Security Notification

  1. plunet
    Eclair Feb 19, 2020

    plunet , Feb 19, 2020 :
    Well, I'm underwhelmed on how OnePlus are fulfilling their responsibilities with my personal data. I put a Data Subject Access Request in to their published email address eurepresentative@oneplus.com in mid December 2019 which is unanswered. This is stated as the place to go in section 11.3 their privacy policy for Data Subject Access Requests which is linked to a UK company OPlus MobileTech Ltd.

    So it's now a NOTICE BEFORE ACTION to their support address, I'm giving them until the end of the month before they get reported to the ICO.

    Interestingly a firm of lawyers that specialise in Data Breaches is touting for business on the OnePlus Data Breach. See https://www.hayesconnor.co.uk/oneplus-data-breach/

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