Answered security patch

  1. shantosingh
    Cupcake Apr 4, 2019

  2. Neddard
    Lollipop Apr 4, 2019

    Neddard , Apr 4, 2019 :

    Just wait. Updates arrive when OnePlus deems they're ready for release.

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  3. Gav_W86
    Starting Point Expert Apr 4, 2019

    Gav_W86 , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Oneplus does not patch every month as per the published update schedule - the last update was Feb 12th, which makes the next one due 'soon'. It is in testing at the moment in open beta.

    saying you are being cheated is a little over dramatic.

  4. johncd3141
    Froyo Apr 4, 2019

    johncd3141 , Apr 4, 2019 :
    The Oxygen OS Security Patch is from 01 Jan 2019 and the current Android patch is 01 Apr 2019, so I agree with @shantosingh that OnePlus is cheating on the bimonthly security updates.

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  5. Gav_W86
    Starting Point Expert Apr 4, 2019

    Gav_W86 , Apr 4, 2019 :
    you are mistaking OS updates from OnePlus with security updates from Google. The last OS update was Feb 12, the next will come shortly by that schedule. The latest open beta, which will lead to the next release currently has Google's March security update.

  6. shantosingh
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2019

  7. Gav_W86
    Starting Point Expert Apr 5, 2019

    Gav_W86 , Apr 5, 2019 :
    Yes, and as said above, that is included in the OS update that is currently in Open Beta test. When testing complete it will go forward to general release.
    (and anyway, that is not the latest security patch from Google).

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  8. dora
    Cupcake Apr 6, 2019

    dora , Apr 6, 2019 :
    are you kidding me?
    it's April 6th... and we are still on security patch 1-2019.
    this is freakin crazy.
    it's a mad world with tons of security breaches Google has already fixes in 2-2019 and 3-2019.
    why are we not getting them?
    I don't care about extra features and bug fixes... please protected my data and privacy on time..!

    if it goes on like this... I will stop buying OnePlus phones.
    I've had them all since op1.

  9. Neddard
    Lollipop Apr 6, 2019

    Neddard , Apr 6, 2019 :
    Which brands roll out security updates every month, on time?

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  10. dora
    Cupcake Apr 6, 2019

    dora , Apr 6, 2019 :
    to my knowledge, xiaomi mi9 already has 2-2019 if not March. Samsung are at least at 2-2019.

    I don't expect pixel/Nexus rollout... but oxygen is 90% stock Android.... I don't need to be on January when April is rolling out soon.
    wtf is wrong with OnePlus.
    and no... I'm not interested in Beta program.

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  11. shantosingh
    Cupcake Apr 8, 2019