Screenshot Issues??

  1. Lord.Demon
    Cupcake Sep 16, 2015

    Lord.Demon , Sep 16, 2015 :
    I'm not able to screenshot, for some reason I get "Couldn't take screenshot due to limited storage space, or it isn't allowed by the app or your organization." Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

  2. saqlainsyed007
    Cupcake Oct 31, 2015

    saqlainsyed007 , Oct 31, 2015 :
    Hey guys,

    You gotta follow these steps to get your screenshots up and running.
    1. Open file manager
    2. Look for PICTURES folder.
    3. Rename it to PICTURES2 or something
    That’s It…. Screenshots up and running….

    Now Why is that ? That's because the folder PICTURES is actually supposed to be Pictures. When you try to capture a screenshot, the screenshot app looks for a folder called Pictures but since it doesn’t exist, it tries to create it. But File Manager doesn’t differentiate between Pictures and PICTURES. Hence the error. When you do the rename and capture a screenshot you can actually see a folder called Pictures created. Now you can move the data from PICTURES2 to Pictures(Only the important one and without deleting any existing content in Pictures). It is safe to delete the PICTURES2 folder after this.

    (This Solution is tried by me on One Plus 2 and it worked).

  3. doublear
    Jelly Bean Dec 28, 2015

    doublear , Dec 28, 2015 :
    Are you using Caf Chromium? In this case there is an option in the settings to prevent screenshots. Disable it and reboot the phone.