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  1. L1521339694302
    Cupcake Apr 7, 2018

    L1521339694302 , Apr 7, 2018 :
    I've recently tried to apply the Oneplus 5t official screen protector on my phone but it was such a Hassel. Long story short it was a complete failure, I keep getting frustrated from little hairs getting under the protector and when I actually got everything right there was a little air bubble in the corner that I couldn't get out no matter what. I'm thinking about getting another one and paying someone else to do it but after reading reviews on the official protector there were a lot of negative reviews on how the black borders on the top and bottom of the protector sometimes obstructe the notification led and sometimes the screen at some angles.

    So I'm asking if I should get another official protector which is 20$ or a third-party clear protector that doesn't obstructe anything and that has 5 stars out of 128 reviews on Amazon which also only cost 7.99?

    *Note: I'm feeling a bit sketchy from the Amazon's reviews because out of 128 reviews there isn't anything below 5 stars and I couldn't find any reviews with the "Verified Purchase" text above the reviews

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    Honeycomb Apr 8, 2018

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    Lollipop Apr 8, 2018

    lostLambda , Apr 8, 2018 :
    "...it was such a Hasselhoff."