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    Toulouse , Jan 16, 2015 :
    Hello everyone, @Ruta has closed my previous thread about StyleSwap cover so I don't gonna make the same thread. Actually, in this one, I'll give you informations n photos about all the StyleSwap I found on the web, original n private (private = ppl can't get them, unless they still them from factory haha).

    #0 - OnePlus First Anniversary Sandstone Black

    This back cover was given out to a chinese customer on a OnePlus event for their first anniversary. According to another styleswap boss, @tabascouk, there is only ~1000 existing units of this styleswap.


    #1 - International first batch Sandstone Black

    This back cover is the first back cover of the OnePlus One. Oneplus had to re-designe the CE logo due to some problems with german customs (it was not thick as it should be). It's not available to buy anymore :( It has thin CE, FCC, 0700 logos. However, US customers were able to get this version without any problems.

    Thank's to @nirgale for the pic ;)


    #2 - International second batch Sandstone Black

    This back cover is the second type of back cover, who cames with the second batch of OPO. It seems that few members received this back cover while they have ordered in December 2014, maybe refurbished (lol) back cover *conspiracy* It has thin FCC, 0700 logos but the CE logo is a bit thicker.


    #3 - Internation third batch Sandstone Black

    This version is the most sold version of the Oneplus One. It has big and fat CE, FCC, 0700 logos on it. It's available to buy almost everywhere. Their production has been stopped on the end of 2014.


    #4 - International actual version (byebye Cyanogen) Sandstone Black

    This version is the new 2015 version back cover of the Oneplus. FCC, CE, 0700 logos are still big and fat but there is no more Cyanogen logo ;( Sorry for the shitty quality, it's not taken with a OPO, don't worry. It's the last version in the right.

    This is due to the conflict between Cyanogen - Oneplus about the Indian market: indeed, Micromax, an indian brand have an exclusive contract with cyanogen, so Oneplus had to remove the CM branding to continue their bisness in India.

    [my own pic :p]


    #5 - International first batch (review) Silk White

    This back cover have only been used on the first batch of White OnePlus One. They got thin CE, FCC and 0700 logos. This version has been distribued while the One was not really available to buy, this version is one of the 100th.


    #6 - International second batch Silk White:

    This version is the actual version of the Silk White Oneplus One. It has big CE, FCC, and 0700 logos. It has Cyanogen logo too. It cames with the 16GB Silk White version but can be bought on some chineses ressellers websites.

    This version will be rare soon too, since Oneplus removed the CM branding on their black back cover, I think they will remove the CM logo from the white edition too.

    [my own pic]


    #7 - International Silk White second batch (byebye cyanogen)

    Oneplus finally sold every Silk White devices manufactured before 01.01.2015, and they changed "re-designed" the white back: they've actually just removed the Cyanogen logo, as the Sandstone Black version. It's the actual version that can be bought on OnePlus.net, and Amazon.in ;)


    #8 - China actual (n first) batch Sandstone Black + #8 - China actual (n first) batch Silk White:

    This is the first and the actual batch of the chinese Oneplus One. It has no CM logo, no FCC, CE, 0700 logos but has some chinese caracters, CCC and 10 logos. The Obsidian, Silk n Sandstone are the same, just color and feel different.

    [merged two back in one post, so i can upload more pics]


    #9 - China actual (n first) batch Obsidian Black:

    This is the first and the actual batch of the chinese Oneplus One. It has no CM logo, no FCC, CE, 0700 logos but has some chinese caracters, CCC and 10 logos. The Obsidian, Silk n Sandstone are the same, just color and feel different.


    #10 - China JBL Edition first (n actual) batch Black

    This version is the same as Obsidian/Sandstone/Black chinese but with a sexy JBL logo on it. The software/hardware is also modified for a better sound by JBL. You can find it on Taobao ;)


    #11 - China JBL Edition first (n actual) White (seems to be non-official, private)

    This version is the same as the previous JBL edition but it's in white color and can't be bought. It seems that it's a limited edition, maybe customized or taken from factory back cover. It's the one at the left.

    I'm pretty sure that it has been given away like the Anniversary Edition StyleSwap, on a OnePlus x JBL event. @tabascouk


    #12 - China/Global Bamboo first (n actual) StyleSwap Cover

    "The StyleSwap. It was available to buy in China since they have been announced. No invites, no production issues, only Bamboo. It's made of real bamboo lath, covered by veneer on a plastic body.

    It's my own pic, this bamboo looked sooo sexy ^^


    #13 - International Obsidian Black Styleswap

    It has big FCC, 0700, CE logos and the Cyanogen logo. It should not be available to buy, the obsidian black is supposed to don't have CM logo. It's the one at the right. Please note that this version isn't supposed to exist: more information [url=https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/...sed-the-sandstone-feel-experience.277364]HERE[/url]

    [my own pic]


    #14 - Private Light Wood StyleSwap

    It's not supposed to be available. Maybe photos from the factory. This is an official photo found on oneplusbbs.com, the chinese forum of Oneplus. It looks pretty good.


    #15 - Private Walnut Wood StyleSwap

    This styleswap is made of a real lath of walnut wood with a veneer on it (exactly as the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover).

    It's so ******* sexy, it should come with a limited edition Walnut Oneplus, as said Oneplus few times ago (they said that releasing limited edition with special styleswap could be possible).


    #16 - Basket Weave StyleSwap Cover

    This StyleSwap is weird. I don't know much about this styleswap, but it has been leaked on the Oneplus's weibo account, and I'm pretty sure that bacterias love this styleswap.


    #17 - Yellow Kevlar StyleSwap Cover

    This photo has been leaked around November, 2014. This one got a red Oneplus logo, a yellow kevlar(?) body, and seems that it feels great to hand. I don't know more about this one, but I'm 99,99% sure that even if it was a prototype, it existed.

    A lot of ppl said that it was fake, but I think this SS is real: as We can see, there is a guy whit a "got invites?" t-shirt.. But this t-shirt was not released yet, so I think it's a Oneplus staff member, and they tested a kevlar yellow StyleSwap.


    #18 - Special Edition: China Mobile (Unicom) Silk White - Sandstone Black

    This version is the unknown version of the One: I never saw that in the past. It has the normal chinese OPO logos, the China Mobilel logo with a 4G LTE mark. Inside, it has gray antenna, and a Oneplus sticker on the NFC antenna.

    It's available on 64/16GB Silk White / Sandstone device for chinese customers, as the "Unicom" variant of the One. It may have been re-changed to the same back cover as the normal white chinese version, I can't verify.


    OP: Buy our phones, you will have gorgeous Styleswap!
    Customer: YEAH! PAID, NICE PHONE
    OP: Hahaha, fuckin *******, gtfo now, I lied

    I think I've posted all official StyleSwap, so please tell me If I have forgot to post one. Please give me the name, or an image, and I'll do my best to find real informations about them.

    #666 - Prototype OnePlus One

    The back cover of a prototype OnePlus One. As you can see, it doesn't have the black "sticker" that makes the Oneplus logo shiny, it has different alignment and design on the legals logos (CE, FCC-ID). You can notice that the speakers "holes" are different too.


    #19 - International "Private" / New edition First batch Sandstone Black

    I thought this edition has been stopped months ago. But it seems that the OnePlus staff managed to get the first batch battery cover, but without the Cyanogen logo. It looks pretty good in my opinion. This one isn't available for sale too, or at least not for the moment.


    #20 - Chinese limited edition Silk White

    This back cover was shipped on the first Chinese batch Silk White OPOs. I don't know what is written here, so If someone could translate it, it'd help us.


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    Very enlighting, descriptive and well written. Thank you for your valued review. :)

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    I posted this thread too fast, I'm gonna edit it :)

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    Awesome options. Would have been great if i could actually get any of them other than what came with the phone .This is how I feel ...


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    Very useful.

    Wouldn't want to see this closed.

    Bookmarked thanks for your efforts.

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    I made some modifications. It's late at France (12:48 AM) so my english is the shittiest on the planet at this time, I'll edit with properly-written english sentances tomorrow. I'll add some details too, btw

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    Glad to help you! This thread will be better tomorrow, it's slovenly now ^^

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    Am I the only one that actually likes the basket weave one? It looks quite unusual.

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    That basket weave one I like too out of all the other ones that are private.

    There's more like rope and stuff.

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    It could looks good imo if there was not these "??????" at the bottom and at the top.

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    Hello everyone, someone suggested me to add the "Kevlar" yellow edition. Since it's not official/release, I decided to dont add it.


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    Wait wut, if you look closely you'll see the "got invites?" t-shirt. Is this styleswap official but private?! Let's ask to some oldfags @gusuraman @BrettPlusOne @GeertBerkers @carbine30

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    If only this one was black..

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    If someone knows where we can buy the #6 - International second batch Silk White (with cyanogen logo), that would be much appreciated =)

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