Apple and dozens of others.

    I spent a lot of time looking at the handset market and decided on Oneplus. I like the design of the phones, quality of build and their ability to offer enough usp's while still remaining true to the Android OS. Some companies I rejected as simply offering "me too" handsets. Others had too much of a customised OS, and still others may have offered external memory cards but in a format which would make my existing memory cards obsolete.

    So I took the plunge and bought a Oneplus 6T. And I LOVE it. OK, I don't love absolutely everything about it - for example, the back is so smooth I could imagine it easily slipping out off my hand onto the floor, but as I planned on encasing it this wasn't a KO criterion. Compared to my last couple of Samsungs it is soooo fast in response that I'm still often letting out a yelp of delight when an app opens in less time than I was anticipating. Oh and the battery life...... I could honestly see the power draining from my Samsung batteries (and when they had removable batteries I always bought a spare one!), and in comparison my 6T is really lasting a full day on one charge.

    So far, so happy. And I'm boring my friends by telling them all about this wonderful device from a company most of them haven't heard of. Yet.

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  2. staygold1gr
    Gingerbread Jan 31, 2019

    staygold1gr , Jan 31, 2019 :
    I hear you brother. been there. once you use a OnePlus there's no way back to poor performance

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  3. janvorih
    Donut Jan 31, 2019

    janvorih , Jan 31, 2019 :
    I can totally relate as I've switched from a Galaxy S7 to the OnePlus 6T. I've never ever ever been happier with a phone in my life. Kudos to 1+

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  4. J1529218718170
    Eclair Jan 31, 2019

    J1529218718170 , Jan 31, 2019 :
    while I m purchasing the mobile I have seen many mobiles what to purchase I have seen many reviews of each and every mobile from budget Mobile to flagship mobile.

    Later, I have purchased this beast mode baby which is very much faster and more reliable than any other Mobile.

    Much satisfaction using this baby in my pocket

    kudos to OnePlus team for developing more technology

  5. grooveconcierge
    Cupcake Jan 31, 2019

    grooveconcierge , Jan 31, 2019 :
    Indeed. After Samsung I went to Hauwei and was looking closely at the mate 20. I was also planning to wait for the 5g phones but decided to go for the 6t. How is it that other companies charge the prices that they do for their products.

    This is an excellent phone, well made, super fast and great value. I think I will be sticking with OnePlus for a while, particular since the have a trade in scheme to help owners keep up with technology changes. When I go 5g it will be OnePlus, I hope they can maintain their current philosophy....

  6. K1547598815910
    Cupcake Jan 31, 2019

    K1547598815910 , Jan 31, 2019 :
    this phone is Def better than Samsung Galaxy wtf was I thinking all those years thank you oneplus this 6t does some of the coolest shit. from night shots to 4k vid recording lightning fast and bad *** batt. overall impressed [e]1f44c[/e][e]1f44d[/e] thank you oneplus for not raping my pocket book...

  7. K1547598815910
    Cupcake Jan 31, 2019

    K1547598815910 , Jan 31, 2019 :
    best handset hands down I preach to everyone to get them away from Cheep *** apple n Samsung oneplus is the ******* best...