[Submitted] Secondary camera

  1. rkj347
    Eclair Dec 30, 2018

    rkj347 , Dec 30, 2018 :
    Title Secondary camera
    Device OnePlus6 Software Version O2 Stable 181026
    Topic Suggestion
    Feature Needed Background Description Please make that secondary lens useful in future phones and fix this trash camera optimisation, the pixel 3 with the single lens has 100x better camera and edge detection in potrait shots
    Any other comments Yeah decrease the prices
    Hey, I am using a OnePlus 6 user for over 6 months now and i am basically not satisfied with the camera performance. The secondary camera which is 20mp is only used for depth sensing, nothing else. we don't event have optical zoom. Also the depth sensing and potrait mode is trash , in almost every portrait shot that i take the edge detection is trash . Even the gcam port app is better in almost everything.

  2. F_JâyâPrâkâsh_JP_ZbaW
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2019