Other Screen keeps black after taking a call

  1. AcidDemon
    Eclair Jan 27, 2022

    AcidDemon , Jan 27, 2022 :

    yesterday my phone has done the update to Android 12. Which sucks more battery if my early observations are correct. Would be interesting to hear your opinion on that. But that's not the problem.

    I just got a call and after it ended (the other end hung up) I tried to unlock my phone but the screen keeps black. I tried the power button, volume up and down but the screen kept black.
    Is there any key combination to restart in such a case?
    Then as a last desperate try I connected the phone to the charger and the screen turned on instantly. But when I'm not at home I don't have the charger with me. What to do then?

  2. DanishBacon
    Gingerbread Feb 18, 2022

    DanishBacon , Feb 18, 2022 :
    Damm I'm having the same issue now, but haven't been able to get life back to it using the charger:(..The phone is clearly on, if I put sound on the phone and call it then it rings......happened right after a call too.

    Alright, one minute with a nice supporter and the device was kicked into life.
    On/off button pressed and volume up at the same time until something happend(~10 sec).
    I only tried just holding the powerbutton now the volume up.
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  3. AcidDemon
    Eclair Feb 23, 2022

    AcidDemon , Feb 23, 2022 :
    It's a really annoying problem. But thanks for the solution when the charger is not available. The phone is running just without the display, exactly like you described. There has to be a Bugfix coming. It started right after the update to Android 12.

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